Characters (Chrono Cross)

General Information[edit]

Character biographies are written with the focus of whichever dimension the playable version of that character originated from. Notes on their dimensional counterpart are provided underneath the main paragraphs. Additionally, quotes from the Fortune Teller, Frozen Flame encounter, confrontation at the Darkness Beyond Time, and end of the game are supplied for easy reference. For Solt and Peppor, see Shaker Brothers.

To achieve a perfect game with all characters and level seven techs, please consult Daredevil3181's FAQ, available here. It sufficiently details the requirements that should be met to obtain each character.

Lastly, most characters are viewable in utunnels' amazing Chrono Cross Model Viewer, including their animations! Check it out here.



Important Non-Playable[edit]

Other Non-Playable[edit]

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