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Chrono Cross[edit]

The dwarves are an odd race of beings who embraced metalworking and engineering. They came to live at the Hydra Marshes, and found an affinity for nature. They also swore to protect the Hydra. After 920 A.D., they were involved in several scraps over the Hydra. Their history differs from 1010 A.D. on; in Another World, the last Hydra died before 1020 A.D., scattering the dwarves across El Nido. In Home World, the dwarves defended the last one, which was killed by Serge (or someone else, depending on game events). They then assaulted Water Dragon Isle, rationalizing that Humans had done the same to them. They constructed a tank for combat, but it was defeated by Serge along with the rest of the force. Razzly subsequently told them that a Hydra baby still existed; the dwarves quickly retrated, noting that they would regret their actions for the rest of their lives.



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