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Welcome to the Chrono Compendium encyclopedia. Most of the encyclopedia was written by Zeality, with contributions in weapons from Leebot and in accessories from KWhazit. Several others helped in minor ways, and CuteLucca provided many scans of Chrono Trigger art. To learn more about the site and its projects and goals, visit Chrono_Compendium:About. If you're into ROM hacking and want to help add research to the modification encyclopedia, request permissions by e-mailing the Compendium.

If you find any errors in the entries (i.e. spelling, grammar, wrong info, etc.) please contact maggiekarp via e-mail or post the mistake in this thread.

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Equipment and Magic[edit]

Accessories - Armor - Key Items - Magic - Usable Items - Vehicles - Weapons


Fan Projects - Modification - Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes

Places and People[edit]

Characters - Locations - Monsters - Organizations, Peoples, Species - Miscellany

Informative Discourses[edit]

Cheats and Glitches - Formulas - Guides - Interviews - Retranslation - Scripts

History and Theory[edit]

Chronology - Events - Articles and Theory

Special Sections[edit]

Chrono Break - Chrono Trigger Prerelease - Chrono Cross Demo - Chrono Cross NTSC Beta - Community Map - CoT Mirror

Game-Specific Data[edit]

Games - Game Mechanics - Downloads - Merchandise - Music

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Chrono Cross 10th Birthday - Chrono Trigger 10th Birthday - Heir to the Masamune - April Fool's Images

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