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Home World is a special dimension that branched off from Another World after Kid saved Serge from being drowned by Lynx in 1010 A.D. FATE's influence on the world, aside from the actions of Lynx, was cut off from this world as the Records of FATE no longer operated. Additionally, in the future, the world suffered destruction at the hands of Lavos, a reversal of Crono's original quest to thwart the alien parasite. This caused the Sea of Eden to become the Dead Sea, a frozen state of the destroyed world with the Home World equivalent of the Frozen Flame sitting at the center, guarded by Miguel on orders from FATE.

Key Differences From Another World[edit]


=>1010 A.D. 

-Serge is saved by Kid, traveling back in time from 1020 A.D. in Another
-Due to Serge's survival, Chronopolis ceases to exist. Thus, the Home
Dimension's Records of Fate do not function.
-The Dead Sea is created; it reflects the paradox that may occur if Serge is
allowed to live.
-FATE instates Miguel as the guardian of the Dead Sea somehow.
-Without FATE to instruct him, Kiki's father becomes a fisherman.
*Mel is born.

=>1011 A.D. 

-U-Fargo and Zelbess attempt to flee from General Viper. 
-U-Luccia tries to help, but ends up helping the children only. 
-U-Marcy is born. 
-U-Zelbess dies. 
-U-Fargo entrusts Nikki to a traveler. 
-U-Fargo changes his ship to the S.S. Zelbess, an entertainment cruiseliner. 

=>1014 A.D. 

-Leah is born.***

***There is common speculation that Leah came to Gaia's Navel by some warp in
time. This is not altogether out of the question, considering Gaia's Navel was
always present in the sea of El Nido, and not one of the terraformed islands
created by Chronopolis; also, two gates existed in 65000000 B.C. in Chrono
Trigger, and Kino was found atop Mystic Mountain as a baby. Perhaps Leah went
back to that era and then mothered Ayla; however, remember that this would
have had to happen before the actions of Crono as well, as they depend on
Ayla's existence, meaning if the theory is true, Leah had to return to
65000000 B.C. in the Lavos timeline or not visit Gaia's Navel at all.

=>1015 A.D. 

*NeoFio is planted.
-U-Kid and Serge make a promise on Cape Howl.

=>1016 A.D. 

-Dario inherits the Einlanzer. 
-Most Acacia Dragoons travel to the Dead Sea and become frozen in time and 
partially phased out of existence standing before the vortex that leads 
to Miguel. This is probably done by Lynx to ensure that the Dragoons, now no
longer controlled by the Records of Fate, don't cause problems in history.
-Radius becomes chief of Arni.
-U-Lynx approaches General Viper about the Frozen Flame.

=>Pre-1017 A.D. 

-Lynx approaches Porre about the Frozen Flame in El Nido, prompting the 
dispatch of Norris to Viper Manor as a spy. 
-Norris is recalled back to Porre. 

=>1017 A.D. 

*Porre assumes control of El Nido.
*Dario and Riddel probably plan to marry, as occurs in Another Timeline.
*Dario survives the Dead Sea incident, or does not participate altogether.
-Dario drifts to Forbidden Island. 
-The Acacia Dragoons are frozen in time at the Dead Sea.
-Solt and Pepper somehow survive the incident with amnesi and are taken in by 
Sneff to the S.S. Zelbess, using the names "Lank" and "Stout."
*Luccia loses her brother in a freak accident in a Porre lab, prompting her 
to come to El Nido. Note that this accident could be an explosion set by
Norris to destroy Grobyc's level seven tech, the StrongArm. However, this may
have taken place in either dimension as well, which would explain how an
intact arm resides at Chronopolis.

=>Pre-1020 A.D. 

*FATE presumably plants the Masamune in Death's Door to prevent entrance to the 
Dead Sea. 
*Starky's UFO crashes in El Nido Triangle, and is destroyed. 
*Toma XIV becomes financially unstable and must garden for Radius in Arni. 
*Norris returns to investigate Viper Manor, finding evidence that the 
Dragoons sailed to the Dead Sea. 

=>1020 A.D. 

-Serge has a troubling dream of Fort Dragonia. 
-After waking up, Serge is instructed by Leena to find three Komodo scales and 
meet her at Opassa Beach. 
-While at Opassa Beach, Serge passes out and crosses Angelus Errare to Another 
-Serge retrives the Water Dragon's breath at Water Dragon Isle, which has been 
invaded by dwarves. 
-Serge's party returns to Another World. 
-Radius leaves Arni. 
-Serge, now with the body of Lynx, returns from the Temporal Distortion in 
the Hydra Marsh with Spriggan and Harle. 
-A decision is made that Serge must enter the Dead Sea, but only the Sage of 
Marbule supposedly knows how to gain access. 
-Serge recruits Norris, which enables sea travel by a Porre military craft. 
-Serge ventures to Marbule, only to find the village deserted and Irenes 
crying at night. 
-Irenes provokes Serge to go to the S.S. Zelbess. 
-Serge locates the Sage of Marbule in the Grand Slam room. 
-The Sage of Marbule gives Serge's party the Fiddler Crab. 
-Nikki asks the Sage to teach him Marbule's song, which will restore the 
-Serge opens up a path to Death's Door with the Fiddler Crab. 
-Serge's party ventures to the Isle of the Damned to retrieve the Einlanzer in 
order to block the Masamune, which is sealing off the Dead Sea. 
-Serge's party defeats Garai, and obtains the Einlanzer. 
-Serge's party enters the Dead Sea. 
-Serge encounters ghostly apparitions of Crono, Marle, and Lucca. 
-Serge defeats Miguel, Leena's father, and restores the dimensional distortion 
(Where angels lose their way). 
-Serge travels to Another World. 
-Serge's party returns from Another World. 
-Fargo from Another World takes command of the S.S. Zelbess and steers it to 
-The Magical Dreamers play Marbule's song while Serge's party defeats the 
nightmare monsters, thus freeing the Black Dragon from slumber. 
-Serge's party defeats the six dragons. 
-Serge's party uses the seal of Guldove to obtain the intact Dragon Tear. 
-Serge's party visits Forbidden Island, discovering Dario. 
-Dario defeats his amnesia, after which the Masamune appears to him. 
-Dario attacks Serge's party, which defeats him. 
-The Masamune is purged of evil and converts to the Mastermune. 
-Dario begins rebuilding Viper Manor as a childrens center. 
-Serge uses the Dragon Tear at Fort Dragonia to regain his form as Serge. 
-Serge's party ventures to the Dead Sea and uses a Fate distortion to cross 
the dimensions. 
-Serge's party returns and consults with ghosts of Crono's party at Opassa 
-Serge's party uses the Time Egg to enter the Darkness beyond Time & Dimensions 
known as the Tesseract. 
-Serge's party aligns the element song, and uses the Chrono Cross. 
-The Time Devourer is annihilated, while Schala is freed. 
-The dimensions merge back into a single dimension.

=>11010 A.D.

-Miguel is interred at Nadia's Bell as a guardian of Home World's Frozen Flame. 

=>11020 A.D.

-The Dead Sea, specifically Nadia's Bell, is viewed and exists in this year
relative to Serge's party in 1020 A.D.
-Miguel battles Serge for access to the Frozen Flame, and loses.
-FATE dissolves the Gate Effect allowing the Dead Sea to exist, and destroys
the Frozen Flame.

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