General Information[edit]

Radical Dreamers[edit]

Origin: Unknown

Esmeld is a learned Goblin who resided in the armory of Viper Manor. There, he spent his time sipping tea to satisfy a refined taste and reading many novels and literary works. Originally, he had apparently worked for Viper and developed an admiration of romantic liking for Riddel. However, his chances were ruined when Lynx took over and adopted Riddel as his own daughter; Esmeld lay in wait to exact revenge for years after. In charge of the key to the catacombs, which was hidden within a trap door in the armory, he yielded it to the Radical Dreamers in exchange for a pleasant story and a vow to kill Lynx. His fate after the battle is unknown; he was possibly detained by Porre once they invaded the Manor.

Name Origin[edit]

Esmeld is a variation of the word Smelt, which is the name of a type of fish that was fished for by "Smelters" in the Middle Ages. Smelt eventually became a surname, as did other occupations, and Esmeld was born as a different pronunciation and spelling.


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