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2016-05-11 07:02:26
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Chrono Сross Modification

2016-03-14 15:29:07
Me and Danetta currently developing a big modification for Chrono Cross. This mod will affect almost every aspect of the original game.
The list inludes, but not limited to:
  • Heavy improvements of enemies' battle logic. Every aspect of battle system should be worth to use.
  • Rebalancing old items and adding new ones.
  • Rebalancing elements and their status effects.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Single disk - it's still discussed, but there is a lot of pros, read more there:
  • "Wait" Indicator for Battle:
  • Some of the characters will be able to re-join the Lynx after transform, some characters will be able to join earlier.
  • New optional battles.

2016 Spring Update!

2016-03-08 21:24:04
It's been a year, but another update has been compiled with some juicy translation news (though not nearly enough to reduce the behemoth Material Requiring Translation backlog). We've also got a bevy of remixes and new fan albums and doujins, as well as a showcase of some other special fanworks linked below. Note that this update will be followed by moving the modification encyclopedia back to the Compendium (I know you've heard that before, but it will be done before March is out his time). The administrators of Triple Tech will find a new use for the site, but in the meantime, the Kajar Labs forum is restored here and all our known ROM hacking information is coming back to the Compendium's encyclopedia. So let's get going!

[CT TRANSLATION]  shmuplations, the prolific translator, has allowed us to link to the shmuplations website's Chrono Trigger page, which features three interviews from the GSLA archive (including Kazuhiko Aoki, Takashi Tokita, Yoshinori Kitase, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Masato Kato, Akihiko Matsui, Katsuhisa Higuchi, and Yasuhiko Kama). These are top-notch translations; check them out here. shmuplations is steadily translating an incredible body of work and releasing tons of never-before-seen information from Japanese publications to English-speaking fans. Be sure to support the cause by hitting up their Patreon here! There are some pretty amazing takeaways about CT's development in those translations, by the way (including Sakaguchi basically straight up confirming Time Traveler's Immunity was a planned feature; don't miss this.  [2]  In case you missed it, RyogaMasaki updated the unpointed Chrono Trigger prerelease translation file last year with a few tweaks based on an updated kanji table. Check it out here. It's always fascinating when progress is made on this, as we're reading some of the earliest text to be put into the game.  [3]  We really need to give a shout-out to Legends of Localization for their three great Chrono Trigger articles. Check them out! [ How Do You Save Lucca's Mom in the Japanese Version? - How Does Frog Talk in the Japanese Version? - Final Fantasy IV, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger Had a Connection ] And speaking of that last interview, it corroborates the Swedish magazine interviews from years ago that Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) was originally developed as "Chrono Trigger", intended for the unrealized SNES-CD add-on. When the hardware project was canceled, "Chrono Trigger" became Secret of Mana, and a new project was developed under the Chrono Trigger title (what we know and love today). Thanks for the second source (and of course, thanks to Chrono'99 for tracking down this information years ago).  [4]  Acacia Sgt found a snippet from V-Jump magazine (most likely the January 1995 issue) revealing that Biggs and Wedge truly are the same characters from FF6, just transported to the Chrono Trigger universe. Find the Q&A here. If someone could get an actual scan of the page, it'd be great!

[CC TRANSLATION]  Thanks to rin-uzuki of Ramsus-kun Scanlations, we have translations for the Chrono Cross Bandai Card Game! Check them out here[2]  The Japanese script dump of Chrono Cross is now available on the Scripts page. There's a direct download here. Many thanks to utunnels for dumping this a couple years back.

[CHRONO CROSS]  Thanks to Fortranm and the Early Hydra Marshes glitch, a player on Chrono Cross's NG+ mode can recruit 40 characters in a single go. Check out the addendum to the glitch here[2]  prizvel took the debug room data from Square's Preview and reinserted functionality into NTSC Chrono Cross. Check out an amazing video of the debug commands in action here[3]  Jiseng So, the prolific video game OST uploader on Youtube, has a new video for Chrono Cross and used the Compendium's art assets to help put it together. Check it out here. Many things to JS for all the great work on Youtube (I use their videos all the time).  [4]  I've finally added the results of utunnels's investigation into beta Chrono Cross textures and character stances from the demo disc. Check them out here (characters section).

[OTHER FAN WORK]  Fuee, the artist of the Magus fan art used for Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile, got a wild spark to revisit that piece and has created a new version here. Many thanks for submitting! It's a timeless design.  [2]  Next up is a video from Fledge Rondo illustrating the leitmotif found throughout CT/CC's music. Check it out here, and be sure to watch until the end for how it all ties together.  [3]  Pa has made an exhaustive spreadsheet of other games worked on by the developers of Chrono Trigger. It's been hosted in the Downloads section, and you can also grab it here. Thanks a ton for the great work!  [4]  kinnikuchu wanted to show off their Crono mod for DBZ Tenkachi 3; check it out here[5]  Michael Barrington made an Unreal Engine 3D version of the Millennial Fair last November. Check it out here. What could have been, eh?

[MISC]  The Merchandise page has been updated with three unknown items at the bottom. Check it out here and definitely comment if you can identify some of these.  [2]  Redslash has pointed out that Janus, written in Greek, is rendered as "Ἰανός". Coincidentally, if you squint really hard, it looks like Lavos!  [3]  minet360 has brought to our attention "Chronicles - Documenting the Articulation of Culture in Video Games" an open source online book that examines Chrono Trigger and the Japanese culture imbued within it as well as the subsequent North American culture that altered it. Check it out here.

[FANFICTION]  Error has submitted a wonderful piece of fanfiction about the origin of the Gurus. Check it out here[2]  skylark has updated To the Sea of a Dreams with a story-within-a-story named On the Road to Bliss.

[REMIXES I]  Oh boy, here we go...  [ Chrono Compendium ][ 'Boss Battle 1 Sega Genesis Remix' by TheLegendofRenegade ][ 'Courage and Pride (Sega Genesis Remix)' by TheLegendofRenegade ][ 'Robo's Theme (Sega Genesis Remix)' by TheLegendofRenegade ][ 'Boss Battle 1 Remix' by Marc vd Meulen ][ 'Battle with Magus' by Reuben Gingrich ][ 'Dead Sea Piano and Harp Cover' by fogfluff ][ 'Fields of Time Home World' by VMHypnotik ][ 'On the Banks of a Dream Another World' by VMHypnotik ][ 'Time's Grasslands (Sega Genesis Remix)' by TheLegendofRenegade ][ 'Time of the Dreamwatch (Sega Genesis Remix)' by TheLegendofRenegade ][ 'Scars of Time (Sega Genesis Remix)' by TheLegendofRenegade ][ 'Lost Fragments (Sega Genesis Remix)' by TheLegendofRenegade ][ OCReMix ][ 'The Depetrification of the Submerged Forest' by Zisotto ][ 'Flow of Time' by Richard Daskas ][ 'stratification' by melody ][ 'Coming Darkness' by Chris Bess, FFmusic Dj, Geoffrey Taucer ][ 'Timewarp' by Benjamin Briggs, DjjD, Giles Teskey, Jeff Ball, Krank, Luke Keever, halc ][ 'Passing Through History' by Sibling ][ Dwelling of Duels ][ 'A Song for the 90s' by Hakstok ][ 'Presagio Oscuro' by MushroomSword ][ 'Cantina Automatica' by XPRTNovice ][ 'Give Lavos a Chance' by Moire Effect (BluuMonk, SuprMelO) ][ OCReMix WIPs ][ 'Cataclysm' by Emunator ][ 'Yearnings of Figaro' by CabbitSD ][ 'Schala's Theme' by JD Harding ][ 'When Days Were Better' by Jordan 'J.B. West' Weston ][ 'Schalas Theme for Orchestra' by Josh Barron ][ 'Secret of the Forest 0.7' by Light_of_Aether ][ 'Sins of Zeal' by NyxTheShield ][ 'At the Bottom of Twilight Draft 6' by Sauraen ][ 'Far Off Promise EWI and Keyboard' by SoUnDoLe ][ 'But You're Still Hungry' by Yoshiblade ][ 'Singing Emotions Cover' by MrEitzpii ][ 'Busy Sea Town (Another Termina) WIP5a' by Two Fifty Five ][ 'Attack on Mammon (WIP)' by BMN ]

[REMIXES II][ Blue Planet ][ 'Time Egg' by AD794 ][ Smooth McGroove ][ 'Chrono Trigger Main Theme' by Smooth McGroove ][ 'Corridors of Time' by Smooth McGroove ][ 'Wandering Flame with Secret of the Forest' by Smooth McGroove ][ CelestiaX -SquareEnix Music Arrange Festival 3 ][ 'Bokura wa koko de mata mawari au -RADICAL DREAMERS-' by daijin ][ 'Guldovian Sea' by Sui ][ 'Live on Air' by poioq ][ 'Prisoners of Fate (Escape Beat)' by Juda Atikash ][ 'There's a Song' by Ryo Lion ][ 'B.C.12000' by SIEG ][ 'Battle Battle Dance' by Contranote ][ 'Blitz Off' by TEQUILA ][ 'Chrono Trigger Irregular Meter Medley' by xeno9th ][ 'Dome-16's Ruin and Jonny' by sukea96 ][ 'Dream of Chrono Trigger' by takimotosho ][ 'Excrement' by poioq ][ 'Fly High! Bobonga!' by Tomoki ][ 'Frog, a human, Magus, and Robo' by sinalpha ][ 'Gato's Theme' by masakariushi ][ 'Peaceful Skies' by aruchi ][ 'Schala's Theme' by masakariushi ][ 'Strike Right' by jun1_onod ][ 'Time Egg' by AD794 ][ 'Tyrano Lair and Boss Battle 2' by hido ][ Celestia13 10th Anniversary ][ 'Scars of Time 13endcard Mix' by 13endcard ][ 'Rirumu no Doukei' by arukaze ][ 'Schala's Theme' by zyasmine ][ 'Zeal Palace Delusion Movie Ver' by inoue

[OFFICIAL RELEASES]  [ SQUARE ENIX MUSiC SAMPLER CD Vol.10 ][ To Far Away Times - Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross Arrangement Album ][ Video Games Live - VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 4 ARCADE BLOCK EDITION ][DOUJINS][ ALLIANCE JAPAN - FAMIPPELLA vol 1 ][ Chronicles of Time - A Premonition ][ Chronicles of Time - Chronicles of Time ][ EtlanZ - Game Music Cross Over Next ][ extracode - extra.SQUARE vol.1 ][ extracode - extra.SQUARE vol.2 ][ Ferdk - RPG Battles Vol 1 ][ Frog and Cid - Boss Chamber Music ][ Jazz Paladin - First Journey - Video Game Grooves ][ Laura Intravia - Through Time and Space - Chrono Piano Album ][ Sam Dillard - Chrono Cinematica ][ Shiryu - Shiryu's Arcade Volume 10 ][ Smooth McGroove - Smooth McGroove Remixed ][ The Greatest Bits - Chrono Trigger ][ TPR - The End of Time - Melancholy Music from Chrono Trigger ]

Chronicles of Time 5-Disc Fan Album Released

2016-03-07 07:19:40
That's right, this baby's 5 discs. Chronicles of Time was created by an incredibly diverse spectrum of remixers and musicians. Even Alexander Brandon, famed composer for the original Deus Ex and Unreal/Unreal Tournament (along with M.C.A & Necros of course), has chipped in a track! To boot, there's a collection of high-quality fan art released alongside the music for free. Believe me when I say that this art collection has to be seen; there are scenes and tilesets I'm not sure have ever been covered to date. I won't spoil a single thing. Get over to Chronicles of Time and check it all out. All proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières. The dream of Zeal is alive.

Chrono Speedruns

2016-02-15 02:52:25
Greetings, Compendium! I notice this topic isn't so much in the realm of the Compendium's efforts (but it could be). My personal view is that speedruns are the logical next step to enjoying this game. I became a fan of CT when I first played it in 1999, but became very deeply involved with it since 2013. On SpeedDemosArchive, Inichi's Chrono Trigger run from 2007 (in 3 hours 51 minutes) is still king. Since then, we have applied discoveries that Inichi himself contributed. The record today stands at 2 hours 29 minutes (2 hours 13 minutes, gametime). I'm interested in answering any questions you may have about this; a submission to SDA is still a ways off.
Anyway! We are holding a Defeat Magus Tournament beginning March 1: All skill levels welcome. We have 21 entrants so far, many who have not run the game before. Experienced runners are assembling tutorials and the like as this date approaches. I will be live-streaming a "Theory TAS" (Tool-Assisted Speedrun, using emulator tools, but keeping within the limits of human ability), over the next couple days, at
This is not an advertisement, by the way - the recordings will be publicly available after the fact.
Even if you aren't interested in joining the tourney yourself, please consider checking out this event, the first of its kind =)

Masato Kato is working on another time-travel based game

2015-12-21 14:07:43
The japanese company Gree announced they're working on a game called Another Eden, planned for smartphones.
The scenario was written by Masato Kato and the opening theme was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.
Another Eden will be focused around time-traveling. The player will be able to travel through 3 different eras: ancient, contemporary and future.


Potential Chrono Trigger CD for 2017 : Ideas Wanted

Jazz Paladin
2015-11-12 21:32:45

I have been contemplating the idea of producing an exclusively Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross CD for quite some time now, and was wondering what, if any, ideas the Chrono Trigger fanbase might be interested in. I seriously doubt that this question ever gets asked directly to the fans, so I thought this might be a unique opportunity to get to know if there is something out there that hasn't been done yet that people would like to see done with a project of such nature.

Songs perhaps? Styles? Fusions between songs? No idea is off of the table, so please let the ideas flow!

As an example of some previous Chrono Trigger work, I have a few songs on Spotify, and Youtube.

Also, feel free to check out my Facebook page

I will be sure to be adding updates to progress on Facebook as songs and ideas progress. I do also have a website, that is still under a bit of construction, but I envision that being a good source of information in the future as well as this forum!

Chrono Cross and Trigger Arrange Album is finally out (official Yasunori/Square)

2015-10-14 16:47:29
"Today is the release date of the Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger arranged album. With the help and support of a number of musicians, staff, and back to the fans, we were able to finally release this. It was a long time coming. I want to thank you all; I think that it is a work with many things you will enjoy. Yes, the environment to buy and sell music has changed and diversified significantly over these last few years. As a result, we offer several ways to buy the album, including a digital 24 bit/96khz wav/flac release, in addition to the physical cd."


【SQUARE ENIX e-store】

3 New Chrono Songs and a CD

Jazz Paladin
2015-10-02 01:30:16

Not too sure how proper of an avenue this is, so if deemed improper at all, my apologies in advance.

I just thought I'd share a link to a new CD I recently released. As Chrono Trigger is a big favorite at mine, I just had to release a few songs from it.

I do have a few of the songs up on Youtube, as well as on my facebook page.

There are plans for I-tunes and Spotify, as well as Amazon digital releases.

Any questions, comments, or feedback are welcome! 

Back to gaming!

Chronicles of Time Fanwork In Progress!

2015-08-25 12:29:10
Hey there guys!

I was hoping to cheer you up with some news. There is indeed something that was created for the 20th Anniversary. And you can get it for free right here:

It is: A 13 track Preview album for a much larger one coming later in the year. Tons of different styles and a handful of art. Let me tell you outright that I'm the project director for it, but I'm not joining here to try and spam you, I just really want people who love CT to know about it.. and you didn't :)

There have been so many albums and pieces of fanart over the years. We're trying to step into that circle and still bring new ideas to the table. You can expect more creative takes on the songs than usual. Some people don't like that, they want more traditional, but we have traditional stuff too. it's not all or nothing. So if you peek the tracks, don't write it off immediately if a song isn't your bag. We have a lot. :)

And a lot of art. Like I said. Much, much more time come. If you want to ask me any questions about things I'd be happy to answer. This is one pack of fans to another. And surely people on a Chrono Forum should be made aware of it, right?  :D

Also, we made a 3 disc album 2 years ago for Secret of Mana titled: Spectrum of Mana.  So if you're a fan of that game too, check it out:
I determined a few years ago that Secret of Mana is probably my favorite game of all time. So I promise you we did it justice!