General Information[edit]

Welcome to the Chrono Trigger Retranslation Project, completed in script form on March 30, 2007. Thanks to fan translator KWhazit, the dream of a full original translation is now reality. All dialogue in the game, as well as all lists of items, weapons, armor, locations, etc. have been rendered in English once more. A clearer portrayal of Chrono Trigger as intended by its Japanese creators is now available. It is not the opinion of this project that Ted Woolsey's official translation was bad or insufficient in any way -- only that some essence of the game was lost or altered, given Nintendo of America's censorship standards and the inability of the game to hold all the original text when translated to English. Here's a sample of the final product:


The retranslation is presented in HTML, Excel, and text files. The scripts present Woolsey's original translation, the Japanese script, and KWhazit's retranslation (with annotations) in a four-column format which allows easy cross referencing of sources. For those seeking specific and important differences between the original North American release and the original, a special article has been made with excerpts of the scripts. A full name guide is also up for download with the spreadsheets.


To play the Retranslation, download the .ips patch and follow the installation instructions in the readme text file included.

To download three patches allowing the patch's hard changes to be applied to your own work:

If you would like to remove the title screen so that you can use the retranslated Chrono Trigger as a template for your own ROM hacking work, apply this anti-patch:

To learn about the making of the patch, hit this feature:

This patch does not feature:

  • Variable-width font (slows down performance)

This patch does not enable this Japanese feature:

  • Equipment screen item count (would interfere with names)

This patch does enable these features:

  • Ayla's Cro nickname (via second naming screen with Ayla; choose the nickname)
  • Marle's formal name (simply adding "dia" to the end of {Marle} strings)
  • Special Japanese ending art for Crono & Marle's balloon parade ending
  • Sky / Dark element icons replacing Lightning / Shadow images

Certain item and location names were shortened. To view the full names, consult the script release. There are no easter eggs; don't bother searching. Thanks go to KWhazit (translation), ZeaLitY (script insertion and miscellaneous), Geiger and JLukas (technical assistance and hard hacking), Vehek (title screen creation), and Lena Andreia (elemental icon and banner creation). Lastly, Kyronea contributed a few location insertions as well.

Script Presentations[edit]

Choose your method of viewing below. The Dialogue Packet Edition presents strings in the order they are stored in the game. The Game Order Edition presents them as the player would naturally encounter dialogue. For the HTML files, give them a few seconds to load, as the multitude of tables from spreadsheet conversion make them especially demanding on browsers.

Why Retranslate?[edit]

A few factors contributed to our desire to have Chrono Trigger retranslated. Specifically, Ted Woolsey did remark in an interview (see here) that a lot of text was cut out because the strings became too long after translation. Additionally, Woolsey did make mistakes in places. For instance, take the line:

Gaspar: One of you is close to someone who needs help. Find this person, fast.

It was supposed to read something to the effect of, "For matters concerning each time era, talk to your teammates." It's a hint telling you to talk to the various player characters standing around the End of Time; upon doing so, they will provide information about the sidequests in their home eras. The original meaning was heavily distorted, and led to endless discussion in the community befor e a proper translation was given. Also, there's a line in Zeal that states, "Janus, Schala's step-brother, doesn't have a speck of magic." Hey, he's not a step-brother! Little mistakes like these can cloud comprehension and understanding of the game's finer plot details and characterization.

Just to clarify, we aren't saying Ted Woolsey sucks. Censorship standards were imposed by Nintendo, and translators often have a hard time fitting every last bit of meaning into sentences without running over. For a clarification of Ted Woolsey's experiences, see this page.

For the whiners: We apologize for not translating your favorite Japan-only game, Densetsu no Haineko LXI. In the future, KWhazit will be more mindful of your nerdy complaints and choose an obscure game to satisfy your refined tastes in RPGs. Also, we will no longer present our work as a "hobby" by fans and for fans, but instead we will present ourselves as crusaders against Nintendo's sacrilegious inaccuracy and censorship. In line with this paradigm shift, KWhazit will begin demanding monthly Paypal contributions to continue, and will make irregular posts complaining about real life. To make a splash, we will announce no less than 10 new fan translations at at time, with release dates (if you're lucky) of no less than ten years out. Only then will we be a true fan translation unit and cater to your expectations and tastes.

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