Features can include behind-the-scenes looks at projects, interviews, or incredible nonsense in general! If you're interested in contributing to an editorial or feature, simply go to the Chrono Compendium forum (you must be registered) and suggest ideas for features there as well. Fan contribution is encouraged!

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Chrono Cross Combat Character Ranking

D.B. did an awesome job creating a Chrono Cross tier list by analyzing combat stats!


How to Get Sorted Weapons in Chrono Cross

Beach Bum runs through the arduous process of achieving a sorted weapons list within the Chrono Cross inventory menu.


Lavos and Lovecraft

Scintillating_Void provided a great write-up on how Lavos represents an Eldritch-style abomination in the style of H.P. Lovecraft, with parallels drawn to other old ones! Check it out inside.

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Chrono Cross Model Heights

utunnels used the model viewer to accurately calculate the height of Chrono Cross characters as compared to their official heights per the character screen. Head inside to find out how they stack up to each other!


Crimson Echoes Interview

ZeaLitY recently provided another Crimson Echoes interview to a Russian gaming site. Find the interview within the forum link above.


Chrono Cross Least Characters Run

vivify93's attempted to finish Chrono Cross with the least number of characters recruited. Find out which characters are mandatory, and which surprisingly aren't!


Chronopolis ARG Concept

In 2011, fan artist extraordinaire Licawolf drew up the concept for an alternate reality game based around performing missions for Chronopolis leading up to the Counter-Time Experiment. Check out the amazing idea and art within!


Underweight: The BMIs of Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is interesting in that it lists height and weight for all its characters. It was a simple matter to calculate their body mass index, a way of estimating body fat based on these traits. The Japanese standard for underweight is a BMI of less than 18.5. Who falls into this unhealthy category?


Chrono Trigger Unglued

Chrono Trigger Unglued is a flash series retelling and parodying Chrono Trigger. Done by Cryokinetic, Clovis, and Laserkid, it's a riot and must see for those seeking Chrono humor.


Oekaki Highlights

It's been a great two years since the Oekaki came into existence! We've had some real winners and some very hilarious drawings. Join FaustWolf as he goes over some of the highlights, and be sure to stop by the Oekaki and try your hand at drawing!


ZeaLitY 1Up Interview

In early 2010, 1Up.com interviewed ZeaLitY about the Chrono Compendium (you can find the feature here). Now check out ZeaLitY's full, unedited answers to the interview questions that made the feature!


Chrono Alter Interview

LanceVII, creator of Chrono Chronicles, returns with a second Chrono fangame under his belt! Chrono Alter was designed in RPGMaker 2003, but is leaner, meaner, and all around more impressive than his last project. Check out our release interview with LanceVII and find out about the project's storied history and development cycle!


References to Chrono in Other Games

A few other Square games have alluded, whether by easter eggs or subversive textures, to the Chrono series. Scroll down on the series index page to find them all, complete with visual evidence!


Chrono Trigger Apocalypse Interview

Budding Flash programmer Neo-Fusion tells us about his action-packed take on the Chrono Trigger team's post-CT adventures. This interview celebrates the fifth episode of this series' Flash releases on Newgrounds. Check it out and look forward to future episodes!



OneUp Studios rocked the fandom again with CHRONOTORIOUS, offering some of the best fifteen Chrono mixes ever laid down. Find out the story behind the scenes from Mustin and the remixers!


Chrono De-motivationals

Obey. You should be reviving forests, fighting Lavos, fixing Robos, or splitting dimensions, but not wasting time doing things like reading those comix over there. Those are terrible art for art's sake pieces. THIS IS BUSINESS.


Agent 12's Interview With Meteor Radio

What's the host of a game culture radio program to do when one of his favorite fan projects gets C&D'd by a large corporation? Score an interview with the lead project programmer, of course! That's exactly what Axtuse of Meteor Radio decided to do when he learned that Square Enix had sent a Cease and Desist order to the Crimson Echoes team. Read the Compendium transcription of his interview with Agent 12 here or head on over to Meteor Radio for a listen!


Rate the Characters of Chrono Cross

After several rounds of polling, the Chrono Compendium forums have rated the characters of Chrono Cross. Join the countdown from the worst (you guessed it, Korcha) to the best!



Don't click this! The sheer artistic brilliance that lies beyond is too much for mere mortals to endure and too much for your eyes to ever truly appreciate! It's the best of the BEST!

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Interview with the Chrono Trigger Novel Project

Starting 1996, one Chrono Trigger fan has envisioned a novel of the game's events. Check the status of this project and aspirations for the future courtesy of Magus22 and Wayne.


Chrono Trigger DS Preview Page

Find new screenshots, features, and other information as they come in on this preview page, also linked on the sidebar of the News and Updates homepage.


Chrono Cross: The Good, The Bad, and The Fans

This feature takes a look at the controversy over Chrono Cross, revealing the game's flaws, strengths, contrast to Chrono Trigger, and its fan expectations and reactions.





Remix Spotlight II

It's taken two years and guest contributions, but the second remix spotlight is finally ready. Highlights include two mini-interviews with remixers JigginJonT and Neil Benjamin.


Chrono Cross Audio Drama

After Chrono Cross's release, Ben Harmer began an audio drama as director and mixer and recruited voice talent. A unique and refreshingly new type of fan project lies within!


Project ZEAL Prologue

Project ZEAL was a collaborative work of fan fiction begun and abandoned in 2004, and a unique Compendium effort. Read the prologue and fascinating writers' bible here.

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Interview with the Chrono Trigger Novel Project

Starting 1996, one Chrono Trigger fan has envisioned a novel of the game's events. Check the status of this project and aspirations for the future courtesy of Magus22 and Wayne.


Passion! VGM Concert Report

Check out the full report of what went down in Australia where dedicated musicians, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Hitoshi Sakimoto teamed up to present high-octane game music down under.


Chrono Trigger Unglued Mini-Feature

Compendium forumer Magus22 interviewed Clovis15, heir to the series, on episode twelve's vibrant credit sequence and the progress Chrono Trigger Unglued in general. Find the sequence inside!


Chrono Crisis Team Interview II

It's been over a year, and the time is ripe to check back in with Chrono Crisis. Check the feature for a flood of new screenshots and information on its development.


Chrono Trigger Price Study

How much does Chrono Trigger go for on Ebay? Is it a truly rare game? These questions are addressed here; check it out if you are looking to buy the game.


What is Chrono Trigger's Worst Flaw?

Chrono Trigger is hardly thought of as a flawed game. Out of curiosity, we polled fans to find out what are considered regularly identified flaws, and made suggestions for their remedy.


Chrono Symphonic Extravaganza

Chrono Symphonic was an effort by several remix to score Chrono Trigger music in an orchestral format. These interviews detail their thoughts and involvement.


Interview with Zeenbor

Zeenbor was the head of Chrono Trigger: Resurrection, and saw the project through until it received a cease & desist letter. Learn about Resurrection's beginnings, and Zeenbor's thoughts on Square Enix and the letter.


Press Start ZeaLitY Interview

On September 28th, ZeaLitY was interviewed about the site, the Chrono series, and the community on a radio show for California Polytech college. The transcript has been made available herein.


Chrono Trigger Recollections

Years ago, Chrono Trigger stunned the world and left an imprint on the experiences of its fans. Read the retrospective and Dream Team sidebar, then view comments and reminiscing by remixers and others.


How not to make SE produce Chrono Break

Some fans remain ever vigilant in their prodding and insulting SquareEnix. Though you can voice desire for a third Chrono game, here are some actions you should avoid, and what you can do.


Chrono Compendium Retrospective

On July 23rd, 2005, the Chrono Compendium turned two years old. This prompted a retrospective to acknowledge the site's beginnings and journeys.


Official Chrono Trigger Manga

When companies made strategy guides, one called Chrono Trigger Super Famicom Player's Guide featured an official manga. CuteLucca & Lina Darkstar have translated and touched it up!

The Truth Behind Chrono Trigger

Zizzlebop knows more about Chrono Trigger than all of us combined, and he's finally ready to shed secrecy and explain the true story behind the Dream Project.

Fan Project Creator Interviews IV: CT Remake Project

One of the most anticipated projects, CTRP aims to recreate the game in the Unreal engine. Many new screenshots and much commentary (with a great surprise) await!

Fan Project Creator Interviews III: The Brink of Time

Chrono Trigger II: The Brink of Time, once trashed due to a hard drive failure, has been revived by BrownMan, who contributes an interview in this feature about the project.

Chrono Compendium Remix Spotlight I

8 songs in this week's Remix Spotlight! Editorialists and contributors talk about their favorite Chrono remixes, and the remixers drop in occasionally to comment on their work.

Fan Project Creator Interviews II: Unofficial Chrono Trigger II

UCT2 is a planned sequel to Chrono Trigger, and is written in C++. I contacted Gangis, producer of UCT2, and he generously responded to my questions.

Chrono Testament

Ages ago, a guy named Xathael drew parallels between Chrono Trigger and Christianity. Geocities purged his site, but you can find his work preserved here.

Fan Project Creator Interviews I: Chrono Crisis

Chrono Crisis, designed with RPGMakerXP, has been months in development, and has attracted its own community of followers and contributors. Links to the demo inside as well!

Rate the Characters of Chrono Trigger!

For the first editorial, the editorialists were asked to rate the characters of Chrono Trigger in any way they please, and offer commentary on their choices. Let's see the results!