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Welcome to the Chrono Trigger DS coverage page! Here, we'll detail in brief the differences between versions. Chrono Trigger DS is a chance to show a ton of support for the Chrono franchise, and that Square is putting it out demonstrates that the franchise has not been relegated to the dust bin. If there are enough sales, it's possible Square will have the incentive to even produce a new Chrono game. Square also apparently felt that Chrono Trigger would sell better on the DS than on the Virtual Console, and this is a good thing as far as the franchise goes. Support it; buy it; convince your friends to buy it. Not only will we show support for the Chrono series, but we'll also help create a new generation of fans! This changes article was written with the help of RevenantThings.

Breakdown of Changes[edit]

New Features[edit]

Touchscreen Use[edit]

Touch screen options are available with the DS version of this game. The game can be played in Classic Mode, on one single screen (a la the original releases) or can be played utilizing the dual screens and D-pad in DS Mode. The bottom screen will be used to hold a map of the areas/world, as well as the menu access and battle options. You have the option to rearrange the bottom screen as you see fit.

Health Bars[edit]

Outside of classic mode, health bars now appear over the party in battle.

Extras Mode[edit]

The Extras Mode is a carryover from the PS1 port of Chrono Trigger. It contains some game information as well as special features that aren't found during the normal course of the game. The following is a basic rundown of each area.

  • Theater

Movie theater that plays the animated scenes that you unlock during gameplay. More are unlocked when you complete the game.

  • Art Gallery

Art Gallery that contains promotional art and sketches of various characters. More unlocked as you complete the game.

  • Music Box

Plays all the music you've heard throughout the game. Complete the game and the optional dungeons to unlock them all.

  • Dojo

Lists the techs you've acquired with your team. Has a snapshot of them all as well as basic information.

  • Bestiary

Complete information on all enemies. Can also be accessed from the main menu.

  • Item Encyclopedia

Complete information on all items, equipment and key items.

  • Ending Log

Basic information and screenshot of the endings you have completed.

  • Treasure Atlas

Interactive map that you can browse and see what items can be found in various locations.

Arena of the Ages[edit]

The Arena of the Ages is a monster-battling and training arena that exists outside the normal flow of time. Players can raise monsters for battle by sending them off to train in different areas. Battles take place on six different tiers for different prizes, and monsters can use items in battle to gain an advantage. The Arena is accessible from the main menu and End of Time, and can be used to get items not normally accessible at some points of the main game. For more information, hit:

New Quests[edit]

Lost Sanctum[edit]

The Lost Sanctum is a Reptite colony lost to the ages before 65000000 B.C. It becomes available after the Black Omen rises, and it can be visited in both 65000000 B.C. and 600 A.D. Its denizens have a ton of fetch quests an other requests for Crono's team, but the rewards are massive, and running through it will ensure the party's stats are bulked up enough to handle the Dimensional Vortex and Dream's Epilogue ending. To get more in-depth, check these:

Dimensional Vortex and Dream's Epiloguqe[edit]

The Dimensional Vortex is a set of three random dungeons that opens up after a player finishes the game once. That's right, no New Game + is needed; you just have to finish the game and reload your save file. Each dungeon is made of random areas and one set dungeon, and ends with a special boss. One has a bonus boss, too, and he's a familiar face from Chrono Trigger. To go more in-depth, check:

Upon completing the Dimensional Vortex dungeons, one can access the Darkness Beyond Time from the End of Time for a new plot sequence and very, very difficult boss battle. For the run-down on what happens there:

General Changes[edit]

  • Mitsuda's four new pieces for the CT PSX extras screen appear in the DS version's extras as well.
  • Dialogue is no longer indented after the first line in any case.
  • Character magic elemental affinities are displayed before the characters get magic.
  • Instead of things like "Fire" and "Shadow" in spell names, tiny icons representing elements appear.
  • Magus is now known as the "Fiendlord" to common citizens, and Mystics are known as Fiends.
  • A new bug may cause saved games loaded from the End of Time to trap the player in the map's solidity, disallowing movement.
  • The Epoch is in a different spot before the party searches for Crono:

Chapter Listings

  • 5 - The ending of "The Hidden Truth" doesn't play when Crono's knocked out in the dungeon.
  • 6 - Belthasar built the Keeper's Dome to monitor Death Peak according to a guy in the Arris Dome.
  • 6 - Jonny is no longer known as THE MAN. :(
  • 15 - Magus's incantation is changed to "Dal zumal phara-lo Iierra..."
  • 17 - Nizbel refers to Azala as a female.

Name Changes and New Content[edit]

New Items[edit]

Slops            	Restores some HP to monster (Arena only)
Flameclaw         	Causes monster to use Fire tech (Arena only)
Seafang          	Causes monster to use Water tech (Arena only)
Duskeye          	Causes monster to use Shadow tech (Arena only)
Luxwing          	Causes monster to use Light tech (Arena only)
Hawk Talon       	Temporarily raises Strength by 5 (Arena only)
Shield Cloak      	Damage reduction (Arena only)
Feral Wrath       	4x damage for critical hits (Arena only)
Smoked Meat       	Restores 250 HP (used in Lost Sanctum)
Dried Mushroom    	Removes status ailments (used in Lost Sanctum)
Sweet Banana      	Restores 20 MP (used in Lost Sanctum)
Millenia Fruit    	Restores 150 HP (used in Lost Sanctum)
Songbird Egg      	Restores 40 MP (used in Lost Sanctum)
Icewyrm           	Attack: 160
Dreamseeker       	Attack: 240, Critical rate: 90% (夢幻, "Mugen", literally "dreams/fantasy")
Stardust Bow      	Attack: 150, Inflicts Confuse
Venus Bow         	Deals 777 damage
Turboshot         	Attack: 140, Speed +3
Spellslinger		Damage based on last digit of MP 
Dragon Arm	  	Attack: 170
Apocalypse Arm   	Deals 9,999 damage on critical hit
Dinoblade	 	Attack: 160, Strength +5
Judgment Scythe  	Attack: 155, Inflicts Stop
Dreamreaper	 	Attack 180, 4x damage for critical hits
Dragonhead	 	Defense: 36, Strength +5
Reptite Tiara	 	Defense: 35, Magic +5
Master's Crown	 	Defense: 40, Damage boost, Status immunity
Angel's Tiara		Auto-haste, status immunity 
Reptite Dress	 	Defense: 82, Magic +10
Dragon Armor	  	Defense: 83, Strength +10
Saurian Leathers  	Defense: 88, Speed +3, Strength +3
Regal Plate	  	Defense: 88, Stamina +10, Magic Defense +10
Regal Gown 	  	Defense: 90, Auto-Protect, Auto-Barrier
Shadowplume Robe  	Defense: 90, Magic Defense +20, Auto-Barrier
Elemental Aegis	 	Defense: 92, Elemental immunity
Valor Crest	  	Critical rate increased, Counter rate: 50%
Champion's Badge  	Masamune critical % increased, Halves MP costs
Dragon's Tear     	Critical rate increased
Nu Arcana	  	May instantly reduce opponent's HP to 1
Uranian Mirror	  	Counters non-light attacks 25% of the time
Pontic Mirror	  	Counters non-water attacks 25% of the time.
Promethean Mirror 	Counters non-fire attacks 25% of the time.
Hadean Mirror	  	Counters non-shadow attacks 25% of the time.
Aresian Mirror	  	Counters non-physical attacks 25% of the time.
Golden Sand	  	Glittering golden sand.
Golden Hammer	  	A hammer crafted from golden wood.
Prismastone	  	A mysterious stone said to have healing powers.
Saintstone	  	An elusive gem that radiates light.
Reptmark	  	A talisman needed to enter a reptite sanctuary.
Waystone	  	A gem that shines with an inner light.
Godwood		  	Lumber from an ancient godwood tree. 
Steel Ingot	  	A lump of fine steel.
Sturdy Vines	  	Stout and rugged vines.
Hearty Lunch	  	A nutritious lunch made with love.
Rusted Blade	  	A katana rendered useless by rust.
Lumicite	  	A mineral with many powerful properties. 

New Enemies[edit]

--------------      	----------------------
Enemy Name          	Palette Swap Info
--------------      	----------------------

Exile			Black Reptite w/ Red
Slate Imp		Blue Imp
Pink Imp		What do you think?
Wonder Rock		Blueish Rubble
Deathcreeper		Purple Narble
Jackpot			Silver Djinn Bottle
Ogan Chieftain		Gray Ogan w/ Hammer
Ogan Youth		Normal Ogan w/o Hammer
Ogan Youth (Hammer)	Norman Ogan w/ Hammer
Kingfrog		Orange Frog
Dire Rate		Green/Purple Rat
Black Bat		What do you think?
Chrysosaur		Yellow/Gold Megasaur
Pterranyx		Red/Pink Avian
Twin Snake		Green Hydraconda
Hercules Beetle		Black/Brown Scarab
Jadewing		Green/Pink Bellbird
Deathguard		Silver/Black Gaoler
Bone Knight		Blue Skeleton w/ Spear
Soul Stalker		Blueish Ruin Stalker
Chaos Mage		Black/Red Mage
Snowbeast		Bluer Heckran
Red Ghaj		What do you think?
Fireball		Flame
Prototype		Gray Version 4.0
Searcher		Dark Blue Nomad
Iron Maiden		Silver Synchrite


All locations that possessed the name 'Residence' with a '[name] ' prefix have been changed to simply 'Residence'.

65000000 B.C.[edit]
  • Prehistoric -> Prehistory
  • Mystic Mts -> Mystic Mountains
  • Meeting Site -> Meeting Grounds
  • Tyrano Lair -> Tyranno Lair
  • Lair Ruins -> Tyranno Lair Ruins
12000 B.C.[edit]
  • Dark Ages -> Antiquity
  • Cave -> Small Cave
  • Commons -> Village Commons
  • Village -> Surviving Village
600 A.D.[edit]
  • Cathedral -> Manolia Cathedral
1000 A.D.[edit]
  • Ticket Office -> Ferry Office
  • Melchior's Hut -> Melchior's Cabin
1999 A.D.[edit]
  • Apocalypse -> Cataclysm
2300 A.D.[edit]
  • Factory -> Derelict Factory
  • Lab 16 -> Site 16
  • Lab 32 -> Site 32
  • Sewer Access -> Abandoned Sewers
  • Sun Keep -> Sun Temple
  • Sun Palace -> Sun Shrine

Name Changes[edit]

---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------

Tonic                    	Potion
Mid Tonic                	Mid-Potion
Full Tonic               	Hi-Potion
Mid Ether                	Mid-Ether
Full Ether               	Hi-Ether
Hyper Ether              	Turbo Ether
Megaelixir		 	Megalixir
Heal                     	Panacea
Revive			 	Athenian Water
Power Meal               	Ambrosia
Barrier                  	Barrier Sphere
Shield                   	Shield Sphere
Power Tab                	Strength Capsule
Magic Tab                	Magic Capsule
Speed Tab                	Speed Capsule


---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------

Wood Sword               	Wooden Sword
Iron Blade               	Bronze Blade
Lode Sword               	Silver Sword
Bolt Sword               	Thunder Blade
Red Katana               	Crimson Blade
Flint Edge               	Mammoth Tusk
Aeon Blade		 	Primeval Blade
Demon Edge               	Zanmato
Alloy Blade        		Vajra Sword
Star Sword               	Empyrean Blade
Vedic Blade              	Yaksha Blade
Kali Blade               	Onimaru
Slasher 2                	Slasher II
Shiva Edge		 	Suzaku
Rainbow Sword		 	Rainbow
Bronze Bow		 	Bronze Bowgun
Iron Bow                 	Iron Bowgun
Lode Bow                 	Silver Bow
Robin Bow                	Bandit's Bow
Sage Bow                 	Shaman's Bow
Dream Bow                	Dreamstone Bow
Comet Arrow              	Comet Bow
Sonic Arrow              	Sonic Bow
Siren                    	Siren's Kiss
Valkerye                 	Valkyrie Bow
Air Gun			 	Airgun
Dart Gun                 	Pea Shooter
Auto Gun                 	Pocket Blaster
Dream Gun                	Dreamstone Gun
Megablast                	Megablaster
Shock Wave               	Shockwave
Wonder Shot              	Wondershot
Doom Finger		 	Death Claw
Big Hand                 	Heavy Hand
Giga Arm                 	Gigaton Arm
Terra Arm                	Teraton Arm
BronzeEdge               	Bronze Sword
Flash Blade		 	Radiant Blade
Pearl Edge               	Smiter's Blade
Demon Hit		 	Demonslayer
Dark Scythe              	Moonfall Scythe
Hurricane                	Headman's Scythe
Hadean Sickle            	Star Scythe
Doom Sickle              	Doom Scythe
Broken Sword		 	Broken Blade


---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation    	 DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------
Bronze Helmet		 	Bronze Helm
Iron Helmet		 	Iron Helm
Beret                    	Porrean Beret
Gold Helmet              	Golden Helm
Rock Helmet              	Stone Helm
Cera Topper              	Triceratopper
Taban Helm		 	Taban's Helm
Glow Helmet 		 	Radiant Helm
Lode Helmet 		 	Platinum Helm
Doom Helmet              	Doom Helm
Sight Cap 		 	Clarity Cap
Aeon Helmet 		 	Aeonian Helm
Dark Helmet	         	Dark Helm
Haste Helmet		 	Haste Helm
Rainbow Helmet		 	Rainbow Helm
Mermaid Cap		 	Mermaid Helm
Vigil Hat 	 	 	Vigilant's Hat
Safe Helmet		 	Guardian Helm
Prism Helmet		 	Prismatic Helm
Gloom Helmet		 	Gloom Helm


---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------
Karate Gi                	Padded Vest
BronzeMail               	Bronze Armor
MaidenSuit               	Maiden's Suit
Titan Vest               	Titanium Vest
Taban Vest            	 	Taban's Vest
Gold Suit                	Golden Suit
Meso Mail                	Mesozoic Mail
Lumin Robe               	Luminous Robe
White Mail               	White Plate
Flash Mail               	Radiant Plate
Red Mail                 	Red Plate
Black Mail               	Black Plate
Blue Mail                	Blue Plate
Lode Vest                	Platinum Vest
Aeon Suit		 	Aeonian Suit
Taban Suit		 	Taban's Suit
Moon Armor               	Moonbeam Armor


---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------
Bandana                  	Headband
Defender		 	Guardian Bangle
Amulet                   	Schala's Amulet
Dash Ring		 	Speed Ring
Hit Ring 		 	Acuity Ring
Wall Ring 		 	Barrier Ring
Gold Earring 		 	Golden Earring
Gold Stud		 	Golden Stud
Charm Top 		 	Alluring Top
Frenzy Band 		 	Wrath Band
Wallet 			 	Workman's Wallet
Berserker                	Berserker Ring
Black Rock		 	Black Gemstone
Blue Rock 		 	Blue Gemstone
Silver Rock 		 	Silver Gemstone
White Rock		 	White Gemstone
Gold Rock		 	Golden Gemstone
Hero Medal		 	Hero's Badge
Flea Vest 		 	Flea Bustier
Magic Seala 		 	Magic Crest
Power Seal		 	Power Crest
Sun Shades 		 	Sunglasses
Prism Specs 		 	Prism Spectacles

Key Items

---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------

Bike Key                 	Jetbike Key
Prism Shard              	Rainbow Shard
Tools			 	Carpenter's Tools
Jerky			 	Spiced Jerky
Dream Stone		 	Dreamstone
Race Log		 	Race Recorder
Yakra Key		 	Yakra's Key
???			 	Doppel Doll
Toma's Pop               	Toma's Spirit


---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------

Slash			 	Wind Slash
Spincut			 	Cleave
Lightning 2		 	Lightning II
Life			 	Raise
Confuse			 	Frenzy
Provoke			 	Allure
Ice 2			 	Ice II
Cure 2			 	Cure II
Life 2			 	Arise
Flame Toss		 	Flamethrower
Hypno Wave		 	Hypnowave
Fire 2			 	Fire II
Mega Bomb		 	Megaton Bomb
Uzzi Punch		 	Rapid-fire Fist
Area Bomb		 	Proximity Bomb
Shock			 	Electrocute
Slurp Cut		 	Slurp Slash
Leap Slash		 	Aerial Strike
Water 2			 	Water II
Cure 2			 	Cure II
Rollo Kick		 	Roundillo Kick
Rock Throw		 	Boulder Toss
Magic Wall		 	Barrier
Ice Sword 2		 	Ice Sword II
Fire Sword 2		 	Fire Sword II
Rocket Roll		 	Supersonic Spin
Max Cyclone		 	Cyclone Sweep
Super Volt		 	Megavolt
Spire			 	Lightning Rod
Volt Bite		 	Thunder Chomp
Falcon Hit		 	Falcon Strike
Antipode		 	Antipode Bomb
Antipode 2		 	Antipode Bomb II
Antipode 3		 	Antipode Bomb III
Cure Touch		 	Cure Wind
Glacier			 	Glaical Freeze
Cube Toss		 	Iceberg Toss
DoublevBomb		 	Double Bomb
Fire Whirl		 	Inferno
Blade Toss		 	Frog Launcher
Bubble Snap		 	Bubble Breath
Drop Kick		 	Dropdown
Red Pin			 	Red Needle
Life Line		 	Lifeline
Arc Impulse		 	Frost Arc
Fire Zone		 	Ring of Fire
Triple Raid		 	Triple Attack
3D Attack		 	3-D Attack
Dark Eternal             	Eternal Darkness
Grand Dream		 	Mastermune


---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------
Hetake			 	Amanita
Beetle			 	Scarab
Avian Chaos		 	Gilded Bellbird
Guard			 	Royal Guard
Blue Shield/Yodu De	 	Sentry
Omnicrone		 	Gaoler
Decedent		 	Lancer
Octoblush		 	Cave Stalker
Jinn Bottle		 	Djinn Bottle
Tempurite		 	Rhino Weevil
Roly Poly		 	Boundillo
Roly			 	Roundillo
Poly			 	Fiendillo
Imp Ace			 	Imp Hawk
Roly Rider		 	Roundillo Rider
Naga-ette		 	Naga
Gnasher			 	Viper
Diablos			 	Diablo
Hench 1			 	Underling (Blue)
Deceased		 	Skeleton
Goblin			 	Ogan
Ogan			 	Ogan (Hammer)
Free Lancer		 	Freelancer
T'pole			 	Edible Frog
Gnawer			 	Fangtooth
Gremlin			 	Grimling
Vamp			 	Vampire Bat
Hench 2			 	Underling (Purple)
Groupie			 	Servant (Sword)
Flunky			 	Servant (Crossbow)
Grimalkin		 	Blue Gargoyle
RolyBomber		 	Roundillo Bomber
Sentry			 	Ghost Knight
Reaper			 	Flesh Reaper
Defunct			 	Fallen
Base			 	Soul
Departed		 	Fallen + Soul
Mohavor			 	Sandrago
Hexapod			 	Vilepillar
Gigasaur		 	Aecytosaur
Leaper			 	Aecytonyx
Octopod			 	Ruin Stalker
Meat Eater			Floral Horror
Bugger			 	Exterminator
Proto 2				Version 2.0
Nereid			 	Dondrago
Egder			 	Egg Ooze
Debugger		 	Deverminator
Proto 3			 	Version 3.0
Alkaline		 	Alkali
Krakker			 	Blood Yolk
Debuggest		 	Deverminator EX
Proto 4			 	Version 4.0
Reptite			 	Reptite (Green)
Runner			 	Crested Sprinter
Amphibite/Rain Frog	 	Prehistoric Frog
Anion			 	Ion Cloud
Gold Eaglet		 	Golden Eaglet
Winged Ape		 	Bao Bao
Evil Weevil		 	Aecyto Weevil
Pahoehoe		 	Mossback
Fly Trap		 	Rafflesia
Shist			 	Schist
Terrasaur		 	Terasaur
Volcano			 	Volcanite
Reptile			 	Reptite (Purple)
Beast			 	Mudbeast
Bantam Imp		 	Bomber Bird
Man Eater		 	Death Lily
Jinn			 	Djinn
Barghest		 	Ghul
Mage			 	Zealot Mage
Scout			 	Scouter
Red Scout		 	Red Scouter
Blue Scout		 	Blue Scouter
Basher			 	Monk
Lasher			 	Warrior
Thrasher		 	Daltonite
Incognito/Peeping Doom	 	Shieldsman
Goon			 	Fangbeast
Boss Orb		 	Watcher
Sidekick		 	Nomad
Metal Mute		 	Metal Mutant
Ruminator		 	Hydraconda
Tubster			 	Blubber Hulk
Blob			 	Narble
Alien			 	Ghaj


---------------------    	--------------------
Original Translation     	DS Translation
---------------------    	--------------------

Bit			 	Pod
Sir Krawlie		 	Krawlie
R Series		 	R-Series
Zombor (Top)		 	Zombor (Upper Body)
Zombor (Bottom)		 	Zombor (Lower Body)
Masa&Mune		 	Masa & Mune
Black Tyrano		 	Black Tyranno
Blue Beast		 	Blue Mudbeast
Red Beast		 	Red Mudbeast
Golem Twins		 	Golem Sisters
Golem Boss		 	Golem Overlord
Dalton Plus		 	King Dalton
Retinite (Top)		 	Melphyx (Upper Body)
Retinite (Bottom)	 	Melphyx (Lower Body)
Retinite (Core)		 	Melphyx (Core)
Flea Plus		 	Diva Flea
Great Ozzie		 	Ozzie the Great
Son of Sun		 	Son of the Sun
Rust Tyrano		 	Rust Tyranno
Mega Mutant (Top)	 	Mega Mutant (Upper Body)
Mega Mutant (Bottom)	 	Mega Mutant (Lower Body)
Giga Mutant (Top)	 	Giga Mutant (Upper Body)
Giga Mutant (Bottom)	 	Giga Mutant (Lower Body)
Terra Mutant (Top)	 	Tera Mutant (Upper Body)
Terra Mutant (Bottom)	 	Tera Mutant (Lower Body)
Lavos Spawn		 	Elder Lavos Spawn (Mouth)
Lavos Shell		 	Elder Lavos Spawn (Shell)
Zeal			 	Queen Zeal
Zeal (Face)		 	Queen Zeal (Face)
Zeal (Right Hand)	 	Queen Zeal (Right Hand)
Zeal (Left Hand)	 	Queen Zeal (Left Hand)
Lavos Core (Left Bit)	 	Lavos Pod
Lavos Core (Body)	 	Center Pod
Lavos Core (Right Bit)	 	Lavos Core

News Archive[edit]

July 1-2 - Teaser Site and Press Release[edit]

On July 1, 2008, someone at 2chan uploaded a scan from a Japanese video game announcing Chrono Trigger DS. That night, people discovered and its American counterpart, These websites, with the title COUNTDOWN SITE, depicted a clock synchronized to the viewer's computer time and the ticking sound from A Premonition, the pre-title screen track to Chrono Trigger. Square Enix's Japanese news feed also touted the date July 7. On July 2, a press release appeared on Yahoo Business confirming several things.

  • A holiday release for Japan and North America
  • Touch-Screen functionality
  • "Wireless Play mode"
  • Dual screen presentation
  • A new dungeon

On July 4, a countdown to July 7 was added to the sites.

July 7 - Trailer Debut[edit]

At the break of July 7 in Japan, launched with a trailer:

Here's a translation of the trailer and the information card displayed at the end, thanks to Ichiro78:


After 13 years have passed...

..."time" once again is set in motion.




To the unforgettable past...

KAERU (Frog)

EIRA (Ayla)

... the distant future...


...and finally, the end of all time.

The curtain opens for a great adventure to save the planet's life, passing time and space again and again.


After 13 years have passed "time" once again is set in motion. The decade-surpassing, everlasting classic "Chrono Trigger" finally comes to the Nintendo DS!

This is a perfect port of the 1995 Super Famicom exclusive title "Chrono Trigger". It will go on sale in winter 2008 using the hardware's double screens and featuring a new system, as well as new, fun elements.


System: Nintendo DS
Genre: RPG
Players: 1 (1-4)
Release date: Winter 2008
Price: Not yet fixed
CERO age rating: Inspection pending

July 9 - Weekly Famitsu Coverage[edit]

On July 9, four new magazine scans appeared, with the last seeming to have some kind of mini-interview with Yasunori Mitsuda. The scans confirmed that

  • Mitsuda is on board to keep the music close to the SNES aesthetic
  • The battle menu may have been moved to the bottom DS screen with a green and blue HP and MP bar beneath each character on the top screen translated Mitsuda's interview; here are his remarks:

"When I first heard about this, my first response was 'Finally!'," he says. "That's partly because it was my debut work, but it's still a very deep, very high-quality game even when you play it today. I'm very interested in seeing what kids today think about it when they play it, so from that perspective, it was a very happy piece of news."

"I couldn't even count all the memories it brings up. I was in a slump because I couldn't compose anything, I was going to the hospital regularly for stomach ulcers while I worked, I had a hard-drive crash and lost nearly 40 in-progress tracks...great, I guess I'm only remembering the negative things! But when the entire staff gathered around to watch the ending, I wound up crying anyway (a lot of other staffers were just as deeply moved). I think all of us put a lot of our emotion into the game."

"I think a lot of [Famitsu] readers were hoping for a Chrono Trigger port, and now we're finally making that wish come true. I had the music for the Nintendo DS version stay as close as possible to the SNES original, so I think you'll like how it turns out. Whether you're playing for the first time or reflecting on the past as you go, I hope all of you enjoy it."

The same day, RPGamer confirmed here that CT DS would be playable at E3.

July 15 - E3 Preview[edit]

From E3 and reports 1 and 2, we learned:

  • A new translation has been done
  • The first bar is for HP, and the second for ATB
  • The bottom screen will have status, items, a bestiary, and a map, including maps for dungeons that light up as they are explored
  • The game is flawlessly done compared to the PSX emulation
  • The PSX cut scenes will appear
  • A single-screen version will be available for purists

August 6 - European Release[edit]

A press release debuted on August 6 declaring that Chrono Trigger would be released in Europe in early 2009. Find it here.

August 18 - US Release Date: November 25[edit]

A new press release revealed several things on August 18:

  • US release is November 25th
  • "Wireless play mode" is now "Arena Mode"
  • More than one bonus dungeon will be included

August 21 - Japanese Site Updated[edit]

The Japanese site updated today. Click on characters, and check out Crono, Marle, and Lucca's movies to hear how CT music will sound on the DS.

August 22 - Box Art and Rating Information Revealed[edit]

Square Enix members debuted the box art to celebrate Chrono Trigger's 13th US birthday.

Gamestop also put out rating information:

Chrono Trigger Rated E10+ for Animated Blood, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol.

November 18th - Game Leaked[edit]

Hong Kong bootleggers leaked the Japanese version of Chrono Trigger on this date. It was found to contain the English script, and thus English-speaking fans began playing through and analyzing it. Hackers made patches and Action Replay codes to circumvent the copyright prevention.

  • Touch/dual screen controls can be turned off, as well as movies.
  • The 5 character limit is still there. This is easily explained by the fact that in most Japanese RPGs, five is the limit because Japanese names will usually not extend past this amount in characters. The US version will likely expand the character limit.
  • Japanese version can switch between Japanese and English in the configuration. The game runs off of English if your DS runs in that.
  • "Crono, are you still sleeping?"

Funny how the "Good morning, Crono!" line isn't in it, considering the marketing.

  • Touching the screen when in front of an object/character interacts with them, e.g. Crono closes the curtains.

'Settings' has lots of new options, divided into pages.

  • Game Mode - Switch between DS and Classic (toggles screen layout).
  • Battle Mode - Active and Wait.
  • Battle Speed - 1-8, same as before.
  • Battle Message Speed - 1-8, same as before.
  • Battle Cursor Memory - Set cursor memory level (Full, Actions, Commands, Off).
  • Status Bars - On or Off.
  • Battle Gauges - Same as before ("Cannot be used in DS Mode.").
  • Help Messages - Same as before? ("Cannot be used in DS Mode.").
  • Control Scheme - Edit the controls for A, B, X, Y.
  • Movement - Walk or Run.
  • Shortcut Assignments - "Via this screen, you can arrange the icons that are shown at the bottom of the screen as you wander about the world." Allows you quick access to different parts of the menu. Very neat!
  • Menu Cursor Memory - On or Off. 'Toggle cursor position memory.' Same as before.
  • Movies - On or Off. SNES purists rejoice!
  • Window Design - Nothing new here.
  • Language - JPN or ENG.
  • Mayor's Manor contains a document on a bed upstairs and new NPCs that tell you about DS and Classic modes.
  • Upon saving the Arena mode became available. From the title menu, I think.

November 19th - More information, Arena and Extras[edit]

Chrono Trigger DS contains a series of new features; among these are:

  • The anime opening from the PSX version of the game plays when the game is loaded; this can be skipped by touching the bottom screen.
  • The game can be played in either of two modes - 'DS Mode' and 'Classic Mode'. DS Mode allows for dual screen and touch screen gameplay (although the directional pad and buttons can still be used instead), while Classic Mode allows the game to be played in the style of the original SNES version. This setting is chosen at the beginning of a new game and can be altered later in the menu's settings.
  • The game's settings have been expanded to allow for choosing between 'Walk' and 'Run' as an example, as well as containing several options exclusive to both DS and Classic modes.
  • The game contains several new dungeons, including 'Dragon's Sanctuary' and 'Lost Sanctum'.
  • Upon completion of the game, a new ending referred to as the 'Dimensional Distortion' is unlocked. This is supposedly an entirely new dungeon that contains a new final boss.
  • The anime sequences return from the PSX version (note that the load times are gone). These can be switched off in the settings.
  • The Japanese version of the game includes the English script as a selectable option in the settings. The game will automatically start in English if the DS console is set to that language. Note that no languages besides Japanese and English are included.
  • The element 'Lightning' has become 'Light', to reflect the original name 'Heaven'.
  • Party members' elements are now displayed with nameless icons (e.g. Water has a blue droplet) on the menu screen rather than an image with the element's name on it.
  • Item name changes have been made to reflect the original Japanese version of Chrono Trigger - e.g. 'Tonic' has become 'Potion', and the various stat-enhancing 'Tab' items of the game have become 'Capsule' items (for example, 'Strength Capsule').
  • The game's sprites and music have been noticably improved, although not vastly changed from the original. In some instances, different (albeit not new) sprite animations are used. An example of this is Robo and Frog's stances when entering a Gate.
  • The character Magus, originally referred to as a 'dark wizard', is now referred to as the 'Fiendlord'; the race of creatures known as Mystics are now known as Fiends.
  • The 'Arena' and 'Extras' features become unlocked upon saving the game once. These are accessed from the title screen.
  • Johnny is referred to as 'Bro' instead of 'The Man'. The jetbike race with him also seems to have taken a graphical improvement.
  • The note in the Sewers 2300 A.D. now says "I'm through. I can't take any more of this. The fishmen attack if I make even the slightest noise. If I knew things would be like this, I'd have taken the guillotine any day of the week. Think I'll go out with a good, loud scream- see how the soggy freaks like that!"

The Arena feature included in the DS port of the game is unlocked upon saving the game; it is accessed from the title screen menu. The location uses the Factory theme from 2300 AD as its music. Once the player enters, a man will greet them and explain that this 'Arena of the Ages' allows you to raise creatures that each correspond to one of the game's four elements (Light, Fire, Water, Shadow). After the man offers an explanation, the player is given a choice between four default basic creatures called 'Smidges'; each of them possess one of the four elements. The player can send their creature to any of the periods in time that they have visited for training; this will alter the creature's growth. Items can be bought from a Nu merchant in the Arena that enhance the training or battling aspects of a creature, as such unique items for each element exist. The player can also battle their creature against NPC character creatures.

"If you came from the End of Time, that old man can probably keep things straight for you. But if you came from anywhere else, everything that happened here will be washed away the second you leave. If you don't want that to happen, you'd best save your progress over there before you go."

The 'Extras' option appears on the title screen after saving the game once. It contains six accessible options and two hidden ones:

  • Theater ('View in-game movies')
  • Art Gallery ('View concept artwork')
  • Music Box ('Listen to music tracks')
  • Dojo ('View character tech skill information')
  • Bestiary ('View detailed enemy information')
  • Item Encyclopedia ('View item information')

These features are in the same vein as the extra options unlocked in the PSX version of the game.

The menu for the Extras also uses several new music tracks not found in the music box.

1999 AD has a full mini-map. See it in the images at the bottom of the page.

The new final boss has been revealed. Click here, but keep in mind this contains HUGE SPOILERS: Credit for the person who screened this would be great, if anyone can provide their name.

The storyline involved with the Dimensional Vortex has also been revealed, check out the thread for links:

Golem Twins = Golem Sisters

There may be a new anime ending after defeating the new boss.

The music tracks that play on the Extras screen featured in the PSX version and are unlocked in the Music Box after battling in the Arena. Bestiary, Techs, etc. in Extras are updated as you encounter each in the game. Thanks to Shinrin.

Thanks to Dark Serge for extra information. Thanks to justin3009 for the 1999 AD screenshot.

November 20th - More Information[edit]

The arena items given to you in the monster trainer's starter kit are:

  • Slops
  • Flameclaw
  • Seafang
  • Duskeye
  • Luxwing
  • Hawk Talon
  • Shield Cloak
  • Feral Wrath

From Dark Serge: Btw they made Dalton more awesome.

Quote from: Dalton after grabbing Schala Oh, let's not be hasty. It would please me to take the life of this little pearl. I do not fear the queen.

Magus' attempt to finish off Lavos in Ocean Palace has slightly increased in coolness. Now it's not "What?!! It doesn't work!", but "What? No effect at all?". And it actually looks like he's attacking, instead of hitting him with a stick.

Update: When the Black Omen rises, two green gates appear. One on the 65,000,000 BC world map and one on the 600 AD world map. I checked the 65,000,000 one out, it's a Reptite cave, with a pseudo Guardia forest and a marsh. When you defeat all the monsters in the forest the Reptites in the cave part come out of hiding and will keep asking you favors. The second one was to retrieve a golden hammer or whatever. I also briefly checked the 600 AD one, but it seems to be the same concept as the 65,000,000 one. It's not the same place, but it looks identical and has the same concept. Anyway, I found this part too boring to check it out further. I don't think it has anything to do whatsoever with canon. Just a little extra to gain experience, items, and money. I found only one thing intriguing: There's also a mountain part, but at the very beginning a dark colored Nu is blocking it, so it's impossible to say what's there for now.

  • Number of times you've saved is no longer displayed on the save screen.
  • There's an accessory called Dragon's Tear in the game. It boosts critical hit rate when equipped.
  • When the rat tells you about the L+R+A code, it remarks that if you've changed your control scheme it'll obviously be different.
  • When a party member is shocked by electricity by the Debuggers/Deverminators in 2300 A.D., a new split image effect distorts the character's sprite. It's rather cool. A similar effect occurs when using Ayla's Roundillo Kick.
  • The R-6 series robots in the Derelict Factory now make a deeper robotic noise from Robo.
  • The animation for when Zombor is formed on Zenan Bridge is improved with glowing effects and Zombor roars at the screen before engaging the party in battle. Zombor itself now also has a noticably greenish-tinted sprite.
  • The above animation changes apply to Masamune as well.
  • Lightning II became a more golden shade of yellow.

"My name's Spekkio, I'm a Master of War! I watch all kinds of battles from up here!" No longer 'God' of War.

More from Dark Serge: Went through the Omen at 1000 AD, defeated Zeal as normal as well as Lavos form 1 and 2. Fighting the final Lavos Core now. I think the Vortex or whatever with that evolved TD Lavos really is New Game+, or it's coming after this.

Quote from: Lucca after 2nd Lavos form "Now I understand. It lives on a planet for as long as possible, selecting the most desirable life forms, allowing them to advance and then harvesting their DNA. The young it gave birth to on Death Peak must have all of that DNA. Eventually they'll migrate to other planets, and repeat the cycle. It's a parasite! Sleeping within the Earth all this time, stealing all our progress! Impossible... You can't toy with an entire world and think I'll let you get away with it!"

So I owned Lavos Then the ending came in. Moonfair Parade, everyone goes home, Mom disappears, they take off in the Epoch and you see the awesome Mode7 movie while the credits roll. Then the image of the Earth comes in with even more credits, then the wedding FMV plays. After that, yet more credits while in the top screen various CT artworks are displayed.

After that... A purple gate opens in 1000 A.D., 2300 A.D., and 12,000 B.C.

Then the message: You can now access the Dimensional Vortex.

You've completed the game! Clear count: 01 Ending No. 01 Beyond Time

New option added to Extras menu: Ending Log

Then you get to save the game and return to the title screen. The "Ending Log" apparently displays all Endings, how you get them, and what's in them. You only see 1 image though, you can't watch the ending all over again or something like that. Also the NewGame+ option is now available. I'm gonna check out this Vortex now, I suspect the Lavos-TD boss thing is there. More updates soon.

  • The Dimensional Vortex can be accessed without New Game+. A warp to it can be found in your old save in Lavos's shell.

Here's a Japanese CT DS commercial:

Translation by shinja:

  • Lucca: Whoa, Crono! It's been a long time, hasn't it!
  • Frog: Nearly 13 years... You all haven't changed a bit.
  • Ayla: Huh? What's that white thing? Can Ayla eat it?
  • Robo: D... S...?
  • Marle: Hey, it's completely white! Let's go, Crono!
  • (Coming to the DS, that time-traveling adventure, Chrono Trigger.)
  • Magus: ... Aren't you forgetting someone?


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