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by Zeality
December 24 2005


This plot summary is for Radical Dreamers, and will start by explaining the backstory and then elaborating on the actual quest featured in the game. Remember that Radical Dreamers is currently outside the main continuity of the Chrono series plot, and that Cross is the official sequel. The following summary is for scenario 1, Le Trésor Interdit, which is the main storyline of Radical Dreamers. However, alternate scenarios exist, and their plot summaries and variations will be presented here as well. You may also be interested in the Importance of Radical Dreamers.

Le Trésor Interdit[edit]

A Bittersweet Resolution[edit]

When Crono was killed at the Ocean Palace and Zeal fell during the events of Chrono Trigger, Schala survived the incident and felt responsible for the destruction of her kingdom. She became gravely distraught, and only desired to die. The Frozen Flame (a shard of Lavos that came off his shell when he crashed), which had been interred in the Mammon Machine, lay near to her. Feeling her wish, it subsequently scattered her memories and unaged her to an infant, then sent her thousands of years through time to the modern era (after 1000 A.D.). In the interim, the Frozen Flame was presumably held by the Kingdom of Guardia, which probably fell around the time the infant Schala was introduced to the modern era. There, the infant was adopted by Lucca and named Kid; Lucca gave Kid a Time Egg for safekeeping as she grew up. Lucca also told Kid about the Frozen Flame, a powerful artifact that she wanted to bury with a fallen comrade someday. Kid promised to one day acquire the Frozen Flame so it could be buried with Lucca's friend (presumably Crono, who probably wasn't revived after his death in the Radical Dreamers dimension).

The Aristocrat Lynx[edit]

In a different land called Gerzbuehle, a governer named General Viper (real / first name Zorander) presided over the Regionna outlands and resided in a mansion known as Viper Manor, which was unknowingly constructed over ruins of Zeal from long ago. Viper was protected by an elite force known as the Acacia Dragoons, including three mighty warriors -- Merkid, Gorba, and another man who bears a similarity to Radius. Viper eventually fathered Riddel, who came to be a beautiful lady. In addition to the Dragoons, a few Goblins possibly also came to work at the Manor, including Esmeld, a learned creature who had a fling with Riddel. Last among the inhabitants of the Manor was a Porre spy, Vera. General Viper had many successes in combat, and eventually came into possession of the Frozen Flame (presumably after the Fall of Guardia). One day, the powerful aristocrat Lynx befriended General Viper and Riddel, and came to stay at the Manor. He orchestrated a violent coup with the aid of the unnamed Acacia mentioned above that resulted in the slaughter of countless Acacia Dragoons and Viper himself; only the unnamed warrior survived, and he was thrown in jail, where his mind degenerated into insanity. Lynx proceeded to forcefully court Riddel and enlist a fearful group of demons to defend the Manor from any incursions. For reasons unknown, he then murdered Lucca (probably in an attempt to get the Time Egg).

The Radical Dreamers[edit]

Kid, around 10 at the time, was infuriated and pursued Lynx to the Manor, where she tried to exact revenge upon him. She would have been killed had not a mysterious man named Magil whisked her away; in truth, this was Magus in disguise, who apparently learned the fate of Schala in 12000 B.C. and returned to the modern era to watch over his sister as Kid. Magil cared for her over the next few years as Kid grew up in the school of hard knocks and developed a taste for thievery. Meanwhile, a young musician named Serge struggled to survive in life as a drifter. When Kid was around 13, she and Magil came upon Serge in Regiorra, and the three united to form the Radical Dreamers -- the most infamous thieves in the world. For the next three years they began ripping off the wealthy and developing a reputation with the aid of Magil's magic. Kid never lost sight of her goal to steal the Frozen Flame, however, and when the Radical Dreamers learned that Lynx was in possession of it, they immediately journeyed to the Manor. At the same time, Porre began readying an assault on the mansion.

The Evening Infiltration[edit]

After dispatching a few panthers outside the Manor, the three Radical Dreamers infiltrated its innards in search of the Frozen Flame. After searching around and almost getting caught in the study, the three entered an antique storeroom to find the Einlanzer, an ancient sword forged alongside the Masamune by Melchior, and Vera, the Porre spy. Vera healed the party, who then stumbled upon a robust set of doors -- the treasury. They then came to Lynx's quarters, where a Mirror of Whispers lay. They asked about a key to the treasury (while Serge asked for other information about Kid); the Mirror revealed that the key was stored in a purple book. The Radical Dreamers entered the treasury with the key in hand, and saw a fake replica of the Frozen Flame. After attempting to take it, they were ambushed by the elite Golbin security force. They escaped the battle unscathed, and received a hand-shaped plate from the leader. Placing the plate in a Mouth of Truth, they proceeded through an otherwise dangerous atrium and met Esmeld, the learned Goblin, in the Manor's armory. He provided the party with Himalayan Chimpanzee brand tea, and in exchange for a whimsical story gave the party the key to the Manor catacombs. There, they found the nameless warrior who betrayed General Viper. The old man mentioned something about Riddel, prompting the Radical Dreamers to search her room. However, they found Riddel in her quarters.

Revelation and Evanescence[edit]

Riddel provided information about the old man and the Einlanzer; the party subsequently retrieved the sword and used it to thwart a torture chamber. There, they found an Acacian Ring, which they set before the old man. The old man then revealed the trick to accessing the Manor's lower chambers -- that pulling the third candlestick in the ballroom would open up a passageway. By this time, the Mirror of Whispers confessed to the party that she had alerted Lynx of their presence, and chose to destroy herself rather than entrap an innocent soul. The Dreamers forged on to the ballroom, and descended to the lower areas; there, they successfully evaded a Devil's Circle. They soon happened upon ruins of the Kingdom of Zeal; the Frozen Flame sat in the cavernous chamber, and Lynx emerged to confront the party. He noted that combining Kid's Time Egg and the Frozen Flame would grant power over history. A fierce battle ensued; Magil and Serge were incapacitated, while Kid was held and savaged by Lynx. Before she was to die, she gave Serge her Time Egg, which exploded in light. Serge was ejected temporarily outside of time, where he viewed many eras and his own personal history -- past, present, and future. After he returned to reality, he found Lynx ready to kill Kid. Fortunately, the Porre army burst in and secured the cavern. Lynx disappeared, and the soldiers then descended on the Radical Dreamers. Magil caused complete darkness to envelop the area however, and the three escaped outside. Kid ushered Serge to escape on his own, and not worry about her. She revealed that she had learned of her prior life as Schala, and that this knowledge was bigger than anything she had ever experienced. As she bid her goodbye, Serge attempted to follow her, but Magil held him back. Magil and Kid then disappeared. Serge recorded the events in his diary, and years later, still reminisced about that night...Presumably, Magil continued to watch over Kid and she learned more about her past history as Schala. Serge seems to have been abandoned, though it is possible that, given their attraction, Kid and Serge reunited once more in the future -- giving birth to children whose own son, Serge's grandson, would eventually read Serge's diary and learn of these events.

Magil: Caught Between Love and Adventure[edit]

This scenario can be accessed by falling asleep, following Kid, examining the desk in the study, and then entering Riddel's room.

Magil in reality is a man named Gilbert, who has pined for Riddel all his life. He and Riddel exchange their affections, but Riddel recoils when Gilbert asks about their marriage vows made some time ago in the garden of the Manor. As she softens up to him once more, her servant Noelle comes in, and reveals that Riddel was assigned a suitor. Gilbert is wounded by this, and struggles to convince Riddel to go with him. The maid is alarmed by Kid's insistence on finding the Frozen Flame, and alerts the guards; Riddel notes that someday, Gilbert may return and be friends. Gilbert will have none of this, and throws Riddel over his shoulder as he defeats the guards. As the Radical Dreamers and Riddel reach the courtyard, the occupants of the Manor emerge and bid them farewell; Lynx, the foster father of the bride, tears up. Gilbert points to the morning sun, and notes that it is "our Frozen Flame."

Kid and the Sunflower[edit]

This scenario can be made by falling asleep and checking out the sound in the woods. The Radical Dreamers pursue a golden beetle, and get sidetracked in the forest. A lecherous sunflower taunts Kid, who slashes at it several times while Magil tries to remember what this type of sunflower is called. He remembers eventually that it is a Mandora Monster, and that one should not try to cut it down. It soon grows to an enormous size and enwraps Kid; after the dust settles, it is revealed that the Mandora Monster has fused with Kid's upper body, and that Kid will die by consumption from her own hatred if the monster is not stopped. Magil notes that the only way to separate her from her anger is with love, and begins making preparations. A troupe of goblins arrive to deal with the situation, and fire the Hyper Magic Cannon at Kid. It has no effect, and Kid begins an incantation as Magil rushes out to Serge. He gives Serge a white jewel and casts a levitation spell upon him just as Kid evaporates Viper Manor. Serge, in a fit of rage, knocks off Magil's mask, and is taken aback by his sheer beauty. Magil slaps him back to reality and tells him to kiss Kid. He notes that if that doesn't work, Serge must plant the knife in Kid, and her soul will be transferred to it. One of three things may happen:
  • Serge kisses Kid. This results in Kid reverting back to her normal body. the monster is reduced to a seed worth 1,000,000,000 Gold; however, Kid destroys it in anger anyway and physically abuses Serge for kissing her. Nonetheless, the Dreamers are thankful to be alive.
  • Serge stabs Kid. This results in Kid's soul becoming trapped in the jewel. Kid is now faced with the decision of which new host body to occupy; Magil recommends she occupy a Lavos host.
  • Kid stabs Serge. This results in Serge's soul becoming trapped in his own knife jewel. Magil and Kid carry him around, and inform him that he must choose a host. Serge is merely glad that Kid is okay, however.

SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra[edit]

This is, by far, the most random and hilarious scenario in the game. Please note that the summary here cannot even begin to scratch the surface of the jokes scattered throughout this scenario's dialogue. To access it, fall asleep, follow Kid, and check out the painting in the study of the Martian landscape. Upon viewing the painting, Magil is enraged with fury and his body temperature elevates a few degrees. A symbol burns itself into his hand, and he notes that the Radical Dreamers will no longer have to worry about doors. He proceeds to fry the door handle to the study, and the Dreamers head to the treasury. Magil is amazed at all the random junk from various planets held there, while Kid humiliates the Assistant Director who's filming the scene after he knocks over some equipment. The trio then spot the Frozen Flame at the head of the room, but it turns out to be a hologram; the image is deactivated when a short, oriental man trips over the power cord offstage. Kid demands an Evian (bottled mineral water), and then the three depart the treasury. They head to the storeroom, where they discover a huge wall of illuminated panels and circuitry. Kid finds a refrigerator-sized box (though Magil notes they haven't been invented yet), and a robot emerges from it. It begins shooting at the three with Gatling guns, and Magil delivers a flying kick that immediately shatters the machine. Serge ponders how Magil knew its name -- a "Great Deva of Mars." The three exit and descend the stairs.

There, a wall of light encircles them. Magil asks Kid for a trinket she picked off the ruined machine from earlier, and notes that it is a 'Martian Forest League Concealed Lesser Armament Bunny', and is much more than a simple toy. They use it to deactive the force field, and then descend the stairs to find Lynx. Magil disappears and soon makes a flashy entrance wielding rock star attire, a guitar, and a portable amp. Lynx can't take his guitar playing, and his body cracks to reveal green tentacles. Soon, the remains of Lynx's body are scattered and a green octopus (named a Martian Conjurer by Magil) stands before the party. Magil boasts of finding the enemy, whom he's tried to detain for 500 years, and reveals that he is Universal Detective Mick Van Jovi! Lynx laments that he crashed his ship on this planet, and that it took 500 years to repair its fusion reactor -- the Frozen Flame. Magil...dammit, I mean Mick, dons heavy armor and attempts to subjugate the beast, but Lynx causes boulders to rain down upon the party in the cavern. One traps Mick, who instructs Serge to use the Armament Bunny on Lynx. The explosion destroys his ship, but Lynx escapes using a pedal powered escape pod. Mick notes that they won't get very far, and the three vow to continue the search tomorrow.

Homecoming: Shea's Light[edit]

To activate this scenario, fall asleep and then see about that light in the entrance of Viper Manor. As the Radical Dreamers enter the mansion, Serge notices a strange light. It turns out to be a phantom of a woman in tattered clothes; the apparition notes that they have "finally come." The trio dismiss the ghost as unimportant to their mission, and head to the Manor's cathedral. Magil observes that the candles are arranged to cast shadows on the floor in accordance with occult teachings; the cathedral is meant for defying order and other unholy practices. Serge soon finds a secret passageway by pressing down on the organ keys; its layout mirrors the cathedral above, though it is empty. The Radical Dreamers explore other areas of the Manor; Kid finds a blue robe in unused quarters, and mentions the name Shea. They continue to explore the Manor, eventually arriving at an ornate room that houses the Frozen Flame. However, it is held within the grasp of a lifeless mannequin with platinum plating. Additionally, the mannequin is separated at the far end of the room from the party by what seems to be a frozen sea. Kid and Serge erect bamboo scaffolding to reach the siren, and Kid pilfers the Flame. However, on the way back, the siren comes to life and the ocean begins violently tossing. Kid falls into the sea; a needle projectile is driven between the eyes of the siren by Magil, but has no effect. Serge dives into the water to save her; meanwhile, waterlogged corpses float up and begin moving towards him. With all his might, he makes it to shore with Kid, who has the Flame in hand.

The Radical Dreamers head for the terrace, but realize they're going in circles. The walls are slightly warped, which forms the illusion; Kid becomes angry at the trick and shouts a challenge at Lynx. The three realize the futility of going on, and turn back to the Manor. They enter Lynx's quarters, and find his rotting corpse beneath a shroud. On closer inspection, Magil finds that the corpse has not begun to crumble -- meaning that Lynx's spirit has not departed the mansion. As the three contemplate the situation, the entire structure of the house begins to fluctuate. An image of Shea appears again, only to become a giant hand emerging from the mirror. Magil parries the hand, but soon, the Frozen Flame begins to radiate and Kid is locked under a spell. Magil again comes to the rescue by dissipating the spell; it reduces Kid to a pale color, however. The three exit Lynx's quarters, and head back to the cathedral. On the way, Magil reveals the details about Shea. Kid, an orphan as a child, was brought up in a temple called the Temple of the Four Spirits; the blue robe in the abandoned quarters earlier was the official congregational uniform for its sisters. One day, Shea was summoned to Viper Manor by Lynx, and did not return. Kid escaped the temple to find out her fate; as she neared the Manor, she looked back to her village to find it engulfed in flames. The temple was in ruins; as she combed the cinders, Magil found her and took her under his wing. She did not speak again until a year had passed.

The Radical Dreamers finally reach the cathedral, and enter the secret room. There, the magic seal on the floor radiates, and Lynx appears in a display of light. Lynx pleads with Kid for the return of the Flame, and insists that he was murdered by an assassin and was barely able to secure his spirit inside the Frozen Flame. Shea then appears, claiming that the magic seal on the ground was intended to jail Lynx's spirit, and that with each person's soul he devours, he comes closer to breaking the seal. She reveals that in order to stay connected to this realm, Lynx had to first invoke the evil magic with the sacrifice of a blood relative. Shea, the illegitimate daughter of Lynx, fulfilled this when she came to the Manor years ago. She instructs Magil to end it by destroying the Frozen Flame with magic and killing Lynx in the process. Magil smiles and begins his chanting; Serge blacks out as the magic takes effect. He wakes up nearly 24 hours later, finding Kid's body held close to him and Magil passed out on the far wall. They were drained by the process of destroying the Flame, but the deed is done -- Lynx is dead, and Viper Manor is at peace.

The Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Paradise X[edit]

To activate this scenario, fall asleep, follow Kid, enter the store room, try to enter the vault, inquire about the key in Lynx's quarters, and, as soon as you receive the key, immediately return to Lynx's quarters and push through the wall. The Radical Dreamers spot a hole in the wall in the Mirror of Whispers; they try to reproduce the hole in the real world to no avail until Kid tickles it with a quill pen. The wall crumbles to dust, and the adventurers step through. They observe a stone slab with a crystal embedded in the center; before they can judge what is inscribed upon it, Serge and Kid are thrown into an illusory world created by a mage named Gange. They are thrust into a coliseum and transformed; Kid becomes a cyclops, and Serge becomes a gladiator. After fighting for awhile, Magil interrupts the fight, and Serge and Kid revert to their real forms. The Radical Dreamers continue exploring, and eventually reach Lynx in the lower area of the Manor. There, he calls for Mecha-Lynx, a huge steel-plated robot ride. Gange appears to the party and offers assistance in the form of the Gigaweapon 'Paradise X'; the Radical Dreamers accept, and Paradise X appears to do battle with Mecha-Lynx. As Serge, Kid, and Magil look on from the ground, Paradise X struggles against Lynx but cannot crack his armor plating. With no other option, Magil calls for Paradise X's ultimate attack, the Infernoblast. It scorches Lynx and explodes his robot; afterwards, the dreamers find the Frozen Flame. Gange transfers his life force over to the new host crystal, and the party set out to find more interesting jewels.

The Shadow Realm and the Goddess of Death[edit]

To play this scenario, fall asleep, follow Kid, and then examine the bookshelf in the study. Here, the Radical Dreamers find the Book of the Dead; Magil opens it, and a gust of wind rushes out of the tome and exits the study. The party find that the book is blank, and Kid jokingly writes a note telling Lynx to buy better books. The Radical Dreamers exit to the ballroom; there, the doors shut behind them after they find a blood red rose on the floor. They view a scene of ghosts in tuxedos and gowns dancing across the room; after Kid exclaims that they are ghosts, the phantoms shriek and disappear. A woman descends in front of Serge, introducing herself as Lilith, the Goddess of Death, and a servant of the Shadow Realm. She notes that she took on the appearance of Riddel in her latest hunt, and that Lynx has been killed -- his spirit solidifying into the Frozen Flame. Apparently, Kid's signing Lynx's name in the Book of the Dead provided Lilith a target. She forms a scythe in her hand and shatters the Flame, making permanent her transition to the physical world in the process. Afterwards, she materializes the Soul Contract and hands it to Kid in expectance of a new target. Before Kid can react, Magil appears and Lilith reveals he is a shadow hunter; he states that it has been several hundred years since Lilith last terrorized the world, and that she will return to the Shadow Realm immediately. Lilith cackles and slices Kid, whose soul begins to form above her chest. Magil becomes a shadow in retaliation, and wraps around Lilith; he then ignites a huge blaze that seemingly kills her. However, after he stamps out the remaining fire, Lilith ambushes him from behind. Kid's soul solidifies into a new Frozen Flame while Magil declares he will take Lilith back to the Shadow Realm himself; the two disappear as Magil admonishes Serge to save Kid. Serge stands over the Flame, and his tears fall upon it; it decrystallizes and her soul returns to her. He explains what happened; after returning home, he and Kid live together, and eventually set out on new adventures. Magil's fate remains unknown...

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