Radical Dreamers (Group)

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Members: Kid

The Radical Dreamers is a thieving group from the mainland feared by the rich and wealthy alike; in actuality, the group is only composed of Kid, whose daring raids perpetrated the idea of a nasty band of thugs. It began after Lucca's house burned down and Kid was forced to fend for herself. It may have had other members at one time; in any event, Kid eventually came to El Nido and joined Serge's party. She eventually referenced the group on Opassa Beach:

   If the world's gonna
   be destroyed, then let
   it be destroyed!
   If history is gonna be
   changed, then let it
   bloody well be changed!
   I'll show you what
   Radical Dreamers
   really dream about!

Radical Dreamers[edit]

The Radical Dreamers are a band of thieves composed of Magil, Kid, and Serge, and are reputed throughout the land for their thirst of wealth and skill in infiltrating and stealing items of value. The group originated with simply Magil and Kid as members; the former took Kid under his wing after Lynx burned down Lucca's Orphanage. Kid developed a proficiency for ripping off the wealthy during the next few years, and during one stop in the town of Regiorra, she met Serge. Serge had recently become tired of his life as a traveling musician, noting that things had not worked out for him. Together, the three continued to pilfer vaults. Magil performed a leadership role by keeping the other two in line, making important decisions, and doing most of the work in combat through his magical prowess. Kid decided which areas to rob, and often brashly set out to accomplish her objectives with zeal. Serge performed a supporting role; he contributed to contact when needed, helped foil some of Kid's more ludicrous ideas, and assisted in other functions. The most important night for the Radical Dreamers came when the group infiltrated Viper Manor to steal the Frozen Flame -- the most priceless artifact known to exist. The Radical Dreamers faced many vile creatures, met old inhabitants of the manor, and eventually penetrated its darkest recesses while evading danger. The final confrontation in Lynx resulted in Kid's recovery of her memory; afterwards, Magil and Kid fled into the night, while Serge was left to find his own way through the forest. This marked the end of the Radical Dreamers; Kid had been its primary source of spirit, zest, and targets, but now that she had recalled her life as Schala, she was set to begin living anew.

Name Origin[edit]

The name "Radical Dreamers" is important because it evokes the principal theme of the Chrono series: that one can change history for the better through strong will and heartfelt action. As Lucca states on Opassa Beach in Chrono Cross, "Each of us allows our feelings to be a trigger...Letting them loose changes our world, time, and history!" To dream radically is to not settle for less, but seek and fulfill one's dreams to the highest degree.



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