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Chrono Trigger[edit]

A Gate is a passage to another time period. The Entity, after being plagued by Lavos, created several Gates throughout the eras of time in order to facilitate its salvation by a hero named Crono. The Gates seemed to be small energy localizations able to expand to allow passage by Human-sized objects; a Gate Key was needed to enlarge it in this manner. On the inside, Gates appeared blue and wavy; once entered, the plane of time became a sea of energies. Gates allowed spatial as well as temporal travel, sometimes exiting halfway around the world from the correspondent entrance in the past or future. Most Gates also connected with one another, the exception being the one in the Proto Dome, which appeared to simply lead to the End of Time. Lucca once observed a special Red Gate while sleeping in Fiona's Forest after it had been revived; it took her to her house in the past, where she was able to save her mother's legs. Lastly, the Chrono Trigger itself was probably a self-contained Gate. The Gates created by the Entity closed after Lavos was defeated.

In the Chrono Trigger Prerelease, Lucca was to reach 990 A.D. through a special gate at the End of Time.

Chrono Cross[edit]

Researchers at Chronopolis elaborate on the science of Gates.

In the 11th Century, a scientist
   by the name of Lucca indicated the
   possibility of time travel through
   the use of a '"Time Egg,"' which
   utilizes miniature black holes.
   Whether this could actually be
   possible or not is still the
   subject of intense debate and
   no conclusions have been made.

   According to her theory, by
   rotating a single point of
   supergravity, space-time
   continua can be drawn in...
   thus making it possible to
   transform that singular point
   which pulls in everything else,
   into a ring formation.
   Using this ring as a Gate
   between dimensions, it should
   be possible to travel back and
   forth between various space-time.

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