Chrono Testament

Chrono Testament was a Geocities website created by a person named Xathael to illuminate similarities between Chrono Trigger and Christianity. While Masato Kato refuted the idea that Chrono Trigger is a Christian allegory at GamePro Interview, some fans were still convinced. It covered nearly every major and minor character in the game.

Xathael disappeared completely before the work was completed, leaving a few entries blank. In 2003, Geocities purged the Chrono Testament due to its inactivity. It was amazingly backed up and delivered to the Chrono Compendium, where it was released on its July 11th 1st Anniversary. Xathael's Chrono Testament can be found below in its original structure and mostly intact. Supplemental research to round out the unfinished content is also available.

Chrono Trigger Testament


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