Moonlight Parade

General Information[edit]

Era: 1000 A.D.

The Moonlight Parade was the pinnacle of the Millennial Fair, and was planned by Pierre and the Chancellor of Guardia. Taking place in the evening, it formally brought the fair to a close through an exquisite display of fireworks. The entire fair was adorned with strings of lights for the parade, which was composed of skilled dancers making their way across the fairgrounds. After Crono completed his quest, he returned to the fair and enjoyed the festivities, able to rest at last. The rest of his team attended as well, and were formally honored for saving the world by King Guardia XXXIII. The night also featured the christening of Nadia's Bell. As the night drew to a close, Doan, King Guardia XXI, and Crono's team members out of time all returned to their own eras through the Gate near the Telepods; this led to several last farewells and words of endearment. Crono's Mom also managed to bumble into the Gate, prompting a rescue by the crew using the Epoch. Taban set off some fireworks after their departure, comically leaving King Guardia XXXIII hanging from Nadia's Bell.

Alternatively, if the Epoch were used to destroy Lavos, this ending featured Crono and Marle flying away on balloons in each others' embrace.


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