King Guardia XXXIII


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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Full Name: King Guardia XXXIII
Age: Indeterminate, middle-aged
Species: Human
Home Time: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Guardia Castle

King Guardia XXXIII is Marle's father and for most of the quest, a bitter man afflicted by the death of his late wife, Queen Aliza. After she died before 1000 A.D., Guardia developed a strict regimen of behavior to wich his daughter was expected to adhere. He hired a physical trainer, a primary educator, and a nun to instill discipline into the young princess. While he did devote countless resources to her enrichment (as he was quoted to live only for her), his actual relationship was awkward and intensely straightforward. He became infuriated when Marle sneaked out to the Millennial Fair, and instructed Marle to forget about Crono and the events in Truce -- effectively leaving him to the evil Chancellor. After the party escaped, the King attempted to stop Marle by reminding her of her obligations as royalty. Marle scoffed at this and openly expressed the fact that she depised him.

This heightened the King's bitterness, who later blamed the entire wretched chain of events that had plagued the castle on her. He vocally disowned her, but apparently made no attempt to legally do so. Marle attempted to smooth things over by offering him a piece of Jerky on the Chancellor's advice, but the king took this as an attempt to harm him by raising his cholesterol. Only when Marle rescued him from certain doom in the form of a forgery concerning the Rainbow Shell did he open his eyes; he recalled Aliza's last words, which moved him to accept Marle's friends. The two made peace and forgave each other, reforming a relationship strained years ago at her mother's death.

Chrono Cross[edit]

King Guardia XXXIII's fate after Chrono Trigger is uncertain. Due to his gray appearance, some speculate that he died prior to the Fall of Guardia in 1005 A.D., while others hold that perhaps his old age fostered a weak rule over the kingdom that allowed the event to happen.



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