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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Full Name: Crono's Mom
Japanese: ジナ Gina
Age: Indeterminate
Species: Human
Home Time: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Crono's house

Crono's mother is Crono's only parent. Usually found doing chores and reminding Crono of his obligations, she also pays a weekly allowance of 200g. While she may seem shortsighted in her obliviousness to the adventure going on around her, her perserverance in her motherly duties is probably what truly refined Crono to be such an upstanding, brave person. When the hero falls victim in the Ocean Palace Incident, the party must sadly borrow his clone doll while informing his mother that he is all right. Comically, at the end of the quest, she accidentally travels through the Gate at the Moonlight Parade and prompts the gang to search for her and Crono's cats. The North American translation made Crono's mom out as a sort of buffoon, but she is a much more thoughtful person in the original game.

Crono's mom also has several humorous sayings given when Crono brings new party members to see her. They include:

MOM: My, how nice!
   I've only seen you with Lucca!
   Who's your pretty new friend?

Marle: Hi, I'm Marle!

MOM: Eh?! Marle?
   I'm sure I've seen you before, dear!
   Now, where was that...?

MOM: Goodness...!
   Lucca, is THIS one of your

Robo: Greetings.
   I am Robo.
   Crono is my friend.

MOM: My, how polite!
   Strange looking, but well behaved!
   Crono, you could learn a thing or

MOM: Dear me...!

   How many times have I told you to
   keep your pets outside!!

Frog: M, madam...!

   I am NOT a pet!
   Though I am...odd of figure, I am a
   master swordsman!

   Er...I just thought, I mean...

   I'm terribly sorry, uh, Mr. Toad!

Frog: NO!
   Mine name is...

MOM: Yes, dear?

Frog: ......

   «Toad» will do for now...

MOM: Gracious!
   Who're you?

Ayla: Me Ayla.

MOM: Ayla...
   A young lady doesn't dress like that,

Ayla: But, Ayla like...

MOM: Say «Yes, ma'am!»

Ayla: Crono strong...

   Crono mother strong, too!

MOM: A, are you one of Crono's

Magus: ...

MOM: Another quiet one?!
   Don't be shy, dear!

Name Origin[edit]

Crono's Mom's real name is Gina, though it is never mentioned in the US translation. The surname of the Crono family is still unknown.



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