Radical Dreamers Translation Differences


In December 2008, a Compendiumite named utunnels retranslated certain scenes in Radical Dreamers, sometimes uncovering a different picture of the characters and events than what Demiforce gave us. This page tracks Radical Dreamers translation differences that are closer to the original than the Demiforce translation.


A couple lines were omitted from the Demiforce translation, along with Kid's maniacal laugh.


It was then that I opened the notebook my mother had given me...she said she found it while cleaning out the closet. Crumbling and covered with dust, it turned out to be the diary of my long-lost grandfather.

Do you still remember...? How we first met, and all of our adventures since... It all seems like such a dream nowadays... You were a piece of a star that fell from the sky. Whenever I want to return to those days long gone, I close my eyes and whisper your name into the evening sky...

Kid... Kid...

...Kid... ...Hey, Kid! "Are you ready, Kid? I know you're anxious, but stay on your toes." "Yeah, likewise, mate! Mess up, and I'm leavin' ya behind!" "C'mon, Magil. That bastard Lynx is gonna get what he deserves!

Say yer prayers...Not that it'll do ya any good!"



All these begin when mother handed me a notebook...
It was found by chance when she was cleaning out the storeroom.
The old, molded notebook, was a diary of my grandfather who passed away several years ago.
My grandfather, who had been always taking a nap under the lamplight, wrote his distant memories there...

「 …………
 おまえは まだ
 ひとつぶの 星のかけらだった……
 ああ……、いつでも わたしは帰って行く
 そっとおまえの名を 夜にささやけば……

Do you still remember...?
How we met first time, and those many adventures...
It all seemed like a dream, in those summer days, we ran like the wind...
You were a star fragment that fell from the sky...
Those distant days, will never come back again...
I close my eyes, whisper you name quietly at night...

     …… キッド……
   …… おい、キッド。

... Hey, Kid.
"Are you ready(Have you prepared well), Kid?
Although I know you are anxious, but please be careful."(don't be so careless)
"Hah, it's you that always mess things up. If you do that again, I will leave you behind."
"And, come on, Gil. I will let that bastard Lynx pay 100 times for what he has done.
Just cry and beg, you bastard. I will never forgive you though.

Scenario 1: Le Trésor Interdit[edit]

Mouth of Truth[edit]

In the original Japanese version, there were differences with the lipstick, file, and hand-shaped plate. The lipstick is revealed to have a special use for the thieves:


"My lipstick!!"


Seeing the red lips of the beard-oldman, Kid explodes in anger.


"What's wrong, Kid, isn't that how cosmetics are used for?"


"This lipstick is used for drawing marks just in case we lose our way."

The file wasn't a nail file, but an industrial hand tool:


"As one of the 7 tools, only life is more important than that file!!!"

Finally, the hand-shaped plate is revealed to have contained the ultimate truth of the universe, which the Mouth of Truth refuses to speak.


...This is it, the ultimate truth of the universe...


"Seeing the truth of the world, even the Mouth of Truth will coil its tongue up."


Even when making a joke like this, Magil still uses his usual serious tone.

「この世の真理だって? あの象形文字
が? しくじった! うつしとっときゃ

"The truth of the world? Those pictograph characters? Damn it! We could sell it for a high price!"


Kid says, snapping her fingers, regrettably.

The Books[edit]

The books originally had somewhat original content.

Blue Book, Front
It's about a young man says farewell to a baby elephant. No idea if it was taken from an ever published book.

Red Book, Front
Sort of an adult reading. That's why Serge got slapped (HP-10). Again, I don't know if it was from a real book.

Note: If you choose this book, Serge will lost 10HP, not love points. But this event won't kill Serge, nor produce any sound effects (odd).

Purple Book, Front
About Neo-Epoch(Neo-Silverbird) just like what Demiforce translated, although, the lines below were an invention:

"What is this? It reminds me of..."
"Of what, Kid?"

Green Book, Front
About a goblin who guards a house for its master but falls asleep.

Blue Book, Back
Same as Demiforce's translation. There's no sound test in original game though.
Note: Serge will lose 18 HP and get killed if his health is low enough.

Red Book, Back
Jakobson's thesis about Hume's theory; sounds like research about space and time. (Not the Jakobson and Hume in real world, though.)

Purple Book, Back
The key, of course. Although the scene is not as detailed as Demiforce's translation.

Green Book, Back
A disgusting love story. Still, its origin is unknown.

White Book, Back
A detective story on a small island in the storming sea.

Acacia Markings[edit]

The sword is not mentioned in original script; the proof of the Acacia Dragoons must be the Acacia Ring. And for some reason, Kid can read some old symbols in this game (instead of Magil); this is one of the example.


"Hey Magil, would you come over here please? Something is carved into the wall here, I think it's an inscription of some kind..."
Magil kneels down in front of the wall and examines the writing. Looking closer at it, it appears to be written in blood.
"Indeed. This text has been worn down with age. Most of it is unreadable."
Here's what I can make out:

                 ...won't la...   mu... onger...
            ...cia Dragoons....  nee...he encha...
                swor... order to... ...proof...


"It seems something is written here..." (This is said by Magil)
Magil squats down in front of the wall and examines the walnut(tea color, literally) symbols, which looks like some spots.
"Smear blood on some carved symbols to make up some kind of secret code, but..." (It is supposed to be said by Kid)
Kid's voice comes from beside.
"It has been here for a long time, the text is off and on, hard to read.

....Perhaps I won't last much longer.
But at least, I have left the proof of the honorable Acacia Dragoons here...
the proof of the Dragoons...?" (It must be the ring)

The Spiked Ceiling[edit]

In Demiforce's version, thrusting the Einlanzer into the ceiling results in death:

"Okay! Let's smash the ceiling!" I shout, swinging the sword over my head!
The wooden structure shatters from the huge sword's impact! A number of rusty blades are now in free-fall, headed straight for us!!
I try to protect myself, but the dozens of tiny razor sharp blades painfully tear into me!

In the original Japanese, it merely took 10 HP:


"OK, let's break the ceiling with this sword!!"


I thrust upward fiecely with the sword.


[Sound of metal collision]


But it's deflected by countless blades in the ceiling, and I fall on the ground.

The Death of Venus[edit]

In Demiforce's version, the mirror invites Serge first, and his resistance seems to crack the mirror. In the original, the mirror invites Kid first, who tells Serge to try instead. Serge barely gets a hand in before Venus seems to break herself, revealing that she is a servant of Lynx.


"Ah, Master Serge. Is there something I can answer for you?" the statue asks in a pleasant voice. "Or, perhaps, you'd be interested in this lovely gift I have for you?"
"Huh? A gift?"
"Only a modest token of my appreciation for you and your comrades. I present you with a personal invitation into the Realm of the Looking Glass, if you are interested."
"Wow, really?"
"Yes, but we must hurry. Time is of the essence."
I look towards the dark, rippling surface of the mirror. Slowly, I reach my hand out towards it.
It feels like my hand is being submerged in water, passing straight into the mirror...
Suddenly, there's a slight pull. I try to retract my arm, but the harder I pull, the further I seem to be getting drawn in...
"Master Serge! Take your hand out, quickly!!"
Just then, a crack streaks across the mirror!
"What's... going on!?"
Amidst my struggling, I see a crack start to streak down the mirror's glass...
"Save yourself, Master Serge... Please, before I am forced to consume you..."
Kid starts pulling with me, despite the increasing force drawing me in! I'm now up to my shoulder in this thing!
"On the count of three," I yell!
"One, two, three!!"
We tumble backwards, falling onto the couch. I look at my arm in a daze. It's fine.
Shaking myself off, I return to the mirror, now even more cracked since I last saw it.


「まあ! そんなことおっしゃられたら、

"Oh! You have an ill sense of humour. "


Venus laughs mischievously.




Kid responses with a stiffened face.


"Why me!? (You enraged me)"


"Don't be so sensitive. I have a nice gift for everyone."




"Although it might be too trivial to mention. But it'll be an interesting experience visiting the Mirror Realm."


"You invite us to the Mirror Realm?"


Kid asks curiously.


"We have limited time. So, Master Kid. Please..."


The mirror ripples like the water surface.


Hearing that, Kid extends her hand towards the mirror, but suddenly, she stops.


She thinks for a while, then retrieves her hand back.


"Serge, I'll leave this chance to you(I give up, literaly). It seems you are more interested by that mirror."

「え、ほんと? いいの?」

"Oh really?" I ask Kid.


Kid nods her head, so I extend my hand to the mirror.


It feels like the cold water surface.


"Mr Serge, no!!"


A crack appears on the mirror.


"....!! what...!?"


Venus sobs in the mirror, tears run down her face.


"I am...I'm a servant of Lynx."

Schala Foreshadowing[edit]

Originally, Magil looked at Kid while talking about mental rejection at the dungeon, foreshadowing Schala's rejection of her involvement in the destruction of Zeal and the creation of her Kid identity. The foreshadowing is also much stronger in Magil's second answer (though he made a joke out of it). This was lot a bit in the Demiforce translation. Demi's:

"A wall, used for shielding one's mind from reality. After being exposed to horrific events, tremendous amounts of pain and guilt has this effect on a person. He has made a safe world inside his own mind, where he retreats into. From there, he refuses to acknowledge anything he does not want to admit."
I notice that talking about this has given Magil a sort of sad, lost look in his face. Noticing my glance, he quickly turns away from me.


Very well," Magil says, taking me aside. "For example, there was probably a time when Kid was very different than who she is now. She couldn't have been a thief her whole life, correct?"


"He refused to accept the reality, it is like there's a wall between him and the real world. He's trying his best to avoid anything realistic, perhaps, he used to have some miserable experience, so...He's now in another world that he built in his heart. He escaped there from the real world and refused anything outside..."
It gives me a feeling, a person without such miserable experience can't speak like what Magil does. So I raise my head and stare at him."
For some reason, Magil is staring at Kid...


"Can you explain in a more understandable way?"
I request.
"For example. Kid, before she was a thief, used to live a completely different life."
Hearing that, I depict Kid who crosses her hands, full of stars in her eyes, in my mind.
"Now, she won't realized she's stealing, instead, she feels like she's taking and using her own properties. This is so called 'preoccupation'."

"Charm the Grandpa"[edit]

Originally, a joke existed that perhaps Kid would have to charm the Radius-figure with her feminine allure to wake him up. She then hits Magil for insinuating she's not pretty enough for the task. This was lost in the Demiforce translation. Demi's:

"Well, I guess we oughta help the old bloke out with his troubles while we're here. What do ya say we do?" Kid asks.
[choice 1] *"Somehow, we have to put an end to this..."
[choice 2] *Say nothing, confused.

[choice 1]
"Huh!?" Kid says, looking up. "You got a problem with me!?"
"Eh!? N, no... that's not what I meant..."
But before I can explain, Kid's fist suddenly flies into my face!
Narrowly avoiding the blow, I look up to see Magil starting to speak again.

[choice 2]
Thinking through everything that's been said already, I really have no idea about how to get anywhere with him.
"Well somebody better think of somethin' soon!" Kid says.

The original:

Magil thinks for a while, then he answers,
"It's simple...
We can bring him back to the reality."
"How? Could it be said that I have to charm this grandpa?"
[choice 1]*"You'd better not..."
[choice 2]*"......"
I keep silent.

[choice 1]
"You'd better not."
Hearing Kid's words, I answer casually.
Kid stares at me angrily.
"You mean, I don't have such allure, do you, Serge?"
"Ahh!? NO, NO...That's not what I meant..."
"Or, you mean we shall give it up?"
"Indeed, it won't work."
Hearing that, Kid throws a fist to Magil suddenly!
Magil avoids it easily, and continues.

[choice 2]
Hearing Kid's words, I'm about to say something, but suddenly I realize a close mouth catches no flies, so I cover my mouth with my hand immediately.
"What's the matter?"
Kid is surprised by my reaction.
Ho...that was close.
"Indeed, it won't work."
Magil says calmly.
Suddenly, Kid throws a fist to Magil!
Magil avoids it easily, and continues.

Ballroom Elevator[edit]

Serge and Kid's dialogue while riding the elevator down to the Zeal ruins is more evocative of Kid's history as Schala. Originally, Serge and Kid have these choices:

  • "Why bring us here, Kid? Is it fate?"
  • "Don't worry, we can't lose, there's no doubt!"

[Choice One]

"...... Fate...? Life...? I don't even know anymore. But with Lynx, nothin's set in stone.
But... sometimes, it feels like there's somethin' inside me, guidin' me... no matter what I do, it won't matter because I know it'll be showin' me what to do next...
Bah, what am I sayin'... crazy talk," Kid says, smiling faintly.

[Choice Two]

"Whatever," Kid says beneath her breath, smiling faintly. "Sayings like those never made much sense to me. There's never a case where there ain't a doubt. Not a single one.
But... thanks, mate."

In utunnels's translation:

  • Who's that opponent?
  • We will certainly win.

[Choice One]


"Who's that opponent(were you talking about), Kid?"


I'm not sure for myself...
But I didn't mean Lynx or any specific thing.
I can't explain that well...sometimes I feel like there's another myself inside me, it is always watching, quietly, no matter how stupid my actions are...
I feel... it sounds like a funny story..."


Kid says with a faint smile on her face.

[Choice Two]


"Don't worry.Kid..., we, won't lose. We'll win, certainly!"


"You stupid..."


Kid replies with a faint smile.

 でも…… ありがとう、セルジュ」

"In this world, there's no such things as 'certain' or 'absolute',no one can make such an assertion, no matter who. But....thank you, Serge."

Kid's Anger[edit]

Kid showed a bit more anger in the lines preceding the final confrontation. Demi's:

I don't know what she meant by that, but after what happened at the temple, I vowed to get my revenge, and honor what she wanted."
I stay silent, not knowing what kind of reply to offer.
"I shoulda talked more about it before, before I got you involved in everything, I guess," she says after a while.
"It's bad, Serge..."

The original:


when Sis was abducted and never returned again, I swore .....
Take the Frozen Flame from that bastard Lynx, and avenge Sis."
Cold light sparkles in Kid's right eye.
"That bastard, he must pay for all he has done!!
Even if trade with my own life....
I will make him pay...!"
Kid says, suddenly, she become quiet。。。
"I'm sorry, Kid....
I understand now..."
After a little while, Kid replies:
"Nothing...I'm OK.
Those things, I should tell you earlier, before you were involved in."
"It's really bad, Serge...."
I don't know how to reply...
Only footsteps are left in the dark passage, again....

These lines closely approximate Kid's exclamations at the Water Dragon Isle camping scene in Chrono Cross:

There were a lot of others
like me at Sis's place,
she was always makin'
strange stuff...
We didn't have money,
but we were all happy.

Up until that Lynx bastard...
came and shattered our
happiness to pieces!
Lynx raided our house,
burned it down, and
kidnapped Sis!

never came back...

I'll make sure that bloody
bastard pays for what he's
I will get even...!
No matter what it takes!!!

Battle with Lynx[edit]

In Demiforce's version, Kid kicks at Lynx before spitting blood:

With as much power as she can muster, Kid kicks at Lynx, sweeping him off his feet!
Spitting blood, Kid coughs a little, but still, a smile manages to come through her agony.

Originally, Lynx kicked Kid, who then spat blood:


Lynx kicks Kid with all his strength!




Kid rolls on the ground, spitting blood.

Vera's Title[edit]

Demiforce removed Vera's title:


"Parepori's (Porre's) Magic Chancellor.... Lady Vira (Vera)!"

Vera's Taunt[edit]

Vera taunted the party originally; this was removed in the Demiforce translation. Demi's:

The old woman gazes down on us from under her hood. "I believe you all ought to come with us."

The original:

The old woman looks down at us.
"Kid...if you want the Frozen Flame, you can come to steal it anytime. That'll be interesting; I will await you. Of course, if you can escape from here."

Scenario 2: Magil: Caught Between Love and Adventure[edit]

Gil and his Cookies[edit]

Gil originally gave the cookies away instead of eating them all. Riddel also calls him Gil; Gilbert is Demiforce's invention. Demi's:

There are some things in our past that I will not forget, Gilbert! Once, you were given some delicious-looking homemade cookies for your fifth birthday, but you would not share them with anyone! And another time, at one of the village festivals, I remember wanting to dance with you, but you never asked me to. I waited all night!


ああっ! 昔からそうよ。ギルって、

Ahh! Like before, Gil, you never consider my feelings!

I gave you some handmade cookies for your fifth birthday, but you just gave them to everyone. And, you never asked me to dance with you at the village festival. And...

Gil and his Cookies 2[edit]

In lieu of the cookie accusation, Gil defends himself in the original. Demi's:

It is all a misunderstanding, Riddel! I wanted to ask you to dance, but I did not have the confidence...!


「誤解だリデル! クッキーは、みんな

Riddel, you misunderstood! The cookies, I wanted to boast them to everyone. And about dance...I didn't have confidence in dance...!

Suitor or Gil?[edit]

Originally, Riddel promised to marry someone; this obviously seems to be Gil, not a random suitor. Demi's:

However, the maid's eyes darken as she continues. "But, as everyone knew, Lady Riddel had already been assigned a suitor!"


The maid stares faraway, and continues.
"Miss Riddel made a promise to marry a gentleman, now everyone has known about that."

Ending Variations[edit]

Originally, the Frozen Flame reference comes from Kid, who's perhaps trying to remind her thieving partners of the mission at hand. Gil's reference is merely to the dawn; he doesn't make the Frozen Flame metaphor. Demi's:

From far across the landscape, a deep, shimmering light begins to fill the sky.
"Look, Riddel... there's our Frozen Flame," Magil says, pointing towards the morning sun.


A dim light appears in the faraway sky. (Literally, the faraway sky becomes white)
"Unknowingly, the dawn has come." (Before someone's aware, the dawn has come)
Kid let out a sigh.
"Ahh-ahh, the Frozen Flame!!"
Gil (or Magil, since he's Gilbert) points at the raising sun (the morning sun).
"Look, Riddel...
It's the dawn for the two of us..."

Scenario 3: Kid and the Sunflower[edit]

Sacred Host Spell[edit]

The actual name of the Sacred Host Spell is 魔人(majin) which means magical being or magical man; usually, they are simple monsters (sometimes with supernatural power) from mythologies. Ozzie in CT is a typical example.

Pollon's Follies[edit]

Pollon's accent is quite annoying(half English, half Japanese, and a little French, and lots of '~'). He calls himself 'ミー'(me), and calls Serge 'ユー'(you). It makes me curious about Harle's accent in CC...

ユーのハ~ト yu- no ha~to (you's heart, your heart)
グッバ~イ gubba~i (Goodbye)
アヂュ~ adyu~(Adieu)
オ~イェ~ス~ o~ye~su~ (Oh, yes)
ソーリ so-ri (Sorry)

The name of his magic cannon:



Hypeeeeeeeer Greeeeeeat Magic Cannon

Scenario 4: SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra[edit]

Seal Deactivation Spell[edit]

When Magil uses the bunny to deactive the magic seal, he mutters something like an incantation.

"Heat cup... provolone... soccer mom...!!"

The original doesn't make sense, either:



  • Shishiru = Simushir, one of the islands of Kuril Islands.
  • Urushi = Ulithi, an atoll in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean.
  • Hitokappu (perhaps Demiforce mistranslated it as heat cup) is also a location name of Kuril Islands (Hitokappu Bay; English name not known).

Other Notes[edit]

Some details in scenario "SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra":

  1. Lynx says "Do you think I spent 500 years only to repair my ship?" (he means he was preparing for the revenge for sure)
  2. Lynx's weapon, that pistol, is not a weapon at all, it is called "enlarge beam". He doesn't fire beams toward the trio. Instead, he shoots a beam at himself and becomes a large octopus (as someone mentioned, it is about 10000 tons in displacement). He doesn't use a mothership to attack...instead, Kid tells Magil(Mick Van Jovi) to call the Mothership for help, but Magil says there's no such thing...
  3. It is not a large rock that hits Mick Van Jovi, but Lynx throws a flying ax at him and cuts into his head.
  4. Seeing the rabbit, Lynx tells Serge that a "kankannou dance" from the rabbit will ruin the reactor (the Flame) incautiously. Serge thanks him and controls the rabbit to dance a "kankannou dance"... (Kankannou = popular dance from the Edo period)

Martian Conjurer[edit]


Martian Conjurer Uru Ururun

Or maybe "Uru Ururun, The Martian Conjurer" is better.

Scenario 5: Homecoming: Shea's Light[edit]

Dead Sea[edit]

The frozen sea with the green-haired Siren is more reminiscent of the Dead Sea in Chrono Cross. There was also only one corpse instead of several in this area, revealed to be the control center of the trap. Serge smashes its head or lets Magil blow it up based on the player's choices, and everything returns to normal. The sea is solid again, and the Siren stops moving. Here's the description:


It looks just like the storming sea frozen (solidified) in time, very exquisitely crafted.
It is more realistic and dreary / tragic than beautiful.

Kid's Weight[edit]

She uses a technique to reduce her weight.


I let out a deep, shaky breath as Kid takes her first step out. The scaffold gives a little, but stays afloat.


"In fact, Kid hands her dagger and backpack to Serge to reduce her total weight. Then, she adjusts her breath, and concentrates her mind. Such action reduces her weight to 1/4. This is in fact "light body skill", usually seen in Chinese martial arts fiction."

Lynx's Corpse[edit]

The explanation of the corpse is different in Demiforce's version. Demi's:

Magil kneels down and lifts off the cushions, examining the corpse as though he was a coroner.
"Hey, I always liked a nice firm seat," Kid says, pretending to sit down on it.
Enough with the bad jokes already, Kid...
"This corpse has no life-essence," Magil continues.
"Isn't that how corpses usually are?" I ask.
"Generally, yes. When a person dies, one's consciousness, or spirit, is separated from the body. Normally, as the spirit leaves the body, the corpse will crumble over time. However, in this case, this corpse is aged, but it has not even started to crumble at all yet. It is merely without moisture."
"Lynx's spirit has not yet been released."
"So that means..."
"Yes, his spirit is still here, probably somewhere within this mansion."
Magil seems unusually disturbed by all this. First the phantom, then that whole siren thing, now this... even he's having trouble keeping his cool.
We're in over our heads.
"Lynx was apparently slain by a blade," Magil says, pointing to a gash in his belly.
Looking around, he finds the murder weapon. It's a bloody sword, stashed behind a chair. "An Acacian sword... interesting."
Magil tries to remain focused, racking his brain for information.
"If a body and its spirit have been detached in this manner, the body will yearn for its spirit. It will transform into a sort of bottomless well, endlessly seeking spirits until it finds its own."
"What does that have to do with us? ...Oh," Kid says solemnly.


Magil, who was examining the corpse with great interests and ardor like a Chemist, breaks the silence suddenly.
"The corpse looks really funny, hmm."
Kid says, while stepping aside like she's avoiding the miasma.
But , as usual, Magil continues with his scholar like tone.
"This corpse, has no vigor."
"As a corpse, what do you expect it to have?"
I don't know what Magil wants to say.
"Usually, one's mind and thought--the soul--will leave the body after the owner dies. But vigor is part of the body too, they will evaporate bit by bit as the corpse is rotting away."
"So, that means he's dead for a long time, so that v..what...has evaporated completely?"
"This corpse, has no vigor left at all, nor signs for that it used to have any vigor, it vanished completely...."
...even Magil feels curious and confused.
"The one who fought Lynx, might be a Vampire..."
My knowledge about mystery is really limited now.
The ghost girl, the robotic mermaid(siren), and this strange corpse of Lynx, ehh...
Now I eager to leave here too like Kid.
But, it seems Magil doesn't notice our response at all, he still has strong interests with that corpse...
"If it was a Vampire, yes, the vigor will be completely drained, but the soul will not leave the body. And in order to replenish the lost vigor, he will go finding new victims evey night... "
"How boring, you want to say, this corpse has neither soul nor vigor, don't you? But, what's the matter? I don't understand, what do you want to do?"

Entering Lynx's Room[edit]

This section is lacking a few details.


"What's that strange look on yer face for, mate?"
"I don't know... I just... I don't have a good feeling about this place."
"Aw, c'mon, mate. You never have a good feelin' about anything."
"It's just, after what we went through with the treasure vault and all... I don't know, maybe I am just being a worry wart."

"Well, you sure ya wanna keep on goin'?" Kid asks with an unusually serious face.
Somehow, I find myself nodding silently, ignoring the warnings in my head. I remember something someone told me a while ago about this place...
"Everything in that mansion answers to Lord Lynx," he said. "The creatures... the walls... the statues... everything. If you understand the concept of power by fear and control, then you understand Lynx."
Magil strokes his chin, calmly examining the gigantic doors before us. There's bound to be something important in here -- these dark mahogany doors tower above us, emanating an unmistakable sense of intimidation.



"How funny." "What? If it is so funny, why don't you laugh. Do you need my help?" "K..Kid, I'm...numbed...Stop, stop it!" "I see. That only makes the unpleasant atmosphere even worse." Kid stops tickling me suddenly, and returns to her previously clouded face. "After entering this house, we haven't see a single alive human. It is so unusual...Although, that old lady in the machine room is a human, but she's sort of odd too, I wonder whether she's a real alive one..."

Haha, I don't think it is unusual... even in the main story line, there're few alive "human"... the manor is full of goblins, gryphons, ghosts, demons, skeletons ....

"......Ahh, what am I talking about?" Kid says with an unusual serious tone。 She just told what I'm worrying about, so I nod quietly. But when such thing is spoken by other one, it sounds just like a horror story... "This is Lynx's home. We should go asking him." Magil points ahead with his chin. There's a heavy red wooden double door there, obviously, it is Lynx's room...

Mirror Trap[edit]

Demiforce's translation stated:

"We're never gonna get outta here. People have probably been trapped here their whole lives... or longer..."
"Relax, mate. We got enough food here to last us a while."
...Funny, that didn't really relax me very much...

While according to utunnels:


"We'll be trapped in this house for the rest of our lives."


"That's not a pleasant result."


"Relax, a life without food won't be longer than a week(will end in a week, literally)."


...How can I relax...

Magil's Touch[edit]

Serge knew what Magil was doing in the original.


Suddenly, Magil comes up behind us and touches us on the back of our necks. I don't know what he's doing, but it instantly calms me down... and by the looks (and sounds) of it, Kid as well.


But Serge knows what he's doing, sort of, he assumes Magil touched their vital points (a common attack/heal skill in Chinese martial arts fiction).

Booby Trap[edit]

utunnels: The booby trap... there's no such thing. In fact, it is Serge who gets the heck scared out of him by Shea's ghost and sets a bomb in order to blast the door...he's completely mad... Magil casts a shield of wind before them when the bomb explodes, but still, the huge explosion blasts them out of the room.

Other Side[edit]

utunnels: After the explosion, they are thrown into "anther side" of the manor, which is like the mirror realm (or another side in Silent Hill series...). Unlike Demiforce's translation in which the door is destroyed, what surprised them is, everything here is undamaged, the wall, the door...And what's more, they are in the passage now. Considering the position of the bomb, they should not be there.

Shea's Orphanage[edit]

In Demiforce's translation, the village was burned down. Originally, only the other orphans were killed.

I recalls that girl with a monastery robe, that robe is unique...But Magil is keeping on talking, it seems he doesn't notice my question at all.
When I'm thinking I might be ignored...
"That's the uniform of the ancient Communion of the Four Spirits ."
But, hearing Magil talking about it, Kid scowls immediately.
"Kid used to live there..."
I remembered, Magil talked about that before. Kid was an orphan adopted by a Sister from the Communion of the Four Spirits. It is said, she was also an orphan, so she got along well with Kid.
But one day, she was taken away by Lynx's minion and never returned. Kid was still very young at that time.
Kid sneaked out of the communion. She wanted to find her in Lynx's house. But little Kid did not managed to reach Lynx's house. When she came back to the village, she found the orphans were all dead.
Magil, a regular vistor of the communion, came to the orphanage one day. He found Kid sitting among the mummyfied corpses, biting her lip while staring at the direction of Lynx's house.
Kid had not spoken for a whole year...it is said, since then, Magil never saw her cry...

Magil's 100 Years[edit]

In Demiforce's translation, Magil says he's apparently waited 100 years to get Lynx, but originally, he was telling Shea to wait 100 years, perhaps for resurrection. Demi's:

Looking over at him, an arc of magic streaks out from his fingertips towards the Flame! The scarlet jewel takes on a strange, dark color, as it begins to hum louder and louder...
Shea smiles upon seeing this.
"Thank you... thank you for setting me free...
"I've waited a century for this moment, to put an end to Lynx," Magil says, smiling broadly. "And now... it is finished."

The original:

He was concentrating on drawing new symbols to the magic field just now.


Hearing that, a surprised expression appears on Shae 's face...


Then, she gives a cheerful smile.


"Thank you Magil, for freeing me from all of those..."


This is the first time I see Magil smile.


"Wait for another hundred years.
Wait there for 'resurrection'!

Scenario 6: The Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Paradise X[edit]

Unused Lines[edit]

This is not a translation difference.

In this scenario, there's a paragraph which will never by used by the game, even in the original script. It seems Demiforce was about to fix it, but left it alone.

<Label 0x0399B5>
<ClearText>"Yeah! Who do ya think I am?" Kid shouts, hitting me upside the head.
<PlaySound 0B><Waitpad>"You really are useless, aren't ya!" she shouts, glaring at me.
<Waitpad>"We battled a giant monster in this big arena, in the middle of the day."
<Waitpad><ClearText>"C'mon, there's bound to be more of these rooms in the mansion somewhere."
<Waitpad> Kid and Magil rush out of the room without missing a beat.
<Waitpad> I can't begin to imagine what happened back there, but these sure are some tough cookies...
<waitpad><Goto 0x02005C>

Scenario 7: The Shadow Realm and the Goddess of Death[edit]

Scythe Swing[edit]


The scythe cleaves through the air. Kid tumbles backward, dazed. She looks at her arm, and wipes the blood away from the small cut Lilith made.


"In the original script, the scythe doesn't cuts anyone. Lilith swings it toward Magil. The strong wind generated by the mighty swing blows Kid away."

Confrontation with Lilith[edit]

In Demiforce's translation, Magil becomes combatively entangled with Lilith and eventually disappears into the Shadow Realm with her. Originally, Magil simply won the battle and coldly abandoned his comrades.


Since I have already found Lilith, you guys are completely useless to me. Watch out your own lives!


Magil rolls the shadow(Lilith) up and puts it under his bosom.


I hears the shadow sobs under Magil's clothes.

ならぬのか? せめて、ひとめでいい。

"Could it be that I can no longer see this bright world? I still want to see the sunrise again..."


"Give up that thought. His Majesty is wating for us."


Magil says coldly.


He steps towards the shadow...

「待って! キッドを元に戻して!」

"Wait! Please restore Kid! "


I pull Magil, who's slipping into the shadow.


"That's your own business. Use your affection to thaw the Frozen Flame which holds Kid's soul."


Magil says snappishly.


"You'd better give it up."

Other Notes[edit]

  • Those dancing nobles don't wear decaying tuxedos and tattered dresses. And the trie don't know they are ghosts until.... A maid walks toward Kid, but to everyone's surprise, she passes through Kid like a phantom! And then they notice the lower part of the maid's leg is transparent, so do the other dancers. The ghosts don't reply, they don't say "Ghosts!? Nooo!!"
  • Serge depicts how Kid and Lilith conspire to conquer the world in his mind. So he snatches the book from Kid's hand (who already accepts it from Lilith), LMAO.
  • When Serge shouts "We don't need that thing!", Lilith doesn't laugh at him. Instead, Kid tugs his ear: "This is none of your business!" LOL
  • As I said previously, Lilith's scythe doesn't hit Kid, but the wind generated by the swing.
  • "She helped you... and now you're doing this to her!?" I shout. This is not spoken by Serge, but Kid, "I freed you...blahblah"
  • Magil's fireball magic is deflected by Lilith's scythe, the fire flies here and there. Serge doesn't cover Kid, who has not fainted at this time. Instead Kid condemns Magil to be so careless while dodging the fire.
  • Difference:

Despite her delirious circumstances, Kid opens her eyes just enough to recognize me and smile.
"Serge... thank you... protect me..."
"We're not giving up yet, Kid...!"
It's the least I can do, to comfort her... I don't know what else to do.

So according to the fact that Serge doesn't cover her previously, the dialogue should be:

"Take care of yourself. Don't die in that bloody fool's hand!"
Even under a circumstance like this, Kid doesn't ask help from me.

General Differences[edit]


Demiforce translated the room Esmeld is in as the "armory", but utunnels suggests "Guard Room".


Demiforce made the atrium's water trap more frightening by adding body parts and ravenous piranhas. "Masses of bones and half-eaten body parts bubble up to the surface of the pond."

In the original, those fish are victims of an experiment, and their eyes look just like a human's, filled with fear. Magil says they're magic creatures that are overwhelmed by fear of death. They spit blood toward human, because they are jealous of them, since they don't have human bodies anymore.

Double Tech[edit]

A detail lost in Demiforce's Poltergeist battle text is that Magil and Kid use a double tech on the ghost.


"Serge! Come on mate, snap out of it!"
The sound of Kid's voice pierces into my consciousness like a hot knife through butter.
However, I quickly start to lose it once again. She runs to my side as I start to tumble over.
With my last few bits of energy, I open my eyes, and see Magil letting loose some sort of spell, streaking towards the poltergeist!



"Hold on, Serge! You've done quite well!"
When I'm about to give up to the unbearable cold, I hear Kid's voice.
I see Kid is running at me. The dagger in her hand is shining in blue!
While I am attracting the ghost's attention, Magil has finished his demon dispelling spell.
I see Kid (yes, it is Kid, not Magil) throws a torrent of blue light (blue torrent, I just assume it should be a light stream) toward between the ghost skull's eyes...
"Is it...all...over...?"
I feel extremely relax, and my consciousness begins to fade out...

Battle Recovery for Kid[edit]


"Kid! Hey, Kid!" "Unnff... huh? Where am I?" In that comfortingly familiar voice, Kid slowly starts to recover. "Where do you think you are?" Magil asks. "Seven." "Good to have you back, Kid."

I'll never understand these two...

"What was that all about, Magil?" "I do not know. I have rarely seen magic of such a kind. The luminescent seal we saw earlier beneath the cathedral had a similar structure."

There has to be some sort of connection...

In fact, Magil raises 2 of his fingers to make a "V" pose while asking "Where do you think you are?", so Kid answers "2".

Cat's Asleep! Wordplay[edit]


"Serge! The cat's asleep!" Magil says to me. What the...?

  • "Anaconda!" I reply immediately.
  • "...What...?" I ask, confused.
  • "I think it's a 34 B-cup," I say after a moment.


"The cat's asleep" is a word-play: Dajare

I don't know how to localize this joke, though...

The cat's asleep!
猫が寝込んだ - nekoganekonda

アナコンダ - anakonda


Some details about Esmeld.

  1. Esmeld blocks Kid's flying dagger with his book.
  2. Esmeld tells Serge his job/duty is to eliminate them, but he knows he doesn't have such power. Or it is too sudden for him to just say "perhaps I want your life", and then says "I do not wish to harm you".
  3. Esmeld says General Viper(his former master) and Miss Riddel used to be kind to him. It is not possible for him to be "involved" with Riddel IMO, LOL

Flipped Branch[edit]

The layout of the manor is flipped in one instance by Demiforce's translation:

After a while, the path splits into three directions. To the left is a descending staircase, while the path on the right extends into darkness. Another passageway lies ahead...

The original:


We go along the leftmost path extending from the terrace; soon, we see a branch.


To the right is a descending stairway, to the left is a dark passage. Ahead of us, the passage extends continually...

Goblin Speech[edit]

Goblins like to add a 'gobu', or 'bubu', or 'gobubu' or 'gobulu' at the end of their lines.


I see...gobu.
So your good friend got caught gobu...
I understand gobu, I'll help you gobu!
Don't worry gobu!

Kid's Right Eye[edit]

Kid's right eye was mentioned several times in the original. Example:

Time passes. After the fire has burnt the building to the ground, the mirror shifts focus to a small girl covered in soot, crying behind the charred remains of her home. She lets loose a bloodcurdling scream into the open sky, as her right eye narrows like a cat's...


Demiforce's "Leech" monster is actually a slug, which doesn't suck blood but annoys the characters by being disgusting.



"It's prolly Lynx's adopted daughter," Kid says, looking over my shoulder with her nose crinkled. "...Pedophile."


"The original script uses Lolicon (ロリコン)."

Magil's Martial Arts[edit]

Demiforce cut out the name of Magil's martial art style:

Magil, faced with two goblins of his own, has already managed to reduce one to a bloody mess on the floor. The remaining beast looks as though it's already received its share of dents and bruises as well.
Even with no physical weapons of any kind, Magil looks as though he's having no trouble pulverizing the enemy with hand-to-hand tactics.

In fact, the name is "Kakuya Martial Art".


Magil who fought 2 foes, now has already beaten one of them to the ground, and is now facing to another.


And that Goblin's iron armor already has several dents on it.


Magil fights without weapons. His "Kakuya Martial art" can crush foes in the way.
So, that fallen goblin is purple all over, while the one beaten by Kid is red (stained by blood)...

Mandora, Mandrake?[edit]

Though this technically isn't an issue with Demi's translation, it's worth putting here. The Mandora Monster's name may have been an alternate spelling by the developers of Mandrake, or romaji Mandoraga.

"According to the legend, when the root is dug up it screams and kills all who hear it."

In Radical Dreamers, Demiforce translated this as the effect:

Its blaring screech is as excruciating to hear as a hundred hands simultaneously scratching down a chalkboard!
I feel faint... my knees are going to buckle if I hear any more of that deafening screech!

Originally, the simile was that the scream sounded like a hundred screeching cats.

Mouth of Truth Healing[edit]


I take the thin silk thread into my hand and hang it down into the huge, marble mouth.
"That's a silk fishing line, taken from a royal silkworm. Be careful with it."
I can feel it hook on to something, as the thread gives a bit of a tug. Looking in, it appears to be some sort of paper.
"All right! We're on to somethin' for sure!" Kid says, trying to look inside. She tilts her head forward, trying to see in better.
But then, the Mouth of Truth stretches out its tongue!
"Aaahhh! What the heck!?"
Where the tongue licked us, we start to feel a warmth, which gradually spreads over our bodies!
Whoa... we're being healed!


In orginal script, Kid dodges the tongue, so Serge becomes the victim. He's always a fall guy, hehe.

Riddel's Room[edit]

There are several differences with Riddel's room.

Some details in Riddel's room:

  1. The letter on the desk is unfinished, means Riddel is still writing it.
  2. Serge opens the music box instead of asking Kid to.
  3. When Serge asks Kid about the music, she says her beloved someone used to to sing that for her (not only someone she knew).
  4. Kid doesn't turn back and cries, thus Serge never puts his hand on her shoulder. Instead, her eyelashes shine like dew in the morning.
  5. Kid doesn't put that dress on, but puts it before her and dances. (The dress looks like petals, and Kid looks like a fairy with it. Such description reminds me of Riddel's portrait in game.)
  6. While Serge's examining Riddel's bed, Kid doesn't run out. Instead, she drags Serge outside.
  7. When Kid tries to take Riddel as a hostage, Riddel figures out that Kid is using a paper knife, which makes Kid quite embarrassed.

8. Talking about the Flame, Riddel says what she wants is smashing the rock into pieces before Lynx.

Skeleton Battle[edit]

Demiforce gave Magil a lightning bolt to shatter the skeleton:

All of a sudden, Magil sends a bolt of light streaking out, precisely above my head where the skull is! It instantly explodes, sending fragments of the skull into my hands and head! "Aaaahhh!"

Originally, it was a heel axe kick.




Magil's axe kick explodes above my head.




Kid calls Magil "uncle", joking about his age.


"What was up with you back there!?" Kid shouts at Magil, her eyes firmly planted on him. "Snap out of it already!"

Magil blinks a few times, dazed. He seems to be all right now.


「これで目が覚めたろ! さあ、さっさと

My translation:

Kid turns to Magil.
"...but, this uncle!"
Magil is slapped on the head.
"Wake up! We should be on our way now."
"Where am I...it hurts."

Warlock Battle[edit]

In the Demiforce translation, the warlock summons only rats:

From behind me, I start to hear noises. A few moments later, I see some sort of creatures scurrying along the ground, running towards us in masses.
They're giant rats!!

Originally, the warlock summons all kinds of rodents:


There's some noises in the far end of the corridor


Something is coming.


I can smell an aweful stink from animals.


Rats, roof rats, house mice, hamsters, Guinea pigs, squirrels...


"A large crowd of rodents...??"


A generic injury in the Demiforce translation is actually caused by Kid calling Serge a wimp and damaging him emotionally.


Not wasting a single moment, I scurry away on my hands and knees.
Dammit! Shards from the busted stone floor are stabbing into my hands and knees!
(HP -5, if HP < 0 then Serge dies.)
Stopping for a second to remove the painful rock splinters, I find myself once again at the feet of another vicious goblin!
Before I have time to react, it brings its mace down onto my leg, then my hand, then...


(HP -5, if HP < 0 then Serge dies.)

I run away as quickly as I can.
"Thank you, Kid."
I express my appreciation to Kid.
But what awaits me, is such a word.
What the...
Such word pierces my heart like an arrow.
(HP -5, if HP < 0 then Serge dies.)
Ahh...I'm not feeling well...
Everything becomes dark before my eyes...

Cat Reactions[edit]

Kid is compared to a cat a couple times in the original, and Serge is compared once in battle.

  • Esmeld's Room - In the original script, Kid throws the knife at Esmeld, Esmeld blocks it with his book and tosses it back, and Kid catches the knife; then...

Kid's expression changes, like a cat who's staring at its prey vigilantly.

  • At the tea table...

I glance at Kid, who's blowing into the tea cup, like a cat that's licking hot food carefully.

  • In a goblin battle...

[Serge slaps into the Goblin's face.]
This is a trick of cat. But as I expected, the Goblin looses its grasp.


Kitsune Forest is actually "Kitsunekobuta Forest". Kitsune means fox in Japanese; foxes are famous protagonists in oriental legends, like ghost stories. The original name in the script is キツネコブタ, which is an interesting word.

  • キツネ/ Kitsune means fox.
  • ネコ / Neko means cat.
  • ブタ / Buta means pig.

utunnels has written that it's a sort of animal, and writes: "get caught by a kitsunekobuta" is something like "meet a ghost" or "see an illusion." In some oriental tales, a traveler finds a house in the mountain and gets invited by the host. When he wakes, he finds himself sleeping on the ground, and there's no house at all. It can be said he "meets a fox (kitsune)." The word is used twice elsewhere in the script.

  • When Kid sees the old lady in the clock tower storage room disappears, she's surprised:

The (surprised) expression on Kid's face looks like she's caught by a kitsunekobuta (キツネコブタ).

  • In scenario 'Giga Weapon Paradise X', when they return from the Arena, Serge says:

I feel as if we got caught by a kitsunekobuta just now.

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