Crono's element in the original Japanese Chrono Trigger was 'Heavenly.'
In the Bible, Jesus is a carpenter, and often makes his own furniture and other basic necessities himself. The same can be said for Crono, whose starting weapon is the Wooden Sword, the only wooden piece of equipment in the entire game. And since the origin of the blade is unexplained, we can presume that he made it himself, thus making the carpenter connection all the more apparent. (Thanks to Claado Shou for this)
Jesus, at the time that he begins his journey towards sacrifice (on the cross), is 33 years old. Jesus was born in 0 A.D. as well, the same year that the Guardia line of royalty started in Chrono Trigger. When Crono begins his symbolic journey towards sacrifice (in Lavos' crater), the thirty-third (XXXIII) king of Guardia is on the throne, thus symbolizing the thirty-third cycle, just like Jesus. Although the connection is indirect, it is there nonetheless. (Thanks to Claado Shou for this)
When Jesus confronts the Pharisees in the Bible, they accuse him of being a heretic. He says that the word of two men, under Jewish law, is considered truth. Similarly, when Crono goes on trial, if two people testify against him, the jury finds him guilty, whereas the word of a single person does not sway the jury towards conviction. This is a direct parallel between the Pharisees and Yakra (the prosecutor), and between the New Testament and Chrono Trigger. (Thanks to Claado Shou for this)

From: Chrono Testament