Mirror of Whispers

General Information[edit]

Radical Dreamers[edit]

Origin: Realm of the Looking Glass

A Mirror of Whispers is a living spirit free to roam throughout mirrors in a certain dwelling, able to spy on the inhabitants and become wise with the observance of human life. They are fashioned in an egnimatic place called the Realm of the Looking Glass, where the objective contents of thoughts are harbored (according to Magil). They are presumably used for the dispensing of knowledge; Viper Manor is equipped with a spirit and a few mirrors for this purpose. In Lynx's quarters, the spirit manifested itself in the prominent mirror by appearing as a talking statue of Venus in the reflection. It provided information on the whereabouts of the key to the treasure vault and also tapped into the memories of Magil and Kid (though it could be consulted for less noble ends). Unbeknownst to the Radical Dreamers, Lynx had previously set up the Mirror of Whispers to betray the thieves. As it attempted to draw Serge in, however, it felt guilty and shattered itself in defiance. The Radical Dreamers briefly lamented its loss, and moved on.

In the original Japanese, the mirror invites Kid first, who tells Serge to try instead. Serge barely gets a hand in before Venus seems to break herself, revealing that she is a servant of Lynx.

Per 2010 - Miwa Ikuta Memoirs on Radical Dreamers, Mida Showa created the Mirror of Whispers and authored the scene.

The Mirror's Insights[edit]

On Kid:

Before long, the jet black surface of the mirror is filled with what looks like
Regionna. One by one, shadows of trees, houses, and people materialize...
The mirror focuses in on a young woman, surrounded by small children. The
children are dirty and poorly dressed, but they're all smiling and playing
happily nonetheless.
Then, abruptly, the building they're in bursts into flames. Armed troops are
all around. Everyone scrambles for a way out, but...
Against her will, the young woman is abducted. The children, however, meet a
much darker fate...
Time passes. After the fire has burnt the building to the ground, the mirror
shifts focus to a small girl covered in soot, crying behind the charred remains
of her home. She lets loose a bloodcurdling scream into the open sky, as her
right eye narrows like a cat's...

On Magil:

Once the light has faded, we're treated with a scene of a vividly colored,
beautiful courtyard...
Amidst a number of trees' shadows, a boy and a girl are sitting and playing.
Somehow I know that the boy is Magil. Even as a child, his trademark spirit
shines through.
The girl, however, looks strangely familiar. Where have I seen that face
before... perhaps that painting in the study?
They're talking happily together. We're too far away to hear what they're
saying, though.
Then all of a sudden, he says something with a serious look suddenly in his
Although surprised, the girl listens to what the boy has to say, and then nods.
The two press their hands together, linking fingers. It looks as though they're
making a promise of some sort.
What could this be about?

On Kid's Measurements:

Kid's measurements!" bursts out of my mouth with a big smile.
I duck out of the way as Kid begins to slap and punch me, desperately trying to
keep my eyes on the mirror.
Suddenly, its surface begins to ripple. Could it really know this much? Boy,
this is going to be good...
Slowly, numbers start to form on the dark surface.
"66... 5... 9..."
66, 5, and 9? What kind of measurements are those? Momentarily catching her
attention, Kid also stares at the numbers, scratching her head.
After a moment, Magil offers a simple answer in an apathetic monotone. "Height,
shoe size, ring size."
What!? Oh man, what a gyp...

On itself:

"In that case, I'd like to know about your past."
After a moment of silence, the statue's reflection starts to speak in a very
humble tone.
"You have interest in my past?"
"Yeah, what in blazes are ya?" Kid interrupts.
"Well, it's probably been three hundred years already since I was crafted in
the Realm of the Looking Glass," the statue's soft voice explains.
"The Realm of the Looking Glass?" I ask.
"It's the flip-side of this world... a world which harbors the objective
contents of thoughts," Magil quickly answers.
"Passing through the hands of many owners, I traveled far and wide throughout
many lands..."
"So how did ya end up here?" Kid asks.
"I came here with a kindred spirit, but now... I am alone."
"Furthermore, now that I am without others of my own kind, I have begun to
fade... I am so lonely..."
Tears trickle down the statue's face as it begins to weep quietly.
"If we come across any other mirrors like you, we'd surely come back and tell
you," I say, trying to comfort it.
"Thank you so much... your kindness shines, truly."
The Venus statue bows its head deeply, and with that, the reflection returns to
its normal appearance.
"Indeed. We have yet to explore much of this mansion," Magil says, heading for
the door.




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