General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: John
Age: Indeterminate, probably 10 or 11
Species: Human
Home Area: Termina

John is a spritely youth living in Termina who aims to become a hero one day. He dutifully admired the Acacia Dragoons and ran laps constantly in front of the house where Glenn and Dario grew up. He is secretly admired by an onlooking girl. He briefly came into possession of the Hero's Medal after Pierre dropped it on the lawn, but he gave it to Serge in an attempt to flex his honesty. After Porre invaded Termina, he switched gears and decided to become a hero within the Black Wind unit. Norris encouraged him to this end, and told him that balance is the key to winning a gunfight.

From: Characters (Chrono Cross)