Millennial Fair

General Information[edit]

Era: 1000 A.D.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Millennial Fair was a celebration in 1000 A.D. of the Kingdom of Guardia's founding one thousand years ago. Many merchants and operators provided spectacles for the event, which was officiated by Pierre and others in Guardia Castle. It took place in Leene Square, utilizing every inch of the fairgrounds for attractions. Of note were Norstein Bekkler's tent, which provided cat-related prizes, musical Poyozos and lifelike dolls, Gato's Exhibit, featuring the robot Gato who would challenge fairgoers to battle, the prehistoric dance party, which invited attendants to groove to a jurrasic rhythm, and the Telepod Exhibit, which demonstrated teleportation. A system of silver points was utilized in the fair; various amounts would buy tickets to Norstein Bekkler's attraction. At the Millennial Fair, Crono met Marle for the first time and participated in the Telepod experiment run by Lucca, which set the events of Chrono Trigger in motion. It was the most peaceful and prosperous time in the world's history yet, and culminated after several days of operation with the Moonlight Parade.

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