End of Time

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General Information[edit]

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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Age Name: End of Time
Music: The Brink of Time, Chrono Trigger, Crono & Marle ~ Far Off Promise, Delightful Spekkio

The End of Time is defined as the point of least resistance in the space-time continuum. An enigma, it appears to the party as a placid, dim setting with a lamppost and platforms against swirling mists in the background. All Gates connect to the End of Time, and a bucket exists leading to 1999 A.D. Its true form is unknown, and some have speculated it to be a place similar to the Q Continuum of Star Trek. It may also be a sort of kernel of time, where time begins and ends, similar to the dreamtime concept in certain mythologies. It serves as the home base of the heroes of time, and also the abode of Gaspar and Spekkio. Gaspar, the Guru of Time, arrived here due to the Ocean Palace Incident, and Spekkio's origin is unknown. He states that other people have ended up there by accident before the party's own arrival from the Proto Dome, and that four or more entities using a Gate will arrive here. Gaspar guides the party in their quest against Lavos, giving them advice, confidence, and even the Chrono Trigger. Spekkio meanwhile imbues the party with Magic, and serves as a trainer for combative skills. The Epoch is later parked at the End of Time.

The End of Time's fate after Chrono Trigger ends is unknown, as Gaspar mentioned in one of the endings that the Gates were closing, and access to the area would be sealed off. Note that it's never explicitly stated that anyone other than Gaspar and Spekkio can observe what's going on in the timeline from the End of Time. They alone may have this power thanks to their magic or supernatural nature. Thanks to Pyramid

Chrono Cross[edit]

The End of Time may be the Bend of Time.

Radical Dreamers[edit]

The End of Time may be where Serge was thrown when the Chrono Trigger shattered in Radical Dreamers' confrontation with Lynx.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Romaji: Toki no Sai Hate
Translation: The Farthest Reaches of Time

Note that in the Japanese savegame screen, this was shortened to Sai Hate, or "The Farthest Reaches".

Theory and Analysis[edit]





-Gaspar and possibly Spekkio come in from the Ocean Palace disaster.
-Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo arrive at the End of Time from 2300 A.D. due to 
the Conservation of Time theorem; the End of Time is the point of least 
-Crono's party meets Gaspar and Spekkio. 
-Spekkio bestows Crono's party with magic. 
-Crono's party warps to Medina Village, 1000 A.D., and defeats a Heckran. From
hereafter, I will bypass the End of Time when referring to time warping. 
-Crono's party warps in from 12000 B.C. to consult Gaspar about reviving 
-Magus reunites with Gaspar, and recounts his life story. 
-Gaspar gives Crono's party the Chrono Trigger/Time Egg. 
-Crono's party warps to 2300 A.D. to inquire the Nu carrying Belthasar's memory 
about the Chrono Trigger. 
-Crono's party returns from 2300 A.D. and learns about events which will 
empower the party. 
-Crono's party departs for 600 A.D. to save Fiona's Forest. 
-After the defeat of Lavos, the End of Time is supposedly shut off from other 
time periods. Gaspar's fate is unknown. It may have become the Bend of Time.

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