The Chrono Compendium began as a place to discuss and analyze the Chrono series's theme, stories, and development. In this section of the site, you'll find the result of many hours of playtime and debate on our analysis forums. Feel free to come to the forums and talk about what you've read here. This section is divided into two halves; the first is composed of Articles. These presentations often blend several theories and issues together under a single topic for in-depth discussion and review, and make engaging and sometimes lengthy reads. Check the newest articles out:


Chrono Cross - A Mea Culpa for a Sea of Plot Holes

The HD remaster should finally make us admit that Chrono Cross has a terrible story ruined by plot holes, and a theme that contradicts Chrono Trigger.


Supporting Material Translation

Japanese game guides, developer interviews, and other promotional materials have long offered special insight on the series; thanks to dedicated volunteers, they're coming to the English language!


Chrono Trigger Prerelease Translations

The CT Prerelease is a beta version of Trigger distributed by Square in 1994. Check out this incredibly fascinating look from GlitterBerri at an earlier stage of development, with all sorts of goodies that didn't make it in or were changed for the final!

The second half of this section splits up every inquiry or enigma into its own entry and lists discussion or theories respectively. This allows quick reference of mysteries surrounding a particular encyclopedia topic by instantly linking the topic to its corresponding analysis page. Please enjoy the full depth and richness of the Chrono series.


Apostasy From Nature

In Apostasy From Nature, Radical_Dreamer challenges the long standing view of Chrono Trigger as a biblical allegory. He presents a different take on the fall of Zeal, arguing that it can be symbolically seen as a result of Zeal's abandonment of a naturalistic world view for theism.


Beyond Time

Beyond Time is an article by Leebot detailing the nature of a sort of transcendental flow of time, observed in the End of Time. Commentary is also offered on places sustaining "Time Error."


Chrono Cross Condensed Plot Summary

The expansive plot of Chrono Cross, while impressive in its breadth and depth, nonetheless possesses a complexity and delivery that warrant some help in comprehension.


Chrono Cross Resolutions

Chrono Cross's conclusion marked the end of an innovative and immersive journey. However, the story's resolution was ambiguous; a search for details lies within.


Chrono Trigger Condensed Plot Summary

Those who signed on to the series with Chrono Cross can learn about its classic predecessor, the amazing, world-saving adventure that started it all.


Chrono Trigger Translation Differences

Characterization, censorships, and other myriad details were altered, effected, or lost in Trigger's original release. Thanks to KWhazit, you can discern the changes here.


Chrono Trigger - An Existentialist Reading

K. Newton brings us a deep and thorough analysis of Chrono Trigger from an existentialist perspective; will yourself to read about his thoughts on the wills of the Chrono cast!


Dead Sea / Sea of Eden FAQ Refutation

A FAQ exists on Gamefaqs detailing the nature of the Dead Sea. While it is a good and well-spoken effort, most of it has been disproven and rendered obsolete at this time.


The Ethics of Lavos

Lavos is a scourge to humanity and the primary, ruthless villain of the Chrono series, but where lie his motivations? Since he is surviving, can he considered to be truly evil?


Fates of the Chrono Trigger Team

A twenty year gap exists between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Find out here what happened to the original heroes after defeating Lavos, as well as the destinies of other NPCs.


Lavos - Points of Interest

Lavos, the ageless, powerful adversary of the Chrono series, is not without engaging and deep secrets. Explore the biology and mysteries of the beast within.


The Many Mysteries of Magus

Magus is by far one of the most popular characters in the series, and his characterization is replete with a slew of interesting enigma.


Principles of Time and Dimensional Travel

Time, dimensions, and the travel within them govern the plots of the Chrono series. The mechanics, theories, and issues concerning them are compiled in this comprehensive guide.


Radical Dreamers Condensed Plot Summary

Radical Dreamers has a main story and six additional scenarios. Summaries of all are presented here, including a breakdown of the events leading up to Le Trésor Interdit.


Radical Dreamers Translation Differences

Demiforce altered certain parts of Radical Dreamers from the original Japanese in his localization choices. This article keeps track of any important or interesting changes.


Real World Influences

Like any fantasy world, the Chrono series draws on a variety of influences from the world of its creators. Rich and expansive, they are documented and elaborated on here.


Salt for the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is commonly called the most enigmatic aspect of the entire Chrono series, and fully demands its own article to explore every mystical and baffling point of interest.


The Secret of Nu & Concerning the Kingdom of Zeal

The first section analyzes the implications of the book in Zeal relating life's relation to Nu, while the second essay discusses the history and thematic elements of Zeal.


DEPRECATED: The Rise of Porre

This article was deprecated after Chrono Trigger DS revealed that Dalton is behind the rise of Porre and destruction of Guardia.

When players first discovered Chrono Cross, the presence and militarization of Porre was a shock. Find out how the once peaceful city grew to defeat Guardia in 1005 A.D.


In this section, you'll find listings of every enigma or interesting point found by the Chrono Compendium. Observation and Conjecture deals with theories based solely on observation of actions in the Chrono series; the entries under that category don't attempt to explain problems outright, but rather form ideas based on what's seen and read. Common questions also answers plot questions that often confuse players. The Theory and Analysis section conversely deals with problems and unexplained phenomena in the Chrono series, such as time paradoxes or the mysterious backgrounds of people and events. If you would like to debate material seen here, please attempt to find the relevant forum thread or create a new one addressing the entry.


Observation and Conjecture[edit]

Common questions is a list of inquiries about the plots of the Chrono series games that often pop up in discussion and analysis. The points presented here aren't problems or paradoxes without answers, but rather cloudy plot points that often need a little clarification to be comprehended fully.

Principles of Timelines and Dimensions covers observations and general guidelines hypothesized to be at work in the Chrono series mythos. While it does use evidence for its claims, it is apart from other analysis in that it does not directly deal with a mystery or attempt to answer an unknown question outside the realm of temporal observation. For this reason, it is kept separate from the other inquiries,

When Ted Woolsey translated Chrono Trigger, he had to deal with Nintendo's strict censorship standards and an inability to fit all the text into the new ROM. This and a few mistakes caused differences with the Japanese version, some which have repercussions on the plot of the game.

The Chrono series does an incredible job of skirting problems with time and dimensional travel. However, this does not mean it is a perfect work. The final, definitive list of plot inconsistencies is found here. Remember that just becuase something is unexplained, it isn't a plot hole; these inconsistencies are formed by aspects of the stories that directly contradict each other.

Theory and Analysis[edit]

Event theory attempts to explain inquiries regarding events, such as the motivations that caused the Fall of Guardia or sparked the Mystic War.

Location analysis attempts to cover mysteries regarding the various places in the Chrono series, such as the Sun Keep.

The item section deals with theory regarding artifacts or other items, including the Frozen Flame right down to the Epoch.

People theory deals with enigmas regarding the actions of specific persons, such as the fate of Dalton or the identity of the mysterious fighter at the Fall of Guardia.

This section deals with subjects concerning the overarching plots of the games, as well as other topics that don't fit into the other categories.

Time and Dimensions deals with the question of paradox or other temporal repercussions. This section does not attempt to classify rules, but instead confronts problems of time and dimensions.

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