General Information[edit]


Chrono Trigger[edit]

Full Name: Lucca Ashtear
Theme: Fanfare 1
Age: Indeterminate, late teens
Species: Human
Home Time: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Truce, Lucca's house
Weapon Type: Gun
Weapons: Air Gun, Auto Gun, Dart Gun, Dream Gun, Graedus, Megablast, PicoMagnum, Plasma Gun, Ruby Gun, Shockwave, WonderShot
Magical Element: Fire
Single Techs: ☆Fire, ☆Fire 2, Flame Toss, ☆Flare, Hypno Wave, Mega Bomb, Napalm, ☆Protect
Double Techs: Antipode, Antipode 2, Antipode 3, Blaze Kick, Double Bomb, Fire Sword, Fire Sword 2, Fire Punch, Fire Tackle, Fire Whirl, Flame Kick, Frog Flare, Line Bomb, Red Pin
Triple Techs: Dark Eternal, Delta Force, Delta Storm, Fire Zone, Gatling Kick, Omega Flare, Poyozo Dance

Lucca is a genius inventor who lives with her parents, Taban and Lara, on an island south of Truce. She is known for her scientific accidents; her firsts interests in science can be traced to her failure in stopping a machine in 990 A.D. that claimed her mother's legs. The event prompted her to study science to prevent a future accident, and she felt guilty for years after. She later became somewhat humorously immodest and outlandish in her exclamations and faith in her own ability. It was Lucca's Super Dimension Warp machine at the Millennial Fair that helped begin the events of Chrono Trigger. She assists Crono in finding Nadia in 600 A.D. and leaves afterward, only to return after the trial. She later repairs Robo, and finds or opens an unnatural, red Gate during the discussion about the Entity. Via this Gate, she travels to 990 A.D. and saves her mother's legs. After the adventure, she suggests dismantling the Epoch. Lucca is noted for her brilliance, bright personality, and eagerness.

Masato Kato stated in Chrono Trigger Ultimania that Lucca is his favorite character out of the original Trigger party.

Tech Learning:

Flame Toss: 10 TP
Hypno Wave: 60 TP
☆Fire: Learned from Spekkio
Napalm: 160 TP
☆Protect: 250 TP
☆Fire 2: 400 TP
Mega Bomb: 600 TP
☆Flare: 1000 TP

Chrono Cross[edit]

After the events of Chrono Trigger, Lucca began researching circuit boards and time travel technology. She converted her house into an orphanage probably after finding Kid in 1004 A.D., who had been sent to the modern era according to Project Kid. Lucca's circuit boards were used as a basis even in the future; she also gained the technical ability to forge incomplete Time Eggs. Lucca was unfortunately killed in 1015 A.D. (Ultimania's date), and her orphanage was burned to the ground by Lynx and Harle, who sought her in order to release the Prometheus Circuit on the Frozen Flame. She is possibly alive and well after the events of Chrono Cross conclude.

Radical Dreamers[edit]

Lucca created an orphanage in Regiorra and adopted Kid; she was murdered by Lynx after telling Kid to seek the Frozen Flame for an adornment on the grave of a friend.

Name Origin[edit]

Lucca is a city of northwest Italy west of Florence. On the site of an ancient Ligurian settlement and a Roman colony, it became a free commune in the 12th century and was later an independent republic. It's one of Italy's most conservative and richest cities. Lucca is also the root of many light-oriented words, such as luminescence.

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