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2021-09-06 04:53:14
The site was down recently due to a server disk filling up. We've doubled the size of that volume and everything should be good to go now.

Masato Kato video interview on Another Eden and Chrono Trigger

2021-03-17 04:55:56
What was that about Another Eden having nothing to do with Trigger? In this interview that just came out yesterday he says that he is indirectly writing the story from the perspective of the future heroes from the erased timeline. Like he was doing the opposite of Chrono Trigger and having people from the future having to fix the changes time travelers from the past make.

Hell, with him not expecting to finish the trilogy Another Eden is as close as we are going to get.

Click "read more" for a transcript!!

Unseen Magus Artwork for CT's 26th! (From "The PlayStation" mag vol. 170)

2021-03-11 17:02:39
Was scrolling through Twitter this morning and found this piece of artwork I've never seen before. Seems to come from a book related to the anime cutscenes. Would love to see more of this :( (click below for full resolution:)

Here's the source:

Post has been updated with more images!

Chrono Trigger Figure by [Good Smile Company]

2021-01-18 03:39:12
Hey guys! Thought this was newsworthy!  :o
Good Smile Company released this picture a while ago of a prototype of a Crono figure! :shock:

I know its...foolish to get excited at this point for anything to come out of this but...a man can always dream T_T

Here's the source:

Schala Edition v2.1 patch

2021-01-14 18:01:58
Hi, everybody! Version 2.1 of the Schala Edition hack is now available!

Patch and readme:

I've also submitted an update to the project's page on Romhacking.

2.1 is a mild cleanup of 2.0, correcting typos and addressing many bugs reported by users. The primary game content remains unchanged from 2.0.

First-timers, be sure to use the "Chrono_Trigger_(U)_[!].smc" version of the base ROM.

I'd just like to thank the community here again for its support while I worked on the project throughout 2019. It wouldn't have happened without the Compendium.


Masato Kato translated interview

2021-01-07 23:06:26
Hi everyone,

This is the translated interview from 'Más allá del tiempo' ("Beyond time") to Masato Kato.

I didn't translate the introduction as there is nothing really new there, just a few lines for those who don't know who Masato Kato is.

I was falling sleep at the end (just in case I have some mistakes).

I hope you enjoy it.


Chrono Trigger Promotional Store Video Ripped!

2020-12-03 21:18:57
We acquired this video via Yahoo Japan auctions last month. It's a VHS tape that would've played on repeat in a video game store, showing gameplay from Chrono Trigger and Front Mission. The Chrono Trigger portion seems to have been recorded using the Prerelease build, or possible a build in between, as it contains the Prerelease version of the Lavos eruption sprite. The only other interesting part I caught was the exploration of Magus's Lair—the party finds Magus, but the battle doesn't start (obviously this event was disabled; can't recall if that's how it is in the Prerelease as well).

The most exciting find with this tape, however, is that it plays A Premonition, Chrono Trigger, Secret of the Forest, and Battle 1 as they would've originally sounded before downsampling/conversion to Super Famicom/SNES hardware. These versions are potentially how Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu heard them before they were placed into the game. Check them out! Also check out the Front Mission video if you're a fan of that series; I sadly don't know enough about it.

Big thanks to Hidden Palace for alerting me to the auction.

2020 Update

2020-09-14 03:41:31
Lots of exciting stuff below, but as a result of this update, Material Requiring Translation is starting to break the bank. If anyone has contacts or ideas for getting translation assistance, please reply. Even if we have to death-by-a-thousand-papercuts this thing, it'll be wonderful to start getting some steady, even if microscopic progress. How many secrets still lay in wait for English-speaking fans?! (Also, the albums and doujins update will take longer—VGMDb enabled viewing all works attached to a particular franchise at some point in the last few years, and apparently we're missing like 300+ different fan arranges in the encyclopedia. Life is pain.)

[PRERELEASE]  A truly massive update has taken place on Alpha Screenshot Page, the tragically-named repository for prerelease screenshots! We've combed all the great recent scans on Twitter and have expanded and reorganized the page to index them all; check it out!  [MOCKUPS]  Reld has done some fantastic investigative work into the early screenshots and mockups! First, check out recreations of some of the more interesting mock-ups featured on the Alpha Screenshot Page, near the bottom. Second, check out the V-Jump video section—there is now a discussion on the probable name of the bridge shown on the overworld. I'd never even realized those Prerelease tombstones had been used on the bridge's field map!  [VIDEO]  Cabbusses's Retro Obscurities has also put up a backup of the Brut Press Volume, December 1994 coverage of Chrono Trigger as well; find it on the page under the Video section!

[TRANSLATION]  Shea Melvin has graciously translated the V-Jump video special on Chrono Trigger! The interview features most of the main developers (including Akira Toriyama) hyping up the game, with most of them talking about the capabilities of the 32 Megabit cartridge. Many thanks to Shea for this; check it out here[CE]  trig has rescued the old Youtube annotations from the Crimson Echoes Memorial playlist; grab them here[CT TRANSLATIONS]  But that's not all! Turkish, Spanish, Catalan, and Polish translations of Chrono Trigger for SNES have been uploaded here.

[ENCYC]  Many miscellaneous updates have been made, but chief among them are Mauron's contributions to the Chrono Trigger monster pages, which now list accurate weakness/resistance percentages to elements, as well as stamina stats (though most are 10). A page has also been added for the unused Magus enemy. Check it all out here[REFERENCES]  ForTex brought us the news that Another Eden made a field map of a beach that pays tribute to Opassa Beach, from Chrono Cross. Check it out here.

[CROSS HACKS]  Remi Negest made a patch to fix the Pip element grid issue. Note, it only works on savegames before the glitch has been triggered. Download it here[2]  Prizvel has made a patch to restore the Wraith with Ghetz's shirt to the Viper Manor sewers; grab it here[CT MODDING]  TheMage and Mauron have brought us this wonderful sprite insertion guide[2]  Mauron's made some significant updates to the Tech Data Notes page, as well as Menu Data. Also check out Vehek's PSX research here[3]  Likewise, we now have a guide on adding the last few enemy offsets as functional enemies! Find it here[4]  Plugin updates! HiTech 32 - The Rest (also updated/uploaded to the static webhost)

[OFFICIAL ART]  Acacia Sgt has ripped the source images in lossless PNG for the bonus art featured in the Steam version of Chrono Trigger! We've also added V-Jump scans from the Alpha page where better-resolution art has been located. Check it out!  [FAN ART]  Hit the page and look for new art by: batensan, chrono.source, cym0rg, gabrielf, Sailor Phantom  [FAN ANALYSIS]  New pages! [ Fates of the Chrono Trigger Team ][ Prometheus Circuit (Function) ][ Polis War (Timeline) ]

[REMIXES]  First up is OCReMix, but too many remixes have come out since 2016 to list individually here—hit up these chronological CT and CC pages instead: Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross. (Don't worry; they've still been added to the encyclopedia.)  [DWELLING OF DUELS]  [ 'Wings that Cross Time' by sigmabeta ][ 'Trial and Errors' by Soniferous ][ 'Singing Mountain' by newip ][ 'Omen of Antiquity' by Careless Juja, Brandon Strader ][ 'Atlantis Burns Under a Lunar Eclipse' by Rifftus ][ 'Queen Zeal's Bedroom' by Team Pixels ][ 'Tango in the Sewer' by Hat ][ 'Time - Lavos - Chance (original - Moiré Effect)' by Katamari
[ 'The Secret of the Forest' by Ian Martyn ][ 'Jonny Races FATE Down Under' by Ian Martyn
[ 'Far Promise - Dream Shore' by Somewhere in Time ]  [CELESTIA]  [ Confrontation with Magus' by scare96 ][ 'Corridors of Time' by lookers-on ][ 'la nostalgie du vent -from Chrono Trigger-' by hiyama ][ 'Prayers Arise' by lix ][ 'Earth Dragon's Isle' by voile ]

[LEGEND OF RENEGADE SEGA GENESIS ARRANGEMENTS]  [ 'Battle 1 Sega Genesis' ][ 'Battle with Magus' ][ 'Boss Battle 2' ][ 'Confusing Melody' ][ 'Corridors of Time' ][ 'Fanfare 1' ][ 'Memories of Green' ][ 'Sealed Door' ][ 'Secret of the Forest' ][ 'Wind Scene'[VGMIX 4]  'Corridors of Time (Lounging in the Corridor Remix)' by Gary Stevens  [OCR WIPS]  [ 'Corridors of Time' by Celestial Aeon Project ][ 'Guldove (Another World)' by DCapo89 ][ 'Manoria Cathedral - Meditation for Solo Piano' by DCapo89 ][ 'Battle 1' by Mercurius FM ][ 'Termina (Another World) Arrange' by 0x000000FF ][ 'Secret of the Forest Piano and Flute Cover' by DCapo89 ][ 'Spekkio's Joy' by GeoffreyTaucer ][ 'Secret of the Forest' by Light of Aether ][ 'To Far Away Times' by pixelizer ][ 'Get T-Rekt' by YoshiBlade ][ 'Zealous Ambition' by Fusion42 ]

[COMPENDIUM REMIXES]  [ 'World Revolution - Last Battle' by GaMetal ][ 'Schala's Theme Remix Trance Super Extended' by Alexander Prievert ][ 'Chillopolis WIP 1' by bLiNd ][ 'Corridors of Time YM2612+SN76489 by Break ][ 'Another World' by Carpet Monster ][ 'Corridors of Time' by EchoGhost ][ 'Ocean Palace (Rising Beast Remix)' by EchoGhost ][ '600 A.D. Mix' by EchoGhost ][ 'Chrono Cross Dream of the Shore' by Fredrik Miller ][ 'Star-stealing Girl' by Fredrik Miller ][ 'Corridors of Time' by Fredrik Miller ][ 'Battle with Magus 2015' by GaMetal ][ 'Millennial Fair Jazz Cover' by insaneintherainmusic feat. ocabanda ][ 'Arni Village Trigger Style' by MagilsugaM ][ 'FATE Trigger Style' by MagilsugaM ][ 'Star-stealing Girl Trigger Style' by MagilsugaM ][ 'Schala Trance 91bpm' by Manomym2 ][ 'Outskirts of Time' by Jonny Atma ][ 'Schala Trance 125bpm' by Manomym2 ]

That's all for now. Pop into the forums to see what else you may have missed! And check out that bLiNd Chillopolis WIP in the remixes above; just incredible!

The Super Famicom Vol.5 No.16 (Sep. 16, 1994) early screenshots

2020-08-20 17:07:41
Something I stumbled upon while doing some research on a completely different Chrono-related topic.

Besides the image above, these are the scenes I don't recognize from either the ones collected on this site or the V-Jump scans I linked to last year.
  • Cathedral-like room (page 2)
  • A different early overworld - seems like the future, but could also be prehistoric based on placement next to a hut interior image (page 2)
  • Early version of Crono's room (page 4)
  • Another portion of the early overworld, with the party by a lone house (page 4)
  • Factory (page 4)

[Is this related to time travel? The Wonder Room]

Here are three rooms with a mysterious atmosphere. It looks as if it's a transporter, but that's a complete mystery at the moment. This could be an important scene in the game.

From the shape of the floor, it looks like there are three separate rooms, or a series of scenes in the same room.
The central object appears to have eyes or what appears to be a mouth. It is a little grotesque.
What we can see appears to be a monster. At least it does not appear to be human. Friend or foe?
Translated with (free version)

Chrono Cross Piano Collection - ACROSS THE WORLDS

2020-07-01 21:27:17
I don't think this has been shared yet, but there's a kickstarter currently on-going (with 5 days left!) for a collection of piano arrangements from Chrono Cross! Check it out here.

I am really debating with myself over that music box... :shock: