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Full Name: Lara Ashtear
Age: Indeterminate, probably around the same age as Taban
Species: Human
Home Time: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Lucca's house

Lara is the mother of Lucca and the wife of Taban. Her legs were permanently injured during an accident in the year 990 A.D. However, later in the game Lucca goes back in time to prevent the injury - after which Lara can be seen walking around the room instead of simply sitting down all the time. The event also affects how she is displayed at the Moonlight Parade. Note that per Legends of Localization, the code to save Lara in the Japanese version of the game is L-A-L-A.

Chrono Cross[edit]

Taban and Lara are probably dead by 1020 A.D.:

  • Lucca's room is not a bedroom anymore.
  • The bed in "Lara's" room is a single bed. It was the case in CT too, but that was because of graphical limitations; they could have made a two-person bed in CC if it was still Lara's and Taban's room. The children refer to that room as "Granny Lara's old bedroom" and "Lucca's mother's old bedroom"
  • In the note for the L1-Triangle-R1-Triangle password, Lucca says "My father, Taban, would be proud."
  • Kid says "Lucca... All my friends...They're, they're...!!" She doesn't mention Lara or Taban.
  • Kid fends for herself after the fire; if Taban and Lara were alive, they might have taken care of her (though it is possible they assumed she was dead).



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