Translation Differences


Several points and differences are addressed here, and most contain script excerpts contrasting versions. Some of the notations are probably going to look derogatory to Ted Woolsey, but please remember that we're not out to get him or something. For being granted only a couple months to translate the entire game within certain restrictions, he did a remarkable job and cultivated fun humor that Richard Honeywood continued in Chrono Cross. Certain oversights and mistakes were certain to be made, and we do not blame Ted for them. Now, enjoy! And if you're looking for the spreadsheets or HTML retranslation files, check Retranslation.


Character Names and Speech[edit]

  • Crono is the same.
  • Marle's formal name, Nadia, is "Marledia" or equivalent spelling.
  • Lucca is the same.
  • Frog is Kaeru, a pun as it can both mean "Frog" and "to change."
  • Robo is the same.
  • Ayla is the same.
  • Magus is Maou, translated to "Demon King" and originating as a concept in Buddhism of obstacles that prevent one from achieving enlightenment. The true intent is that as "demon king", Magus leads the Mystics (translated roughly to "demons" in the Japanese version).

In the JP version, Ayla uses the same caveman talk, althoug she has a special nickname for Crono called Cro. She uses this almost exclusively, and in the game's code, it is denoted in dialogue with the tag {crononick}. Frog was radically changed in the NA version from his original characterization; he did not speak formally and was not the cookie cutter white knight, instead having more of a activous tone. The horrible Elizebethan English of the NA game made Frog seem somewhat of a flowery buffoon; the transition to real dialogue makes him much more serious and real. He was also not afraid to call Magus a pale-faced bastard, or Ayla an idiot for believing him a meal. A good example of his attitude is found in the End of Time dialogue. "Frog: Nothing's going anywhere if you don't have a guy who's good with a sword, right?"

Thirdly, Robo and the other robots spoke in a certain way that can be compared to HAVING SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS in English. Robo specifically had trouble with pronouns and suffixes; in the Retranslation, this is represented by certain parts of words being expressed in all caps. Coming in fourth, it is worth noting that through formal Japanese, Lucca was much more reverent and humble towards Marle before the latter expressed her dislike of formal titles. Finally, Magus was a bit more scathing and reserved. He noted the "weak die like worms" when speaking of Crono's death at the hands of Lavos.

Religious / Entity References[edit]

These constitute a separate section than chapter notes mainly because they occur throughout the game. The planet is personified as a higher being in the game. Other references include Magus and Lavos being referred to as demons or gods.

  • Chapter 04: The Queen is Gone - A reference to Magus as the Mystics' savior was removed, along with a fake nun's reference to a "Lord".
  • Chapter 19: Break the Seal! - Belthasar notes that the mission will succeed only if time travelers unite for the sake of the planet. This was shortened to "only by mastering you stand a chance against Lavos" in the English version.
  • Chapter 25: The Fated Hour - In the Japanese version, Robo postulated that the Entity was a larger existence. This was changed to "something beyond our comprehension."


For those out of the loop, sake is Japanese rice wine. Numerous references to it were removed or replaced by tamer drinks. For instance, Ayla invites the party to drink sake in the Japanese version, whereas she merely says "Come eat" in the NA ROM. Toma orders cider instead of sake in the English version of the Truce Inn, while the Carpenter is told by the Choras Innkeeper that he's had too much sugar for hte day, rather than too much alcohol.


For the full run-down, please read the Comprehensive Name Guide.


There are many mundane differences; consult the Retranslation script for these. Important meanings are denoted here.

  • Yasha (Crono's Sword)

KWhazit helps: I've had the hardest time trying to figure out what 'yasha' really means. Several dictionaries define it as a female demon or she-devil, some putting female in brackets to indicate that it's not necessarily female but generally is. Some sources refer to a mythical fearsome creature in Buddhism. Several sources on Japanese mythology say they're vampire bats thought to be reincarnated from women consumed by anger. Still others indicate a vampiress. My best guess is that the demonic meaning comes from Buddhism in general, and that the notion of angry women and bats came from mixing with Japanese culture, so than in Japan at least, it's some of all of the above. I'll have to try asking around to confirm this, but I figure the concept of 'yasha', like creatures in Westen mythology, isn't cleary defined even for natives. But it looks as though it would generally include the notions of evil, vampiric, and female.

  • Onimaru (Crono's Sword)

KWhazit helps: Onimaru would probably be 鬼丸 in kanji. 鬼 is a certain type of demon generally depicted as a large muscular humanoid with horns. 丸 just means circle. Many older Japanese male given names end in 丸, so there's a good chance that it's a name, possibly referring to some swordsmith or historical figure I don't know of.

  • Suzaku (Crono's Sword)

KWhazit helps: Suzaku is one of the four mythological Chinese gods who govern the four quadrents of the sky, Suzaku (朱雀 in kanji) appears as a firebird and rules over fire and the southern sky.

  • Masamune

Contrary to popular belief, the Masamune did not originate in the Japanese version. Some people assert that it did, and relate Chrono Trigger to being a loose part of the Final Fantasy franchise for this reason. In fact, the Masamune was a name change done in the English translation. It was originally the Grandleon.

  • Platinum Items

Many items preceded by "Platinum" and a couple preceded by "Silver" were changed to "Lode" items.

  • Memory Cap, Sight Cap

KWhazit helps: This doesn't translate well. まどわず (madowazu) is the verb 惑う (madou), to be puzzled, in an archaic negative form. So it basically means "not being puzzled". That's then used to describe a hat to get the full name of the item. It's cleaner to say something like "Clarity Hat", but not quite as accurate, since the original emphasizes what's being prevented. Even "Calm Hat" is pretty close, and that's short enough to fit in the NA version. わすれず (wasurezu) is the verb 忘れる (wasureru), to forget, in an archaic negative form. So it basically means "not forgetting". That's then used to describe a hat to get the full name. "Memory Cap" is a pretty good way to handle it, but it loses the emphasis the original has on what's being prevented.

  • Echigoya's Wallet

KWhazit helps: The Mitsui Echigoya is a large and prosperous merchant group in Japan, dating back to the dry goods store Echigoya, which was established in 1673.

  • Doppel-kun

The original name for the clone, doppel is short for doppelganger and -kun is an honorific given to young males.

Item Descriptions[edit]

  • Power Meal

English: Recovers from «?»
Original: ? recovery / single

The US translation is a little erroneous. It sounds like it cures some kind of status effect, when the original means an unknown recovery. It unpredictably recovers either some HP or some MP for a single character.

  • Prism Helm

The Prism Helm ups Magic Defense +9, not Defense as the translation erroneously suggests.


  • Luminaire (Shining)

The note that this was the greatest holy attack was removed.

Tech Descriptions[edit]

  • Seductive Trick

The description for this is approximated. KWhazit helps: ウワ~ン (UWA~N) isn't a word. It's probably a sound effect. My guess is it's spoosed to be a sexy noise. So it's "UWA~N one enemy."


  • Lab 16 and 32 were originally Ruins #16 and #32.
  • Cathedral was originally Manoria Abbey.
  • Ozzie's Fort was originally Vinegar's Manor.
  • Magus' Lair and Tyrano Lair were originally Magus Castle and Tyran Castle.
  • Fiona's Villa was originally Fiona's Hut.
  • Proto Dome was originally Promethe Dome, probably referring to Prometheus (Robo).
  • Keeper's Dome actual name is closer to Guardian's Dome (no relation to Guardia).
  • Geno Dome was originally Genocidome, a play on words.
  • Sun Keep was originally Shrine of Light; Sun Palace was originally Sun Temple.
  • Dactyl Nest was originally Pteran Nest.
  • Chanting Mt. was originally Singing Mountain, of course!
  • Ocean Palace was originally Ocean Floor Temple Vimanam, a style of Indian architecture.
  • Last Village was originally Spared Village, which makes more sense.
  • Black Omen was originally Black Dream.
  • Vortex Pt was originally Cape Swirl.
  • Skyway and Land Bridge were originally Road to Sky and Road to Earth, respectively.
  • Laruba ruins was originally Laruba Village's Burnt Remains.

Chapter 01: The Millennial Fair[edit]

Marle Foreshadowing[edit]

Marle was directly foreshadowed as being present at the Millennial Fair in the Japanese version. This text was trimmed during translation.

 [Young Woman]				
   Hard to believe Guardia is now 1000				
   years old, and our King is the XXXIII				
   descendant to the throne!				
   But how can he rule a kingdom when				
   he can't even control his own				
 [Young Woman]				
   Hey, did you know? It's 1000 years this year since				
   Guardia Kingdom here was formed. The current King				
   Guardia, our king now in other words, is the 33rd.				
   And the root of that king's worries is the princess,				
   his only daughter.				
   They say she's an incredible tomboy.				
   I wonder if she isn't making a big fuss in the castle				
   about now, something like “I wanna go to the festival				

Competitive Crono[edit]

The Japanese version's way of speaking about Crono makes him look like a passionate person rather than one who suffers from an inferiority complex.

Marle: You give your all no matter what you're				
   doing, don't you, Crono.
Marle: You're awfully competitive,				
   aren't you, Crono?

Racer Names[edit]

The names in the Japanese version were:

  • Iron-Masked Runner (Steel Runner)
  • Throw-Down Dina (Green Ambler)
  • Sweet Cat (Catalack)
  • The Novice Soldier (G.I. Jogger)

As for Throw-Down Dina, here are KWhazit's notes: There seems to be some wordplay here, as the first part resembles a verb for 'abandon' or 'neglect' and also a term that refers to a sumo throw-out-of-ring move and to sudden reversals. I haven't paid much attention to the racers, but this one may tend to have come-from-behind wins.

Taban the Blacksmith[edit]

The factoid that Taban is a blacksmith was lost in the North American translation.

 [Young Woman]				
   I hear Lucca's made another questionable				
   invention with her blacksmith father.				
   Hope it doesn't suddenly go BOOM! like that				
   other one did.				
   Isn't it about time for them to be ready?				
   It's waaay in the back of the square.
 [Young Woman]				
   I heard Lucca and her dad have				
   made another crazy invention.				
   Hope it doesn't blow up like all the				
   They ought to be ready now.				
   Make for the far side of the Square.

Mommy's Little Boy[edit]

The old man with the lunch comically notes that his "mommy" made it for him. This is echoed when he complains and whines in the trial of Crono if Crono devoured it.

 [Old Man]				
   That bundle's my mommy's lunch.				
   Packed with energy! I look forward to it every day.
 [Old Man]				
   No time to talk.				
   I'm just sitting down for my lunch.

Note: Upon further review, he was simply referring to his wife with "mother", and thus there's no joke here.

Gossip Woman[edit]

She doesn't hate fairs; in fact, she loves them! Perhaps Woolsey hated translating the Millennial Fair or something.

 [Old Woman]				
   Ho, ho, ho, festivals are such fun.				
   By the way, have you heard?				
 [Old Woman]				
   I hate fairs!				
   Say, do you know the latest gossip?				

Lucca's Glasses[edit]

The boy and old man originally didn't insult her by way of her thick glasses.

 [Little Boy]				
   What's “transfer”?				
 [Old Man]				
   They speak of moving things in the blink of an eye.
 [Little Boy]				
   Check out that girl's glasses!				
 [Old Man]				
   She could probably see the back side of				
   the moon with those.

Chapter 02: The Queen Returns[edit]

Time Joke[edit]

The knight's hatred of gossip could have been inferred as a temporal joke in the Japanese version.

   I grow so tired of the gossip around				
   Sheesh, those women love their gossip no matter				
   when the era.

Chapter 03: The Queen Is Gone[edit]

Gossiper's Promise[edit]

A promise by the gossiping woman not to tell anyone was left out of the translation.

   Oooh! We can't let this juicy tidbit out				
   of the castle!
   Oh my goodness, it would be awful if that came to light!				
   I didn't hear a thing.

The Cook's Wife[edit]

The maid present in the kitchen was meant to be the chef's wife, though Woolsey omitted this fact in the translation.

MAID: Here's your food!
Wife: Here ya go, thanks for waiting!

Pipe and a Crepe?[edit]

Instead of ice cream, Marle originally demanded a crepe from the chef. Ice cream was probably deemed more recognizable to western audiences.

   This is no place for kids!				
   Wait! Maybe you'd know!				
   What's this «Eyes Cream» stuff that				
   Queen Leene wants so badly?
   No amateurs in the kitchen!				
   But what the heck's a crepe, what the Queen says				
   she wants to eat?

Chapter 04: We're Back[edit]

Lucca and Robots[edit]

Lucca mentioned in the US version that two-legged robots were virtually impossible to create. She originally said that miniaturized versions were impossible to create, which ties in with a PSX cutscene (in which miniature Robos accompany her to find Kid in the forest).

Lucca: Hmmm, two-legged, walking				
   humanoid robots are virtually				
   impossible to create.				
   Oh! Crono! Hurry up and escort				
   the Princess to the castle!
Lucca: Hmmm...…				
   The miniaturization of robots that balance perfectly				
   on two legs and walk really is difficult.				
   Ah! Crono! 				
   Hurry up and take the princess to the castle.

Chapter 06: Beyond the Ruins[edit]

Belthasar Revelation[edit]

In the NA version, a woman warns that some crackpot lives in a dome on the southern continent. What was totally missed is that Belthasar not only lives in this dome -- he created it. This tidbit not only adds to the legend of Belthasar's ingenuity, but validates the notion of his creating the sealed doors in 2300 A.D. for the heroes' later use.

   There's an old man living in a dome				
   near «Death Peak.»				
   Talk about crackpots!
   There's an old man who built a dome near Death				
   Mountain and keeps watch like some odd hobby.

Rat Warning[edit]

In the NA version, the rat notes that you shouldn't mess up the button combination to access the Day of Lavos. This line was mangled from the Japanese, which said that if you had changed button assignments in the status menu, you'd have to figure out the button sequence on your own.

   Don't make any mistakes, or you'll be				
   But, if you've changed the button assignments,				
   it's all mixed up chuu!

RX-XR's Exuberance[edit]

In the Japanese version, the racing score robot RX-XR is named Rinse, and displays the personality of a giggly, excited girl. She uses hyperbole when exclaiming amazement at high scores. This was completely lost in the translation.

RX-XR: Amazing!				
   Take this!
Rinse: KYAAA!!				

Robo Dialogue[edit]

In the NA version, Marle says "Hate em!" in reference to formal titles while Lucca is convincing Robo not to use them. In the JP version, she simply nods, although there does exist comparable dialogue that should have been used. Also, Lucca does not come out and directly ask what happened to the people at the Proto Dome; she rather begins a question, but is interrupted when Robo notices an absence of humans.

Marle: Hate 'em!
Marle: *giggle*......!
Lucca: Hey Robo, why aren't				
   there any people here?
Lucca: Hey, Robo.				
   We want to ask you a little something...

Belthasar's Warning[edit]

In the NA version, Belthasar warns that the party cannot climb Death Peak until the time is right and the Poyozos show them the way. In the JP version, Belthasar told them that unless they were those "people" (the heroes), they could not climb the mountain -- at least not in its present state, meaning Belthasar was probably still preparing the Poyozo dolls.

OLD MAN: NO!				
   You MUST NOT climb Death Peak!				
   Wouldn't make it very far, anyway!				
   It has to be the right time...				
   ...and...THEY...have to show you the				
Old Man: You mustn't!				
   You musn't go!				
   You mustn't go, not to Death Mountain!				
   Well, actually, unless it's that time and you're those				
   people, you can't go to Death Mountain the way				
   things are, hya hya.

Schala Mirage[edit]

Belthasar seems to be hallucinating and seeing Schala or mistaking Marle or Lucca for her.

OLD MAN: Schala...I've missed you so...
Old Man: Sara......? It's been so long......

Nu Exchange[edit]

Belthasar's exchange with the Nu differs from the original.

STRANGE CREATURE: I am pleased you				
   think me worthy, O wise one!				
   I await your final program code!				
OLD MAN: Now, don't go getting all				
   emotional on me, critter!				
   Back to work, now!
   PROGRAM ME.				
Old Man: If you're looking forward to it that 				
   much, then it's rewarding for me too.				
   How's this? Getting to look a bit good, isn't it...…

Chapter 07: The Factory Ruins[edit]

Emergency Elevator[edit]

The original notes that the "emergency elevator is shut off." This is in error; it is a normal elevator, but is merely shut off due to the emergency of the power activation.

   Emergency elevator shut off.

Chapter 08: The End of Time[edit]

Conservation of Time Theorem[edit]

The CoT Theorem is detailed a tad more in the Japanese version, in which Gaspar states that it only acts if four or more beings from different time periods step into Gate, rather than just four beings as the NA version describes.

OLD MAN: When 4 or more beings step				
   into a time warp, the Conservation				
   of Time theorem states that they				
   will turn up...			 the space-time coordinates of				
   least resistance.				
   Disturbances in the space-time				
   continuum have increased recently.				
   Far too many folks are just popping				
   in here...				
   I fear something is having a				
   powerful effect on the very fabric				
   of time...
Old Man: When you enter a space-time distortion				
   with four or more people who live in different				
   times, the dimensional field distorts......				
   However, there are many space-time				
   distortions in this place.				
   There are even those who, like you, appear				
   here aimlessly......				
   Perhaps something is exerting an effect on all				
   of time......

Magic History[edit]

In the Japanese version, Spekkio talks about the fall of Zeal and how humans were never able to use magic again. He then notes that this inability excludes the Mystics, who can still use it. This was badly mangled in the NA release, where Mystics was replaced by "wizards."

   Long before you were born...				
   ...there was a kingdom where magic				
   Everyone there could use it!				
   But in time, people began to abuse				
   their powers. It got so bad that no				
   one was allowed to use magic except				
   Long before you guys were born......				
   There was a kingdom that prospered by magic.				
   Everyone in that world used magic.				
   But that country grew addicted to magical power				
   and was destroyed......				
   After that, people became unable to use magic.				
   Except for the Demons anyway.

God of War[edit]

If you beat Spekkio in the NA version, he notes that he's embarassed, then says "See, I AM the God of War!" The Japanese version is much less confusing, since the English translation cut out an important line.

SPEKKIO: Wait a sec!				
   I'M the Master of War!
Spekkio: It's some kinda mistake! I'm the god of war!				
   Oh, that's it, it's because I taught you magic				
   that you could win!

A little farther down, the same situation occurrs after Spekkio gives the party items.

SPEKKIO: I AM the Master of War!				
   Whew! Sometimes I scare myself!
Spekkio: I'm the god of war! So generous!				

Robo's Magic[edit]

In the English release, Spekkio notes that he can't measure Robo's inner strength, and as a result can't give him magic. This is bogus, as originally, Spekkio was meant to say that Robo did not descend from the ancient peoples who could use magic. Not only does this make sense, but it is an important corroboration of the generally accepted idea that magic was a biologically-born ability that evolved in humans after contact with the Frozen Flame in 3000000 B.C. The same rule goes for Ayla.

SPEKKIO: That's the biggest toy I've				
   ever seen...				
   Hey, you're not alive, are you?!				
   You've got great strength, however,				
   since I can't measure your inner				
   character, I can't give any magic to				
   But your laser weapons will suffice.				
   They can inflict «Shadow» type				
Spekkio: This hugeass doll......				
   You, you're not a living thing.				
   You've got a strong heart too, but since you're				
   not descended from the ancient magic				
   peoples, magic's a no-go.				
   But that laser weapon of yours has got				
   serious destructive ability.				
   It resembles "Dark" power.

Chapter 09: The Village of Magic[edit]

Melchior's Wisdom[edit]

One of Melchior's wisdomatic lines was distorted in the English version.

MELCHIOR: Weapons...				
   If there weren't evil in this world,				
   there would be no need for				
   What a sad state of affairs...
Bosch: Weapons, you see......				
   They aren't for taking life.				
   They ought to be for bringing life.

Chapter 10: The Hero Appears[edit]

Three Warriors[edit]

The English game notes that Magus already defeated three fierce warriors. This was meant to read that he had finally deployed his three generals, Flea, Ozzie, and Slash.

 [Wounded Soldier]				
   Magus has already defeated 3				
   fierce warriors.
 [Wounded Soldier]				
   That damn Magus finally threw his three great				
   generals into the battle.

Fiona's Villa[edit]

Fiona and Marco actually grew up in the forest on central Zenan. The English translation omits this fact, skipping to "the forest means a lot to [them]."

FIONA: My husband Marco hasn't				
   returned from the war.				
   But these woods mean a lot to us, so				
   I'll guard them until he returns.
Fiona: My husband Marco is still out fighting				
   as a soldier and hasn't come back......				
   The two of us grew up in this forest.				
   I want to at least protect this forest.				
   Until the day when Marco comes back......


There is no organization known as the Knights of the Squaretable in the Japanese version of the game. Combatants are simply called "Royal Knights."

SOLDIER: We, the Knights of the Square				
   Table, wish you a safe journey!
Soldiers: We, the Royal Knights, all present!				
   We are all praying for our leader's safe				

Chapter 11: Tata and the Frog[edit]

Dreamstone's Use[edit]

Dreamstone was never used as money, as it stated in the English translation. In the original, Melchior simply stated that it was valued above gold in ancient times.

MELCHIOR: You can't find it anymore.				
   It was a red stone that was once				
   used as money.				
   Unfortunately, it hasn't been				
   available for a very long time.
Bosch: I doubt it's anywhere, now.				
   It's a red shining stone that long ago had more				
   value than even gold.				
   That's far in the past now.				
   So far the mind boggles......

Melchior Dialogue[edit]

In the English version, this confusing dialogue takes place:

Lucca: Why would your name be				
   engraved on the sword?				
MELCHIOR: ...				
   It's a...long story.				
MELCHIOR: You do want to hear this				
   story, right?				
Marle: Yes!				
   Tell us about the Masamune!				
Lucca: Of course!				
   Tell us about the Masamune!				
Marle: Can you fix it somehow?				
Lucca: Is it possible to reforge it?

It's much clearer in the Japanese original:

Lucca: I wonder why your name's carved on this				
Bosch: ......				
   That is...... it's a long story......				
Bosch: But you didn't come visit to ask about that,				
   did you?				
Marle: That's right! The Grandleon!				
Lucca: That's right! The Grandleon!				
Marle: Can't you somehow put it back the way it was?				
Lucca: Is it possible to restore it?

In the NA version, he asks if they want to hear the story, they agree that they want him to tell it, and then he says nothing else about it and no one seems to care. However, in the original, he's changing the subject ahead of time by asking why they came in the first place. Marle and Lucca's aren't so much agreement (like "Of course!" and "Yes!" in the NA version) as they are a startled "Oh, that's right, how could I almost forget we came here to get this thing fixed!" kind of meaning.

Tata's Sailing[edit]

The allusion to spacefaring was added in the NA localization.

 [Old Man]				
   Oh, my grandson!				
   He secretly told me, «My next goal is to				
   command the Super Legendary Space				
   Ship, XR-RX!»

The translated version reads,

[Old Man]				
   Hey, he's my grandchild.				
   Tarta won't be crushed by something like this.				
   He secretly told me......				
   “My next goal is to be a super legendary sailor				
    special deluxe!!”				
   That's what he said.				
   Fwa, ha, ha...!!!

Frog Worried About Tata[edit]

The hostess alludes to Frog's worrying that Tata would get hurt trying to fulfill the expectations of those who considered him a hero.

MISTRESS: I guess Tata's home now.				
   It was so quiet without him...				
   But I'm glad he's back.				
   It was a bit TOO quiet around here...
Hostess: Looks like he's come back, Tarta has.				
   Seemed like he'd gone somewhere for a while, and				
   the village was peaceful too......				
   But I'm glad he's okay.				
   It's strangely lonely when he's not around.				
   And that person was so worried......

Chapter 12: The Rare Red Rock[edit]

Ayla Joke[edit]

There's a bit of a bisexual joke when Ayla and Crono first meet. Ayla notes:

Ayla: You strong too.				
   Ayla respect strong people.				
   Men and women.				
Marle: Oh, brother...				
Lucca: Where have they been				
   keeping her?
Ayla: Yous strong too.				
   Ayla like strong people.				
   Even if man, even if woman.				
Marle: What's THAT supposed to mean?				
Lucca: I, I'm not interested in that sort of thing!

This was changed to "respect" in Ayla's case and "Marle: Oh, brother..." "Lucca: Where have they been keeping her?" concerning the player characters.

Rock Crash[edit]

The "Poi" soup of the NA version is actually pure sake. Ayla notes that they make a cocktail with it called the "Rock Crash."

Ayla: Crono you try?!				
   Special Jurassic pork soup!				
   Good stuff!!
Ayla: Drinking? Cro!				
   This sake, drink at special time.				
   Cocktail called Rock Crash.				
   Delicious, intense!

Lucca Gets Plastered[edit]

Lucca becomes horrendously drunk from the Rock Crash sake. Of course, this was edited out of the NA version.

Lucca: Are you a man or a mouse?!				
   Do it in one gulp!				
Lucca: Buurp!				
Lucca: Hey? You're not a wimp, are				
   you?! C'mon eat up!				
Lucca: Hey, hey! Aincha a man!				
   Allit once, like gulp, gulp.…				
Lucca: urp.…..				
Lucca: Ya shay ya not gunna drink mah sake? 				

Chapter 14: The Masamune![edit]

Cyrus Flashback Note[edit]

In the English version, Frog remarks that it hurts when the mean kids hit him. In the Japanese version, it is revealed that he actually meant to say he was afraid to hit them, because it would hurt for them as well.

GLENN: hurts when I get hit.				
CYRUS: You're a marshmallow, Glenn...
Glenn: But...... getting hit hurts.				
   Even for them......				
Cyrus: You're too gentle, Glenn......

Frog Flashback Note[edit]

That's no garden variety "Badge of Courage" the Frog King has. It's the genuine Hero's Medal.

 [Frog King]				
   So! You want the Badge of Courage,				
   dear knight of the kingdom?				
   Well come and take it...if you can!!!				
[Golden Frog]				
   If you want this Hero's Badge, try taking it by				
   force, royal knight!!				
   Gh, kya, kya, kya......!!

Chapter 15: Magus's Castle[edit]

Slash Description[edit]

Soy Sauce is literally termed 'outside method sword fighter'. Two dictionary entries might apply to 外法: one is a Buddhist term for heresy, the other is a sort of demonic arts linked to tengu or using skulls.

   ...the swordsman, Slash, and Flea, the				
   If you can beat the Dark Arts Swordsman				
   Soysaw, and the Void Mage Mayonnay.				


Flea ends all his speech with "yo ne," which sounds like the end of his Japanese name "Mayone," or Mayonnaise. It's intended to be sickingly cutesy. He also uses the tough female tone of dialogue, like Ayla (without Ayla's tendency to talk like a cavewoman).

Frog and Slash[edit]

The two swordsmen had more of a mutual respect for each other. There was no "Sir Slush" joke; in fact, they never really insulted one another, and Slash congratulated Frog on defeating him before escaping. Slash was much more a proper knight than his backbiting NA counterpart.

Frog: It's been ages,				
   Sir Slush!...				
SLASH: That's SLASH, you slimy dolt!				
   Still playing the comedian, eh Glenn?				
   You'd be singing a different tune if				
   Cyrus hadn't been there with you				
   last time!				
SLASH: You'd have fit right in with those				
   boney fellows you just busted up!				
SLASH: Now, let's get to business.				
   This is going to do me a world of				
SLASH: And with no Cyrus to protect				
   you, you're mine!				
SLASH: You dare to oppose me?!				
SLASH: Unbelievable...!				
   But falling in the line of duty for				
Frog: It's been a while.				
   Dark Arts Swordsman Soysaw......!				
Soysaw: I never even thought that you				
   would come this far, Glenn.				
   If Cyrus hadn't been there back then, you				
   would have had the same fate as well.				
Soysaw: Same as the corpses earlier!				
Soysaw: Pretty good.				
   Guess I'll get serious for the first time in a while.				
Soysaw: But without Cyrus, will you......				
Soysaw: Be able to take me!?				
Soysaw: Well done......!				
   But being beaten fighting for Magus-sama......

Magus Notes[edit]

  • In the NA version, Frog notes that he loves his new amphibian form, and owes it all to Magus. In the Japanese original, Frog actually gave a reason for this, noting that because of his status as a Frog, he was able to obtain the Masamune.
Frog: I rather enjoy this form.				
   And I oweth it all to you!				
Frog: I have something for you!
Frog: I'm grateful.				
   It's because of such a form......				
Frog: That I have what I've got!
  • In the original, Magus noted that the party should leave him alone (presumably so he could finish the Lavos summoning). This was lost to "I bet you're just dying to use it!!!" in the English version.
Magus: Ah...!				
   The Masamune!!!				
   I bet you're just dying to use it!
Magus: Oh......?				
   The Grandleon, you......				
   But this time, those of the earth would do better				
   not to hinder me.
  • The line "What have you done to the Masamune?", which suggests something special has been done to the sword, was originally, "Magus: Y, you, the Grandleon, that far....", simply an expression of disbelief at how strong Frog had become.
Magus: W...what have you done to				
   the Masamune...?
Magus: Y, you, the Grandleon, that far......

Chapter 16: Forward to the Past[edit]

Mystic Mountain Dream[edit]

Ayla did not have a "strange dream" that told her of her friends' placement on Mystic Mountain, but instead merely wanted to meet them and coincidentally found them there. This revelation was completely invented by the NA translation.

Ayla: Ayla had strange				
   Went to Mystic Mountains.				
   Everyone lie there, hurt.				
   I carry back to hut.
Ayla: Ayla wanted meet.				
   Went Mystery Mountain.				
   Yous were fallen.				
   Ayla carried everyone by herself, brought to tent.

Ayla's Talk[edit]

When Ayla talked with the Laruba elder in the Japanese version, things were a little more specific. Particularly, Ayla noted that the rule of "win and live, lose and die" is the "law of the earth," not simply a "rule of life." She references the law of the earth again when she notes in the Tyrano Lair that she will take down Azala (this was changed to "end things" in the translation). Additionally, Ayla told the Laruba elder that she did not fight because she was powerful, but fought to gain power. The difference was lost in the English translation. Lastly, Ayla did not tell the elder that he was "dead on the inside," but merely said that he was not dead, but not truly alive, either.

Ayla: Ayla fight while alive!				
   Win and live. Lose and die.				
   Rule of life.				
   No change rule.				
   Old man breathe, but dead on inside.
Ayla: If alive, Ayla fight!				
   Winners live. Losers die.				
   That Law of this Earth.				
   Dinomen too, Aylas too, all living thing no can				
   defy this law.				
   Elder, yous not alive.				
   Just not dead.

Chapter 17: Unnatural Selection?[edit]

Nizbel confusingly notes in the NA version that "the great Nizbel was defeated here!" Nizbel originally was meant to say, "you can reach Azala only by getting through me, Nizbel...who came back!" He was triumphantly announcing his return. One other point of view is that Woolsey's translation is superior in making it appear as if Nizbel knows the age of Reptites is coming to an end.

NIZBEL: Hold it.				
   This is a special place.				
   The great Nizbel was defeated here!
Nizbel: Wait.				
   It's not simply just past here. It's just past having				
   beaten me, Nizbel-sama, who has returned!

Chapter 18: The Magic Kingdom[edit]

Frog is Glenn[edit]

Once 600 A.D. is accessible again, you can talk to the knights and hear them celebrate victory over Magus. In the Japanese version, it was implied that the Knight Captain realized Frog was Glenn.

 [Knight Captain]				
   We destroyed Magus's troops and				
   we owe it all to Crono.				
   Frog, you're magnificent...!				
   I knew you'd do it...				
   I was thinking 'bout making you				
   «Knight Captain!»
 [Knight Captain]				
   Our overcoming of Magus's army was thanks to				
   our unity and, above all else, to Crono-dono and				
   the others.				
   Frog, might you......?				
   No, there's no mistaking it.				
   I'm thinking about leaving the knight captaincy to you.

Doreen's Philosophy[edit]

It seems the classic butterfly dream example was inserted purely by the localization team, as Doreen's words in the Japanese version were different.

   Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man...				
   Or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate				
   of sashimi?				
   Never assume that what you see and				
   feel is real!
   The world that you see with your eyes and the				
   world that I see with my eyes may be				
   completely different things.				
   Listening? All that exists in the universe are the				
   destinies of lives. Don't think that only what you can				
   see and touch are reality.

Profound Dreaming[edit]

The man in Enhasa originally said something more profound.

 [Young man]				
   Truths exist in dreams...				
   Herbal tea...zzz...crystals...zzz...
 [Young man]				
   Zzz, zzz.				
   It is within dreams that there is reality.				
   It is within me that there is the universe.

Lode Shield is Platinum Armor[edit]

   I've got Lode Shields, but I cannot sell				
   them unless the Queen says it's okay.
   Here, have platinum armors.				
   But can't sell without Queen's permission......

Who cares?[edit]

The Zeal man in Kajar's speech was more thoughtful in the Japanese version.

 [Young Man]				
   How did we come by our skills?				
   And why do others lack them?				
   Who cares!
 [Young Man]				
   Where might our powers have come from in the				
   first place?				
   Why do both those with the power of arts and those				
   without exist......?				

Janus and Schala aren't step-siblings[edit]

The idea that Janus is Schala's step-brother is erroneous.

 [Young Man]				
   I heard Schala's powers far exceed				
   those of her mother.				
   Then there's her step-brother, Janus.				
   He's of royal blood, but he doesn't				
   seem to have a speck of magic.
 [Young Man]				
   This is just a rumor, but they say Sara-sama's				
   magical powers far surpass even the powers				
   of her mother the Queen.				
   Her brother Jyaki-sama, on the other hand......				
   Even though he is of the royal lineage, it				
   seems he has absolutely no magical powers.

Beings Born of Dreams[edit]

A woman in Zeal made a vague, sort of philosophical comment in the English version. But in actuality, this was meant to be something much more real. This woman seems to be explaining the existence of the Dream Species, like Masa, Mune, Doreen, and Turnip.

 [Young Woman]				
   Beings that are born of dreams, must				
   return to them...				
   The power of Lavos can make hopes				
   and dreams come true...
 [Young Woman]				
   Born of dreams, returning to dreams......				
   Beings such as that exist as well.				
   At times, human prayers and desires borrow				
   the power of Lavos-sama and materialize.

Melchior Tidbit[edit]

Judging from the Japanese version, the party was not supposed to know that Melchior was the Guru of Life yet. When Masa and Mune spoke of him in Zeal Palace, they simply noted that the "Sage of Life" hadn't been around lately. In the English version, they outright call him Melchior, perhaps spoiling the surprise on Mt. Woe.

Schala's Amulet[edit]

Schala gives Janus an Amulet to quell his fears before the activation of the Mammon Machine. However, in the Japanese original, Schala noted that she had imbued her prayers within the amulet. This was lost in translation.

SCHALA: It's a kind of amulet.				
   If something should happen, it'll				
   protect you.				
   I wish I could be with you always...				
   But mother has other plans.
Sara: It's a charm.				
   My prayers are held in it to protect you, just in				
   I wish that I could always stay by your side......				
   But mother's plans......

Schala and the Mammon Machine[edit]

Schala is noted as being the only one capable of controlling the Mammon Machine aside from the three Gurus. By extension, Janus could probably have controlled it, since he is stated to be more powerful than his sister. This tidbit also suggests that Schala was more powerful than Queen Zeal. At any rate, this was left out of the translation.

 [Young Woman]				
   Magic strong enough to control the				
   extraction of energy, is needed to				
   control the Mammon Machine.
 [Young Woman]				
   To control the Demonic Vessel, you need strong				
   enough magical power to be able to regulate the				
   energy it draws out.				
   Now, the only one outside of the Three Philosophers				
   who can handle the Demonic Vessel is Sara-sama.

Alfadar Note[edit]

His Japanese name seems to be Alphard, the brightest star in the constellation Hydra. The name comes from Arabic and translates to “solitary one”. This is appropriate for Janus.

Sealed Door Notes[edit]

  • When Frog notes that he can't do anything about the sealed door, he uses the Japanese expression 手も足も出ない (te mo ashi mo denai), referring to a complete inability to do anything about a situation. Frog throws ベロ (BERO), tongue, in with 手 (te), hand, and 足 (ashi), foot, because he's a frog.
  • In the English translation, Frog asks "what doth challenge us now" after the door opens. In the original, he asked, "will an ogre appear, or will a snake appear?" Frog's line is a saying that basically means there's no telling what comes next. And, frogs don't get along with snakes.
Frog: 'Tis a mere DOOR that keeps				
   us bound, hand, foot...and tongue!
Frog: Dammit, to think we can't do a thing				
   against a mere single door like this......
Frog: What doth challenge us				
Frog: Now then, will an ogre appear, or will a				
   snake appear?

Dalton! Ten-hut![edit]

Fans have long thought that Dalton was leader of Zeal's security forces. This is proven by the Zeal guard "Basher"'s Japanese name -- "Dalton Corps".

Chapter 19: Break the Seal![edit]

Belthasar's Burial[edit]

The Nu's final directive from Belthasar was to bury him after his death. The NA version avoided this with metaphor.

STRANGE CREATURE: The professor's				
   programming was, in a sense, his				
   own eulogy.

Belthasar's Mission[edit]

While in the NA version Belthasar simply states that he longs for Zeal in his pre-Epoch speech, in the Japanese version he directly states that he was building the Epoch precisely to take him home. Sadly, he died before he could accomplish this.

   How I long to return home...				
   But I have grown frail...
   I continued researching so as to somehow				
   return to my own era.				
   However, by the time that research was				
   complete, I was feeling my own lifespan.

Lavos Note[edit]

The English version suggests that Lavos existed on Death Peak or within the mountain after erupting. This was a contrivance.

   In 1999, Lavos claims this area, and				
   reigns from high atop Death Peak.				
   Lavos continues to replicate......				
   like a giant parasite, he is consuming				
   our world.
   Kingdom Year 1999				
   It at last makes the surface its territory too.				
   And then, just as if laying eggs, it gives				
   birth to its own offshoots, one after another,				
   from the place I named Death Mountain.

Chapter 20: The Guru on Mt. Woe[edit]

Janus's Hidden Power[edit]

In the English version, the Elder notes that Janus has a huge magical power that he's hiding. He says that Janus must be using the power to get close to Lavos. The localization accidentally screwed up the meaning of this line. It was meant to say:

OLD MAN: The Guru of Life said that Sir				
   Janus has stronger powers than				
   even Miss Schala!				
   Janus must be using her and the				
   Queen to get to Lavos...
Elder: I heard from the Philosophers that Jyaki-sama				
   hides an incredible magical power that surpasses				
   even Sara-sama.				
   However, he hates that power, which drives the				
   Queen mad and torments Sara-sama, and along				
   with his heart...... he has shut that power away.

This means Janus was reluctant to use the magic that drove the wild and unchecked ambitions of Zeal.

Chapter 21: What Lies Beyond?[edit]

Schala / Sky Gate[edit]

Schala didn't create the sky gate as stated in the English version.

   It's likely that Dalton came here using				
   the Skyway that Schala created.
   Dalton probably came to this village through the				
   Sky Road when Sara-sama opened it.

Chapter 22: Lavos Beckons[edit]

Lucca's Science[edit]

In the English version, Lucca notes that science has finally failed her. This was a bad translation, implying that she outright gave up at that moment. In the Japanese, she said, "Lucca: In, in such a situation, my science....As if I can just let it lose...."

Lucca: Science has finally failed me.
Lucca: In, in such a situation, my science......				
    As if I can just let it lose......


Magus's quotes in the JP version at the End of Time are cooler than the ones in the NA version. The kill quote was probably trimmed by censors.

Magus: Going my way?				
Magus: Now we've got a winning				
Magus: The weak always strive to				
   be weaker...
Magus: You need my power, right......?				
Magus: If it seems like you're going to hinder me, I'll				
   kill you...…				
Magus: Hmph, weaker they are, tougher they act......

Also, his quote in Frog's flashback is more to the point:

Magus: All right, why not?				
   There's always time for a little fun.
Magus: Hmph, very well......				
   I abolish all those who block my way, without				

Chapter 23: The New King[edit]

Woman's Dialogue[edit]

In the NA version, a woman notes she's glad you're back to health. She's meant to say that she's glad the boy (probably her son) has regained his energy.

   Glad to see you've all recovered!
   Thank goodness…..				
   He's completely regained his energy.

The Nu's Enterprise[edit]

In the Japanese version, the man from Zeal notes that his Nu companion is selling things that wash up on the shore. The NA release omits this tidbit.

 [Young Man]				
   Check back with him, because his				
   wares vary from time to time.
 [Young Man]				
   It seems he's collecting things that wash up				
   here and selling them.				
   What he's selling might change after some				
   time passes.

Dalton's Trick[edit]

In the original game, when Dalton was attempting to subjugate the party, he said "what is that?!" to confuse them before blasting them with a variety of fireballs. Compare to Marty McFly's use of "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" with Biff in Back to the Future. This was simply changed to "How's this?" in the NA version, losing the meaning completely.

DALTON: How's this?!
Dalton: What IS that!?

Chapter 24: The Time Egg[edit]

Seed's Creator[edit]

If you ask the woman in Last Village who previously had the seed from the Guru of Life, she'll note that she still has it and that it was given to her by the Guru of Time. The Japanese version correctly credits the Guru of Life (Melchior) in both instances, confirming he is the sole creator.


Concerning the Nu who sleeps "beyond the flow of time," the Japanese version more directly states that time does not flow for this Nu any longer.

   This creature sleeps beyond the flow				
   of time.
   It seems that time does not flow for this object.

Poyozo Doll[edit]

Though a minor detail, it is interesting to note that in the Japanese version, the Poyozo Dolls say "EXECUTING HIGHEST PROGRAM!" instead of merely "Executing Program."

Chapter 25: The Fated Hour[edit]

Gaspar (Make me a member of your team!)[edit]

Gaspar notes that if the party would thank him, they should make him a member of the team. This has been used to fuel the idea that Gaspar was going to be the eighth playable character. However, this was an erroneous translation. In the Japanese, he never mentions making him a team member. The line in question is the fourth one from the top. The confusion likely came from the _にする, which can indeed mean "make [someone/something] into _". It can't mean that here, though. The most obvious reason is that he uses the explicit plural 仲間達 (companions), and it doesn't make any sense in Japanese or English to say "make me your companions".

Taking the beginning of the sentence into account, the phrase should be read as 仲間達に[かんしゃ]する, with an implied かんしゃ (thanks), taken from the first half of the sentence. This unambiguously translates to "express thanks to companions". In short, the first half of his above speech means, "Don't thank me, thank your companions."

OLD MAN: So!				
   Looks like you were successful!				
   No, don't thank me. I didn't do a				
   thing. I just gave you a place to				
   If you really want to thank me,				
   make me a member of your team!				
   By the way, the Wings of Time has				
   come looking for you.				
   It seems to have a heart and mind of				
   it's own...
Old Man: Oh? It looks like things went well......				
   No, no, I did nothing.				
   I did no more than give you a chance.				
   If you're thanking someone, thank your companions.				
   Companions who felt for this boy.				
   The Wings that Cross Time has also followed				
   you and come here.				
   It, too, may have a heart......

Gaspar (One if you is close to someone...)[edit]

This line was often debated, as fans wondered whether it spoke of the Black Omen, Lucca's mother, or something else entirely.

OLD MAN: One of you is close to				
   someone who needs help...				
   Find this
Old Man: I expect that there are those among				
   you, as well, who know about things where				
   their own eras are concerned.				
   You should try asking......

Fiona's Shrine[edit]

この神殿の奥には、ご神体である		   Within this temple, the holy relic of		
ロボ様が安置されています。[END]		   Robo-sama is enshrined.		

This is a bit of a loose translation. 神体 (shintai) actually refers to an object in which the spirit of a deity resides, and the line seems to indicate that they consider Robo to be an inanimate object that was animated by a god.

Fiona's Lineage[edit]

Fiona is probably descended from the Zeal Plant Woman.

FIONA: This Mystic seedling could revive				
   the forest, but I can't plant it. Too				
   many hungry monsters lurking about.
Fiona: If I were to plant this seedling with mysterious				
   powers that was passed down for generations, it				
   could even restore this desert to green earth, but......				
   I can't plant it with monsters nesting in the desert				

Lucca's Maturation[edit]

One facet of her quest to save her mother was lost in the English translation. Specifically, her diary entry before the disaster was written in third person, suggesting immaturity. The entries afterwards are written in first, representing maturity. Additionally, Lucca's reason for not wanting to learn science initially was that she'd be a "normal bride" and wouldn't have to worry about stuff like that. Interestingly, if Lucca inputs the password, the "good" journal entry is sort of in between first and third person, suggesting she did not grow up as much as she would have had the tragedy occurred and shocked her.

Nation of Steel and Spawn?[edit]

In the English version, Mother Brain seems to want to stop the Lavos spawn from finding other planets with a nationa of steel. This is echoed in the Japanese, though Mother Brain mentions the planet's recovery. She probably means that it will happen only through her desired order of iron and steel. At any rate, Mother Brain does NOT intend to sustain Lavos Spawns.

   This world COULD sustain them...if				
   humans were not around...				
   We robots will create a new order...				
   A nation of steel, and pure logic.				
   A true paradise!
   This planet WILL recoVER.				
   If only humans weren't here...…				
   And the new world of we robots WOULD be				
   A country of iron...... a utopia with neither				
   hatred nor sorrow.

Ozzie's Fort Notes[edit]

The localization team must have fallen asleep at the wheel with Ozzie's Fort, as there are many lost nuances and other changes.

  • Though lost in the NA translation, Ozzie's song at Medina Square was meant to be a straight ripoff of Magus's song at the cathedral.
   Oh, great Ozzie [note] Ozzie the great [note]				
   He shall rule all [note]				
   Oh, great Ozzie [note] Ozzie the great [note]				
   Ozzie fills our days and nights with joy [note]
   Ah, Vinnegar-sama, Vinnegar-sama~[note]				
   Our savior, Vinnegar-sama~[note]				
   Ah, Vinnegar-sama, Vinnegar-sama~[note]				
   However sunny and lonely the day,
  • In the Japanese version, when Ozzie first welcomes the party to his fort, he notes that it is the "Great Magus Ozzie's," meaning he's attached the same title of Magus to his name and an intensifier. How vain can he be? This was lost in the English translation, in which he was simply the "Great Ozzie."
OZZIE: Come on in!				
   This's the Great Ozzie's place.
Vinnegar: Weeelcooome!				
   This is the Great Magus Vinnegar's......
  • In the Japanese original, it is noted that Ozzie lifted most of the treasure out of Magus's Lair before it fell.
OZZIE: You're nothing but common				
   Anyone who tries to steal my				
   treasure is looking for a VERY cruel				
Vinnegar: Come forth, my servants!				
   Make mincemeat of these bastards who are				
   trying to take back the treasure I carried off				
   from Magus Castle!!
  • When Ozzie meets the party later on, he tries to say "nice to meet you" in horrible English. Since there really is no way to preserve this nuance, it was left out of the English translation. The retranslation script simply marks it with bad English.
  • Slash is once again very proper and respectful. While in the English translation he notes that "slicing and dicing ya...seems kind of fun," in the Japanese original he states he is very reluctant to cross swords with his former ruler, Magus, but that fate has apparently decided it is to be.
SLASH: At first I really didn't want to				
   slice and dice ya, but now it sounds				
   kind of fun!
Soysaw: I am reluctant to cross swords with my				
   former liege and one whom I revered......				
   But if this too is fate, I doubt I can help it!
  • While Ozzie claims that the three special items make the Mystical Knights invincible in the English translation and then immediately fights, his Japanese original dialogue was more of a threat. The gist of his statement there is that he'd beat the party to a lifeless, unrecognizable pulp.
OZZIE: These unique items make us				
Vinnegar: With these sure-kill items we have				
   equipped, we'll beat you bastards to a bloody				
   lifeless unrecognizable pulp!
  • Magus directly states in the JP version that he started the Mystic war only to gain power. This confirms beyond a doubt that the entire war and uprising was likely a ploy just to secure Magus the necessary faculties to summon Lavos. His desire of power was somehow omitted from the English version.
Magus: Oh, how dreadful.				
   Say, can you hear that?				
   It's the sound of the Reaper...
Magus: Hmph......				
   I just wanted power.				
   I suppose you can hear it too.				
   The sound of the black wind......
  • Originally, Ozzie was angry with Magus for lying about wanting to create a world for the Mystics. Somehow, this became a "world of evil" in the English translation, making Ozzie seem more villainous.
OZZIE: Magus!				
   You lied when you said you wanted				
   to create a world of evil!				
   You used me!
Vinnegar: Magus-sama......				
   Are you bent on beating me?				
   Was our dream of fighting together and				
   creating a world of Demons a lie!?
  • Magus's English response, which asked if Ozzie could hear the sound of the reaper, was originally a question asking if Ozzie could hear the Black Wind. See above.

Choras Carpenter[edit]

Relating to the Cyrus sidequest, the Carpenter of 1000 A.D. (whose tools you borrow) was characterized as a legendary drunk who spent all his time at the café. In addition to his sake being revised to "soda," two references about him getting "drunk off his ass" were also dropped in the English translation.

 [Young Men]				
   We're only trainees.				
   The boss is at his favorite cafe.
 [Young Men]				
   We're apprentice carpenters.				
   If you're looking for the boss, he's drunk off his				
   ass at the bar.

Frog / Masamune Dialogue[edit]

  • The dialogue here is different. The localization team skipped over the real point of Masa & Mune's words -- that the will is supreme, and is meant for doing, not crying over past sins. Frog was holding back the pure strength of his will by feeling sorry for Cyrus and hating himself for that incident. This message relates to the central theme and heart of the Chrono series and the definition of "Chrono Trigger," which states that if one unleashes one's will upon the world, one can change history. Apparently, the note that Frog shouldn't bother feeling hurt and that the will was not for atoning sins was too religious, and warranted its omission from the English translation.
Leon: You were troubled, weren't you.				
Gran: A Hero's strength is strength of will!				
Leon: It's not to atone for sins or anything like that.				
Gran: Your will, just now, had true strength!				
Frog: My...... will......!				
Leon: With this, we can let out our power with no				
   regrets too, nii-chan!
  • Frog meant to boast to the Freelancer that he read his moves and anticipated the rock projectile.
Frog: I await thee, Free Lancer!
Frog: Saw right through it, Freelancer!!

Sun Stone[edit]

Robo had a quote in the English ROM that exactly quantified the time needed to recharge the Sun Stone. It is a fabrication of the localization team, as Robo does not give any number or estimate in the original version of the game.

Rainbow Shell[edit]

  • The maid is considerably more in love with Toma than the NA version lets on.
   I wish Toma would stay put for a	   			
   I wish he would stay in this town forever...…
  • Instead of noting that the party is a riot a minute, Toma says that the sake he drinks with the party is the best of all as he returns to the afterlife from appearing at his grave in 1000 A.D.
  • Instead of remarking that it is drab, in the Japanese version Magus fashionably notes "the color doesn't suit [him]."
  • In the English version, the King says that Marle was saying "Daddy, it's fun having all my favorite people here!" as Queen Aliza passed. This was distorted from the original, in which Marle stated that she simply had a lot of people she liked.
  • The English version gives Robo the line, "although I have no emotions, there is something warm..." after he reads the letter from Leene. This contradicts emotional behavior shown by Robo in the game. In the Japanese original, Robo said that he did not have parents, so that he could not understand the bond between parent and child. The problem of emotions was somehow added in translation; perhaps the localization team were fans of Data from TNG?
Robo: Although I have no emotions,				
   there is something warm and cozy				
   about this letter.
Robo: I have no parents, so I do NOT				
   understand the feeling of loving a child, but				
   this text IS somehow...... warm.
  • Ayla's lines after the letter from Leene were slightly doctored to omit references to nursing babies. Here's the original dialogue.
Ayla: Oh, leave nest!				
   Ayla understand that too!				
   Pteran leave nest too.				
   When time pass, leave nest!				
   Marle leave nest too?				
   That great!				
Ayla: Leave nest! Sleep!				
   Bear kids! Give boobs!				
   And then kids leave nest again!				
Ayla: You be okay?				
   Not have boobs...…				

It's clear from the concept art that Marle does have breasts, but of a modest size (unlike Ayla and most other anime females), and her clothing is fairly baggy as well. It seems that Ayla is concerned that Marle may have trouble nursing her future kids, and doesn't realize that saying this could be considered embarrasing or insulting.

  • Toma XIII mentions Crono in passing as the person who found the shell.
TOMA XIII: Ancient scrolls tell us that if				
   you combine the Rainbow Shell with a				
   Sun Stone, you can make a fearsome				
Toma the 13th: Know about the legendary Sun Stone?				
   Seems you can make an amazing weapon if you				
   cross it with the rainbow shell treasure that Toma				
   the 1st got beaten to by some {char1} person.				
   Found that info in an ancient book.				

Black Omen[edit]

Concerning Queen Zeal's way of referring to herself, わらわ is a rare humble female version of 'I'. It may be appropriate in this situation that the kanji for it, 妾, also means 'concubine'.


The Japanese version is more specific in that Queen Zeal is talking about the clones when she notes that the characters' "futures" are sleeping there. The clones were apparently intended to dishearten Crono and his friends upon sight. A similar tactic was used by Magus in 600 A.D., suggesting the possibility that this craft is a tenet of Zeal's combative magical practices.

Queen: This Black Dream flows across all temporal				
   While waiting for that time when Lavos-sama				
   will awaken......				
   Your future will invariably reach here eventually.
QUEEN: The Dark Omen transcends time				
   and space, waiting for Lavos to				
   Destiny has led you here.				
   And here you shall rest forever,				
   unless you can defeat me, and smash				
   the Omen!

Chapter 26: The Final Battle[edit]

Magus's Fair Fight[edit]

In the NA version, Magus seems to doubt the plan of crashing the Epoch into Lavos. In the JP version, he was noting that they might as well, since the chances of winning in a fair fight were not good, either.

Magus: This is a losing proposition...
Magus: There's no chance of winning if we fight				
   fair, either...…

Marle's Cut Line[edit]

Ever notice that Marle only had one line of dialogue about Lavos while the other members had two? Apparently, one string of dialogue was lost in the NA translation.

That's it! Ever since it fell in Primeval times, it's				
   been under us, absorbing all the living things				
   on this planet the whole time......!!

Magus Evolution Statement[edit]

In the NA version, Magus noted that Lavos had been "controlling evolution for its own purposes." This makes it seem as if Lavos were actively guiding evolution. In fact, the only known instance of this is humanity's contact with the Frozen Flame. In the Japanese version, Magus merely says that Lavos has been "making the evolution of all life...its own," which is similar to the other party members' statements that Lavos is merely harvesting certain traits for his own evolution. It is far removed from the sweeping statement that Lavos controlled absolutely everything.

Magus: ......				
   So...since the dawn of time, it has				
   slept underground, controlling				
   evolution on this world for his own				
Magus: .......				
   It's slept underground and kept on making the				
   the evolution of all life on this planet its own				
   since ancient eras......?

Ending: Successor of Guardia[edit]

One of the lines of the villagers on Marle's appearance as a human lost its meaning in the translation.

   My, your majesty, you look splendid!				
   Oh my, the Princess.				
   Such skillful makeup.				

Ending: Beyond Time[edit]

Lucca Doesn't Forget[edit]

The US version had Lucca forget that they had the Epoch for chasing down Crono's mother. In the Japanese version, she always triumphantly knew...

Marle: Lucca, don't turn off				
   your brain, yet!				
Lucca: I forgot!				
   We have a Time Machine!
Marle: Lucca, you can't mean.…				
Lucca: We've got a Time Machiiinnne{heart}!

Special Art[edit]

In the Japanese version, concept art of Crono and Marle would show after "The End" popped up. For unknown reasons, the graphics and art don't appear in the US game. It's very probable that the US cartridge copy was made before developers had time to insert the art into the master Japanese project.


Ending: The Oath[edit]

Lucca's Respect[edit]

In the NA version, Lucca sort of ridicules Crono for sleeping so much. In the Japanese version, she was expressing a sort of begrudging, frustrating respect that he could simply fall asleep after having accomplished so much. The feeling is sort of a 'how can he possibly just fall asleep?'

Lucca: Man, that fool sleeps a lot.				
   We should make him help us!
Lucca: But I'm amazed he's sleeping.				
   That idiot...…				
   I wonder if we should wake him and make him help.

Magus's Note[edit]

In the NA version, Magus notes that the world is populated by cretins. The Japanese version isn't radically different, but does differ in the first line of this speech.

Magus: We Wizards and humans				
   have brought about our own ruin...				
   Except for you and I, this world is				
   populated by cretins...				
   The one who wins this battle...				
    ...will rule the world...				
   No, make that RULE THE FUTURE...
Magus: Both humans and we Demons have				
   mostly let their lives drop...…				
   Those aside from you and I who live are like				
   unto worms……				
   The one who lives when this battle ends will				
   take the world……				
   No, take the future in his hand...…

Generally meaning dying, but the imagery is interesting. He could literally mean that most are dead, or he could mean that they're so insignificant, or lacking in the qualities needed to bring about change and shape the future, that they are effectively 'dead' despite living.

Ending: A Slide Show?[edit]

The slide show ending is much raunchier in the Japanese version. So as to not spoil the jokes, please consult the Retranslation Script to find the humor.

Ending: The Dream Project[edit]

Like the Slide Show, please consult the script to find all the differences. Of note is Masato Kato's line, which matches up with the nun's famous line from the cathedral in the Japanese version. Both Japanese version quotes are shown below:

   There is no rain in this world that does not end.				
   No matter the night, its end will come in time......				
   That which is truly important is to believe in				
   what you love, and to never give up until				
   the end......				
   Those people who consider you precious are				
   surely watching over you somewhere in the world.
Katou: There is no rain that does not stop falling.				
   Even eternity has an end......				


Arris Dome Line[edit]


Appears after "Save the future like Crono saved me" and before "Okay, Lucca?" in the Arris Dome. There is no corresponding US line. Thanks to Paul Jensen, we now have a translation:

こんな         未来     なんか      変え     ちゃ     おう     よ!
this_sort_of  future  (derisive)  change  totally  should  (emphatic)

This could be (awkwardly) put as: "A horrible future like this we should totally change!"

Or maybe better put as: "This future sucks!  We've gotta change it!"

Magus's Lair[edit]

Magus: だが今度は他の者達が、足手まといにならねばいいがな。

This is translated as: But this time, those of the earth would do better not to hinder me. echecking confirms that it's 'hoka', not 'chi', so it should read 'others' and not 'those of the earth'. Makes more sense that way anyway, and seems to carry a sense of 'it's none of your business'. Probably I transcribed it incorrectly early on, then never noticed in rechecks since the kanji look so similar.

Thanks to Quenditar

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