1015 A.D.

Home Timeline[edit]

*NeoFio is planted.
-U-Leena and Serge make a promise on Cape Howl.

Another Timeline[edit]

-NeoFio is planted. 
*It is believed that during 1015 A.D., Lynx attacks Lucca's orphanage and 
abducts Lucca in a vain attempt to release the lock on the Frozen Flame.
-Kid becomes trapped in her memory of this experience in 1020 A.D. 
-Serge's party comes here thanks to the power of Masa, Mune, Doreen, and Kid's 
Astral Amulet.
-Serge's party saves children and assists Kid's escape.***
-Kid escapes, vowing to seek vengeance for Lucca.

***Note that Kid escaped originally, even before Serge intervened to bring Kid
out of this memory. Otherwise, this would be a causal loop - that is, Kid's
meeting Serge depends on his saving her, which depends on his meeting her, and
so on.

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