Chrono Trigger voted best game of the Heisei Period (30 years)!

2019-04-23 20:33:30
A fitting award

(08 January 1989 - 30 April 2019)

It will also be receiving an Original Soundtrack Revival Disk July 10th!

Server upgrades

2019-03-16 23:18:19
I added a 100GB volume to our VPS due to the server running out of space. This should address the recent downtime issues the site has been having.

Cross Symphonic - A 20th Anniversary Symphonic Tribute

Boo the Gentleman Caller
2019-03-05 02:44:24

We'd like to make all aware that the wonderful composer and friend of the Compendium, CptOvaltine, has officially launched his Kickstarer for the Cross Symphonic album. We love this guy and his work and want to fully endorse his vision with this project. Don't know what Cross Symphonic is, though? Take a look!

Check it out here!

A fully licensed 17 track re-imagining of Yasunori Mitsuda’s iconic soundtrack from Chrono Cross as a symphonic film score

Cross Symphonic is the reimagining of Yasunori Mitsuda's iconic soundtrack from Chrono Cross as a fully licensed 17 track symphonic film score. The album carries the listener through the events of Chrono Cross, retelling Masato Kato's expansive story of adventure, deception, jealousy, and determination with music crafted to help you experience Chrono Cross in a whole new way.

Inspired in part by the legendary film composer John Williams, Cross Symphonic's sweeping melodic approach serves as a tribute to both Williams and Mitsuda who are both major inspirations to me personally. With your help, Cross Symphonic will be recorded by a 75-piece orchestra with choir in Nashville, Tennessee by some of the best studio musicians in the industry. They’re known for quickly understanding the music and producing a quality recording without wasting any time in the studio. Hiring a professional orchestra that specializes in recording is key to producing a world class product both efficiently and musically.

Lots of V-Jump scans

2019-02-28 18:30:02
Frank "Bo" deWindt of Aksys Games has been posting scans of old V-Jump issues on Twitter. There's coverage of Chrono Trigger from October 1994 to December 1997. However, starting August 1995 it's just Nuumamonja Manga stuff, and there are also some gaps.
The thread starts here:

New Chrono Trigger "Alpha" Screenshots from Weekly Famitsu Sep. 23, 1994

2019-02-10 02:13:13
Sorry if I'm late tot he party, but this just came up on Twitter: Next up is Weekly Famitsu Sept. 23, 1994.

Hate using the "beta" and "alpha" verbiage of yore, but it pretty effectively communicates that what we're seeing here is the old tileset for 1000 A.D. There's also a different Zenan Bridge look going on as well. Will get these in the encyclopedia in the next update. If anyone knows OKD, we would murder to get better scans of those pages.

Ending 2018 with a Surprise: A New ROM Hack!

Boo the Gentleman Caller
2018-12-23 17:16:55
2018 has been a great year here at the Compendium. We've seen some member growth, had a very successful Dream Splash fan event, and even proved that this series is still capable of providing unexplored analytical discussion over two decades later. The Dream of Zeal survives into 2019!!!

Even better yet, we'd like to make a very special announcement to end the year of right: the release of a brand new ROM-hack from our very own Fauntleroy!

We proudly support the release of:

Chrono Trigger: Schala Edition!

What if... Schala escaped from the Ocean Palace?

Chrono Trigger fans have been imagining what might've been for almost twenty-five years. Now, for the first time, an extensive ROM hack explores that question in Chrono Trigger: Schala Edition!

By the same author who created the Golbez Edition and General Leo Edition hacks of Final Fantasy IV and VI, this hack alters events so that Schala survives the Ocean Palace disaster. Magus leads Marle and friends on an expanded adventure through 12,000 BC in search of his sister, with a promise to help them retrieve their lost Crono... but only if they help him first. New locations, enemies, bosses and scenes await, ending in one of gaming's most long-awaited reunions.

While recognizably based off of Ted Woolsey's original 1995 translation, this hack features an extended and polished script, new Techs, new items and weapons, and lots of surprises along the way, bringing maximum nostalgia while also offering something new.

The Schala Edition patch will be exclusively available here at the Compendium through January 31, followed by wider release through The author thanks everybody at the Compendium for their help and support, because this project never would've happened without them!

Try the hack today and thank you! See the included readme for details!


The Chrono Compendium and Fandom in 2019

Boo the Gentleman Caller
2018-11-06 02:30:17
Hi all,

I've been working a little on new ideas for fun and engagement in 2019, and I wanted to create a thread to allow feedback and generate new ideas. As far as I'm concerned, this is a community for the community. In 2019 I could see us doing a lot of new things, including...

1.) Dream Splash VII
2.) Some sort of other competition
3.) Events in support of CptOvaltine's Cross Symphonic
4.) Events in support of Fauntleroy's ROM hack release (alternate scenario version of CT)

I'd love to get thoughts and feedback as we head into 2019! This will be another fun year for the Compendium and the Chrono fanon as a whole! We'll make it great!

New Staff Member

2018-11-04 17:00:27
To help out with some behind the scenes stuff here at the Compendium, and because he's been so helpful already in organizing the Dream Splash and encouraging participation here in the forum, I've decided to make Boo the Gentleman caller an admin as well.

So please welcome our newest Compendium staff member!

Dream Splash VI - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Boo the Gentleman Caller
2018-10-15 03:26:21
Hello all!

It is finally time to formally announce the winners of Dream Splash VI!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone's participation. It had been quite some time since we'd done such an event, and I think it was a real boon to our culture and friendship. Even with the golden years of Chrono fanon, how awesome is it that, after almost two decades, we can still have this place, this community, and still even have turnout for such an event. This community is awesome and I really, truly think this is a bastion of good ol' fashioned internet foruming.

That all being said, it's time to talk about our winners. Each and every entry was awesome, but as such, there can only be one! With no further ado, I'd like announce the winners!

[2d Art] Winner: The Rise of Zeal by TheMage
[Hacking and Interactive] Winner: Attractive Battler by Mauron
[Written Word: Long Form] The Proposal and the Ring by PrincessNadia78
[Written Word: Short Form] Three Way Tie! Winners are ZeaLiTy, skylark, and Negus
[Sound and Music] The Orphan Dreamer by CptOvaltine

Each winner gets bragging rights and a nifty new custom rank tag. You will get to keep your custom tag until the next Dream Splash, in which you will have to either compete to keep your title, or relinquish it to the next winner. Gwah ha ha! In the case of skylark and Negus, we'll just let both of you have the custom rank.

If, for some reason, you don't want a custom tag, please PM me or let me know in this thread, and I'll make sure we keep your forum rank default.

Thanks again for the participation. It's been fun!

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time I start planning our next big event during 2019...

End of Time - an Online, Multi-Player, Text based Game

2018-09-13 20:37:45
Hello all!

I've been about a year and a half since I last posted about this, so I thought it would be a good time for an update.

I last posted about it here, but will try to keep this post a bit less wordy:

I am the lead developer of a text based, multiplayer, online game called End of Time.  For those who may be familiar with Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), that's what I'm speaking of here, and for those who may not be, they are the direct precursor to the modern MMO.  This game has been being actively developed for well over a decade, and the thing with MUDs is they are almost always persistently developed, on going projects that are rarely ever "finished" in any traditional sense of the word.

End of Time is a blend of Final Fantasy and the Chrono series (and the overall feel we are aiming for is something in the neighborhood of the classic JRPGs), where the majority of our areas are heavily inspired by and (more often than not) very accurate to the source material.  Our world, made up of nearing 200 areas at this point, is about a quarter Chrono series areas, including a fully realized Kingdom of Zeal (complete with the Pre-Release areas that didn't make it to the final game), a fully functional and working Fort Dragonia, and more.  Despite only a quarter of our world being Chrono based, the influence that the Chrono series has on the game overall can't be overstated. (More below the jump!)