Beyond Time


by Leebot

(Fall 2004)

Since this articles publication, two more places "Beyond Time" have been introduced to Chrono-canon:

The Lost Sanctum and Dimensional Vortex.

So far, nothing from these locations conflicts with established Time Error theory.

Please check those articles for information.

Beyond Chrono[edit]

In the world of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, the normal timelines are the mere tip of the proverbial iceberg. This article aims to detail all other locations outside the normal timeline. Below is a brief outline. Additionally, the Location titles link to more detailed sections.

Note: Certain quotes have been edited for spelling and grammar and truncated from their original versions. This is done to facilitate the reading of this article, and it is not my intention to misrepresent the quotes of those represented here in any way.

Note: If you're not familiar with my theories, I highly recommend reading Appendix 1 first.


I. The End of Time

1. Mechanics - TE
2. Nature - Spacetime point of least resistance; connects to all time portals. Probably QC-like.
3. Residents
a. Gaspar - Guru of Zeal; sent here after Lavos encounter. Holds Time Egg (Chrono Trigger). [Name Gaspar derived from one of three wise men in Christian Bible]
b. Spekkio - Calls self God of War; teaches magic. Strength proportional to that of opponents. Possibly Nu, natural phenomenon, or embodiment of magic. [Name Spekkio derived from Latin "Specchio" for "Mirror"]

III. The Black Omen

1. Mechanics - M (Certain creatures and the structure progress through time normally, other creatures progress through Time-Error instead)
2. Nature - Formerly the Ocean Palace, empowered by contact with Lavos via the Mammon Machine. Contact with Lavos has caused miscellaneous temporal disruptions.
3. Residents
a. Queen Zeal - Queen of the Kingdom of Zeal who used the Mammon Machine to try to drain Lavos' energy, resulting in Zeal's destruction.
b. The Mammon Machine - Machine created by Queen Zeal to drain Lavos' energy.
c. Nu - Two Nu mysteriously exist here. They were possibly in the Ocean Palace when it rose.

IV. The Temporal Vortex

1. Mechanics - ST
2. Nature - Appears to be two-dimensional, either an impressionist painting or a drawing of M.C. Escher. Referred to as "The place where lost souls wander." Probably QC-like. Possibly the gap between Home and Another.
3. Residents
a. Sprigg - Mysterious woman capable of morphing into monsters.

V. The Bend of Time

1. Mechanics - ST
2. Nature - Architecture and design similar to EoT, minus Spekkio's room; contains gates allowing battle with various monsters; possibly decommissioned EoT or dimensional equivalent of EoT. Possibly QC-like.
3. Residents
a. Octopus - Next to nothing known; mentions "God of War"
b. Ozzie, Slash, and Flea - Famous villains from CT; possibly arrived after events in 600 AD. in CT due to some teleporting error; possibly replicas (created by Octopus?)

VI. The Dead Sea

1. Mechanics - ST
2. Nature
3. Residents
a. Miguel
b. Ghosts of Crono, Marle, and Lucca

VII. The Darkness Beyond Time

1. Mechanics - TE
2. Nature - Repository for discarded time strands.
3. Residents
a. Time Devourer/Schala - Evolved being created by merger of Schala and Lavos; intends to devour all timestreams.

Appendix 1: Terms

Appendix 2: Reference Data


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Deprecated Sections[edit]

This section was invalidated by the deprecation of the Pocket Dimension theory.

II. Lavos' Pocket Dimension

1. Mechanics - TE
2. Nature - Area of space outside the timeline created by Lavos, allowing him access to all time periods.
3. Residents
a. Lavos

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