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From the nostalgic class of 1995 who discovered Chrono Trigger on the SNES, to the latest generation of retrogamers and Chrono Cross fans, each fan is a vital part of the community that has celebrated the series from its inception and continue to expand upon it and interpret it in new ways. Fan work also crops up in the Downloads section. Check out the Dream Splash as well! Submit fan work to our e-mail!

The Community area is divided into three sections:

Fan Projects[edit]

Fan Projects include anything that does not fall into the realm of the sections below, like original parody and other ideas.

Fan Projects Library

Fan Fiction[edit]

Fan Fiction is the most common expression of appreciation, and draws on the literary powers of fans to sculpt new adventures and worlds based off the series canon set out beforehand. The Chrono Compendium library features the best work of its members and pieces from other authors as well.

Fanfiction Library

Fan Art[edit]

Fan Art is another venerated avenue of interpreting the games, and the characters of the Chrono series have long been popular studies for artists.

Fan Art Library - Oekaki Archive

Community Map[edit]

The Community Map started as an audit of existing Chrono sites and forums in May 2006, and has been updated to include tons of Japanese sites in June 2009 thanks to Yoko Endovale. If you want an idea of the surviving community, check it out!

Community Map

Fan Remixes[edit]

Remixes are hosted and organized on the Music pages. Feel free to submit your own specifically for the Compendium's collection, listed above the rest!



Doujinshi are fan comics, sometimes very well drawn and usually created by Japanese fans. The Compendium maintains a listing of them with downloads and translations (when available); you can help our collection by checking this thread!