-Friend of Frog
-Knight of Guardia
-Fought Magus and lost
-Was buried in the Northern Ruins
-Became a ghost who haunted the Northern Ruins

St. Andrew[edit]

-Andrew means manhood or valor
-Brother of St. Peter
-Occupied the same house as Peter
-First disciple of Christ
-Brought Peter to Christ
-Martyred and crucified by Aegeatus
-Relics taken to Scotland in fourth century


-As Andrew means manhood or valor, Cyrus was an exceptionally strong and robust knight, revered as the best by his people.
-Cyrus was Frog's best friend; likewise, Andrew was Peter's brother, and both lived and fought for Guardia.
-Andrew brought Peter to the faith; likewise, Cyrus had Frog become his squire.
-Cyrus came before Frog; similarly, Andrew was the first disciple.
-Andrew was crucified by Aegeatus, an imperial governor -- Cyrus was slain by Magus, leader of the Mystics.
-Andrew's relics and bodily remains, as legend has it, were taken to Scotland in the fourth century, far away from their former place in southern Europe; likewise, Cyrus's burial place is halfway around the world from Guardia and his supposed place of death (Mt. Denadoro).

From: Chrono Testament