Lost Sanctum

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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 65000000 B.C., 600 A.D.
Music: Delightful Spekkio (Village), Memories of Green (Millennia Wood), Primitive Mountain (Mount Emerald), Secret of the Forest (Great Southern Swamp), Silent Light (Winding Passage), The Hidden Truth (Great Bridge), Tyran Castle (Primeval Fortress), Undersea Palace (Mount Emerald, Tower of the Ancients)

Great Southern Swamp - 8000g, Golden Sand, Full Tonic, HyperEther, Mid Tonic, Revive, Shelter
Millennia Wood - 20000g, Elixir, Full Ether, Revive (65000000 B.C.); ; 25000G, Dragonhead, HyperEther, MegaElixir, Shelter (600 A.D.)
Mount Emerald - 10000g, Aeon Helm, Aeon Suit, Elixir, Full Tonic, Shelter (65000000 B.C.); 30000g, HyperEther, Lapis, MermaidHelm, R'bow Helm (600 A.D.)
Primeval Fortress - 10g, 20000g, 20000g, Dragon Armor, Fang, Feather, Heal, Horn, 2 MegaElixirs, Petal, Reptite Dress, Revive, Shelter, Stardust Bow, Tonic, Turboshot
Tower of the Ancients - 50000g, Dinoblade, Rusted Blade
Winding Passage - MegaElixir, Reptite Tiara, Shelter (65000000 B.C.); HyperEther, Lapis (600 A.D.)


Great Bridge - Bone Knight, Exile, Pink Imp, Slate Imp
Great Southern Swamp - Exile, Kingfrog (65000000 B.C.); Dire Rat, Exile, Kingfrog (600 A.D.)
Millennia Wood - Ogan Chieftain, Ogan Youth, Pink Imp, Slate Imp (65000000 B.C.); Jackpot, Ogan Chieftain, Slate Imp, Wonder Rock (600 A.D.)
Mount Emerald - Exile, Hercules Beetle, Jadewing, Slate Imp (65000000 B.C.); Hercules Beetle, Jackpot, Jade Wing, Wonder Rock (600 A.D.)
Primeval Fortress - Black Bat, Chrysosaur, Pterranyx, Twin Snake
Tower of the Ancients - Bone Knight, Deathguard, Exile, Soul Stalker
Winding Passage - Black Bat, Deathcreeper (65000000 B.C.)

Bosses: Archaeofangs, Goldhammer, Master-at-Arms, Nu Guardian

The Lost Sanctum is a a large plot of land that somehow became separated from normal space-time in the prehistoric era, years before 65000000 B.C. (as the Reptites don't recognize Early Humans). The land included a Village, Millennia Wood, Great Southern Swamp (south in prehistory), Winding Passage, Lightless Cave, Primeval Fortress, Mount Emerald, Southern Glade (south in Medieval times), Great Bridge, and Tower of the Ancients. The village was inhabited by Reptites, and featured houses and a shrine. To the west lay another prehistoric structure beyond a cave system in which the Archaeofangs dwelled, and to the east stood the "Tower of the Ancients", with ghosts of knights inside. North lay forests, and to the south were swamps and glades. In the natural timeline of the Lost Sanctum, the Reptites became extremely reclusive because of invading monsters from the Millennia Wood.

The party arrived in 65,000,000 B.C. and found the empty village, then defeated the monsters in the wood. They returned to the village and were thanked by the Reptites with a Dragon's Tear; afterwards, the party accepted a quest to find the Golden Hammer. Crono's group found Golden Sand in the swamp to the south, and sprinkled it on a sapling in the Millennia Wood. The party then returned to the Lost Sanctum in 600 A.D.; the descendants of the prehistoric Reptites remembered them, and asked for favors. They first requested the party clear out the monsters in the Millennia Wood. The party found that the Ogans had chopped down the sapling produced with the Golden Sand and made a Golden Hammer. They then defeated the creature Goldhammer and took the hammer back to the village, where they received a MegaElixir. They then traveled to prehistory and collected 100000g for the Golden Hammer, then took up a quest to find the Prismastone.

They traversed the southern swamp to reach Mount Emerald, where they found the Nu Guardian, who challenged them to battle for the right to pass. Upon defeat, the Nu Guardian swore to train until he could match the party's might. The party continued to the summit and found the Prismastone, then delivered it to a Reptite in the village for the reward of 2 Power Tabs, 2 Magic Tabs, and 2 Speed Tabs. They then heard a Reptite pine about the possibility of using two Prismastones to create a Saintstone. The party departed to 600 A.D. and tried to enter the shrine to see the stone, but the shaman informed them that they needed a seal to get in—the Reptmark. The party found it in the Millennia Wood, then entered the shrine to get the Prismastone. On the way out, they were told to visit a lonely figure by the mountain.

The figure in question is the Nu Guardian, now a Nu Master. He invites the party to battle him atop the mountain, but they can't reach the summit because of a broken ladder. The party return to the village, where a Reptite tells them to find Sturdy Vines so that he can repair the ladder. The party go to the Southern Glade and find the vines, but decide to depart to prehistory after they're assembled. They emplace the Prismastone next to the original, creating the Saintstone, which earns them the Dragon Arm as reward. The party then climbs Mt. Emerald and sets up the new ladder. They return to the Middle Ages and climb the mountain. The party defeat the Nu Master, who falls asleep near a bridge immediately after, blocking access. Crono's group returns to the village to find a Nova Armor as reward. They learn that a Reptite wants to build a bridge, and set out to find a Steel Ingot and Godwood.

The party set out to the Winding Passage to the west, which is a system of caverns. There, they find the Steel Ingot. The party then go to 65000000 B.C., where they borrow the Golden Hammer and have a Reptite saw some Godwood for them in the Millennia Wood. Crono and friends give the three items to the Reptite in 600 A.D., who thanks them with a Haste Helm. Back in prehistory, the party overhear a Reptite talking about leaving the Saintstone on top of a high peak. They climb Mount Emerald and leave the Saintstone there, and return in the Middle Ages to find that it's become a Waystone, glowing with light. They take it and return to the Winding Passage in prehistory, now able to see in the dark corridors. They party continues through the Lightless Cave and arrives at a Primeval Fortress.

They discover in the fortress that the Archaeofangs and their minions are planning an attack on the village. They return and warn the villagers, who have a meeting and ask the party to help. They offer a gift (the Judgment Scythe), and the party accepts. They defeat the Archaeofangs, and the Reptites at the village award them a Valor Crest in thanks. The party then goes to the Middle Ages, where they're told by a Reptite to check on his bridge-building neighbor near Mount Emerald. They find the bridge builder hanging precariously from the bridge and help him up; he asks for help in building the bridge. The Nu Master agrees to help, but falls hungry and unable to work. The party retrieve a Hearty Lunch from the village to help him, but he requests something more prehistoric, prompting a visit to 65000000 B.C.

The party learn that some monsters drop food items, and search for a Sweet Banana. They get it from a Kingfrog battle and take it to the Nu Master. The bridge is completed and the party returns to the village, where they're gifted Saurian Leathers. A Reptite comes running in to warn of an eerie tower across the bridge from Mount Emerald, and the party resolve to check it out, as the Reptites' gods are supposedly in the tower. Within the structure, the party find some treasure, including a Rusted Blade. They battle the Master-at-Arms spirit and discover that the "gods" are statues of the party constructed by the Reptites of prehistory, long-since forgotten by the current Reptites. Back at the village, the elder rewards the party with the Champion's Badge. If the party found a Lumicite Shard, Lucca can have the smithy forge the Elemental Aegis, while Crono can take the Rusted Blade to prehistory to have the Icewyrm created.

The shrine ritual (requiring a Reptmark to enter) is reminiscent of the Dragon Emblem's use in Guldove. The ritual of fusing two Prismastones together carries similarities to the fusion of two Dragon Tears to make the Chrono Cross. The Dragon's Tear item, however, bears no relation to the Dragon Tear of Chrono Cross and seems to just be a quirk of the North American localization.


Village (Lost Sanctum - 65,000,000 B.C.)

Name            Price
----            -----
Empyrean Blade  25000
Smiter's Blade  22000
Platinum Vest   8500
Aeonian Suit    9000
Platinum Helm   6500
Aeonian Helm    7800
Hi-Potion       700
Hi-Ether        6000
Elixir          20000
Shelter         150
Athenian Water  200
Barrier Sphere  5000
Shield Sphere   5000

Village (Lost Sanctum - 600 A.D.)

Nu Master Shop

Name            Price
----            -----
Dragon Armor    15000
Reptite Dress   14000
Dragonhead      20000
Reptite Tiara   18000
Hi-Potion       700
Hi-Ether        6000
Turbo Ether     10000
Elixir          20000
Megalixir       50000

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=>Pre-65000000 B.c.

-A large swath of land in which a Reptite village exists separates from the
normal flow of time, becoming a self-contained dimension.
-Monsters invade the surrounding areas, forcing the Reptites to hide in their

=>65000000 B.C.

-Crono's party arrives to explore and defeats the monsters.
-The Reptites emerge and thank the party, and then request other favors. The
first favor is to find the Golden Hammer.
-The party find Golden Sand in the swamp to the south and sprinkle it on a
sapling in the Millennia Wood.
-The party travel to 600 A.D.
-The party return and deliver the Golden Hammer.
-A Reptite with a sickly child asks the party to find the Prismastone.
-The party climb Mount Emerald, defeat the Nu Guardian, and found the
-The Nu Guardian swears to train until he can face the party again one day.
-The party decide to create a Saintstone with two Prismastones and leave to
600 A.D.
-The party returns, creates the Saintstone, and unfolds the new ladder.
-The party returns to 600 A.D.
-The party return to find Godwood and borrow the Golden Hammer, then leave
to 600 A.D.
-The party come back from the Middle Ages and leave the Saintstone atop
Mount Emerald, then leave again.
-The party return with the Waystone and use it to enter the Winding Passage.
-The party discover the Archaeofang monsters are planning an attack.
-The party defeat the Archaeofangs and return to the Middle Ages.
-The party return, find a Sweet Banana, and leave again.

=>65000000 B.C. to 600 A.D.

*The Great Southern Swamp turns into the Southern Glade.
*A rope ladder on Mount Emerald breaks.
*The Nu Guardian trains and becomes the Nu Master.
*The Reptites build a tower in honor of the heroes.
-The tower becomes corrupted by evil spirits.

=>600 A.D.

-The party arrive and introduce themselves to the Reptites' descendants.
-The party defeat monsters in the Millennia Wood and take the Golden Hammer.
-The party return to prehistory.
-The party arrive and find the Reptmark in order to get the Prismastone, which
was left in the shrine since prehistory.
-The party hear about the Nu Guardian, now a Nu Master. They can't reach him
because of a downed ladder on Mount Emerald.
-A Reptite makes a new ladder, and the party travels with it to prehistory.
-The party return and climb the mountain.
-The party defeat the Nu Master and befriend him.
-A Reptite wants to build a Great Bridge to a distant tower at Mount Emerald.
-The party agree to help, and find a Steel Ingot in the Winding Passage.
-The party depart to prehistory to find more materials.
-The party return and collect a reward for the bridge materials.
-The party return to prehistory.
-The party return and find the Saintstone has become a Waystone.
-The party departs for prehistory.
-The party return and save the bridge builder from falling.
-The Nu Master wants to help the bridge, but he wants a Sweet Banana.
-The party depart to prehistory to find a Sweet Banana.
-The party return and feed the Nu, who completes the bridge.
-Reptites warn of spirits in the tower now accessible by the bridge.
-The party investigate and defeat the spirits.
-The party find that the Heavenly Idols inside the tower spoken of by the
Reptites are statues of the party built in prehistory.
-Amused at their legacy, the party leave after having a couple items forged.

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