Water Dragon Isle


General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Era: 1020 A.D.
Music: Gale, Garden of God, Water Ambience
Items (Another World): 4 Iron, Rainbow Shell, Sturdy Ribs
Items (Home World): Blue Relic, Floral Rod, Ice Breath, Iron, Magic Ring, Scaley Dress
Elements (Home World): AquaBall, FrogPrince, IceBlast, Nimble, Raz-Flower (Razzly)
Enemies (Another World): Scorpoid
Enemies (Home World): DaffyDwarf, DaggyDwarf, Dwarf, Lagoonate, Sidesteppa
Bosses (Home World): Hi-Ho Tank, Water Dragon

Water Dragon Isle is a scenic and partially flooded island built by Chronopolis to house the Water Dragon. It featured several terraces on the surface, each supporting pools of water which flowed into one another and in to the main area, which was decorated with lilypads for movement. At the center of the island lay a staircase into a deep cave that led down to where the Water Dragon rested. Once it was created, a group of fairies came to live on the island, utilizing a magic tree in the center of the main grounds. They enjoyed a carefree, whimsical lifestyle there. The split of the dimensions changed history in both worlds, however. In Another World, the Water Dragon copy was eliminated, causing the water on the island to dry up. Scorpoid monsters soon inhabitated the area, and the Explorer Corps also dispatched adventurers to document the island's happenings. The fairies still lingered, though the cave to the Water Dragon was sealed up. In Home World, the fairies lived peacefully for another ten years before the Dwarves invaded after losing the last Hydra at the Hydra Marshes; they savagely killed fairies and took over the entire cave system, pushing the others off the land. They contentiously defended it from Serge, who rushed to help the fairies; he eventually defeated their Hi-Ho Tank and restored order to the island. Depending on whether Razzly was in the party, the Dwarves either died or were told that a baby Hydra still existed at the marshes; they subsequently retreated. The fairies were then angry with Serge and other humans for causing the Dwarves to invade, and told them to get off the island. Rosetta, if still alive, wished her sister well. If she were dead, later she would revive the fairy tree and result in Razzly's final technique.

Alternatively, if Serge crossed Mount Pyre without seeking the Ice Breath, the Dwarves overran the island but were eventually killed themselves. The isle became barren and full of monsters, as all the fairies were slaughtered.




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