Guardia Castle

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Era: 600 A.D., 1000 A.D.
Music: Courage and Pride, Fanfare 1, Frog's Theme, Prison Tower, Strong Wind, The Kingdom Trial, The Hidden Truth
Sealed Chest Items: Red Vest, Red Mail
Items: 1500g, 100g, 2 BronzeMails, 2 Elixirs, 8 Ethers, 3 HyperEthers, 1 Jerky, 2 Lapis, 1 Lode Sword, 8 (infinite) Mid Tonics, 1 Power Tab, 1 PrismDress -OR- 3 Prism Helms, 1 PrismShard, 1 PrismSpecs, 1 Rainbow, 2 Shelters, 1 Tonic
Enemies: Blue Shield, Decedent, Gnasher, Naga-Ette, Guard, Omnicrone
Bosses: Dragon Tank, Yakra XIII

Guardia Castle is the seat of power for the Kingdom of Guardia, whose claims for most of history included the bulk of Zenan continent. Guardia was founded in 1 A.D.; it is unknown if the castle was also constructed in this year. The fortress protected Truce and pledged protection for Porre, Dorino, and Choras. Consisting of an illustrious throneroom, regal quarters in high towers, stone-reinforced barracks, and a kitchen staffed by the most enthusiastic chefs of the kingdom, it also housed a separate dungeon structure and, by 1000 A.D., an ornate courtroom and treasury. The formal positions within included the ranks of King, Queen, Prince, Princess, and Chancellor, while outside the throneroom, a state lawyer, Judge, Chef, and organization known as the Knights of the Square Table (headed by the Knight Captain) performed other official and peacekeeping duties. The Knights of the Squaretable, apart from the regents of the castle, were the most visible occupants of the castle, as they were sent on expediary and military missions. Three such efforts include the quest by Cyrus for the Masamune, the defense of Zenan Bridge, and the transport of the Rainbow Shell.

Little is known about most of the rulers who sat upon the throne of Guardia, save for two generations which saw the benevolence of King Guardia XXI and Queen Leene, and King Guardia XXXIII, Queen Aliza, and Princess Nadia. Perhaps implying the nature of his predecessors, King Guardia XXI was a deeply respected man and a well-loved lord; villagers as far away as Dorino expressed much grief when he was wounded shortly before seeing Tata. Queen Leene was also loved dearly by her subjects, and was a generous empress whose protection was paramount to the Knights of the Square Table (namely Frog). This high standing of the royal family may have decreased as time went on, as in the modern era of Crono's teenage years, more conversation was held concerning the raucous activities of Princess Nadia than the good works of her parents. Queen Aliza had also died before 1000 A.D., sending the king into a downward spiral of regret and distress. Relations were strained such that Marle at one point disowned her royal lineage, though the two made up and Guardia was set to continue in prosperity.

Unfortunately, the Fall of Guardia threw the weal of Guardia Castle into question; it is last seen burning and spattered with blood in 1005 A.D. When Chrono Trigger was conceived, Hironobu Sakaguchi imagined that the courthouse would float in the sky, connected by a bridge from the castle over the mountains (found in the Chrono Trigger: The Perfect interview).

Per the Mystery Interviews, the elaborate courtroom graphics were made after the decision to increase CT's ROM size from 24 megabits to 32.

Chrono Cross[edit]

Whether Guardia Castle exists after 1005 A.D. is debatable. Though some references to the outside world and the Kingdom of Guardia suggest that the organization itself has rebounded from the fall and is again a formidable force in the world, the fact that it was last seen burning suggests that the castle, at least in its present form, is no more.




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