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Chrono Cross[edit]

Era: 1020 A.D.
Music: Arni Village ~ Home World ~, Arni Village ~ Another World ~, A Child Lost in Time
Items (Home World): 200g, Heckran Bone, Ivory Helmet, Komodo Scale, Shark Tooth
Elements (Another World): IceLance, MagmaBomb, PhotonRay, 2 Tablets, TurnRed
Elements (Home World): AquaBeam, Cure, 2 Uplifts, PhotonRay, Tablet

Arni is a peaceful town off the coast of the main island of El Nido. Probably established before the settlement of El Nido by colonists in 920 A.D., it was constructed to allow easy access to the sea; its inhabitants lived off the fishing industry. Its small community paid respects to a village elder who counseled his people and allowed access to a Record of Fate from within his hut; surrounding it were grass fields that allowed special firesides and seminars, sometimes dealing with the usage of Elements. The main area of the village was the commons; residential and commercial huts surrounded the area, in addition to palm trees and beautiful greenery. An Elements shop was set up in the commons, and villagers often met each other there. The houses were modestly made huts with spacious interiors and ornate woodwork. Many windows allowed the huts to blend in with the surrounding environment, and also allowed expansive views of the ocean to the huts' inhabitants. One such dwelling was built over water, allowing quick and easy access to a boat. The main gateway to the sea was a pier constructed at the far end of the village; some fished off the end, like the Old Fisherman. A restaurant also existed in the village, headed up by Belcha, the brother of Orcha and the famous inventor of Heckran bone soup. As of 1020 A.D., the other residents of the island included Marge, Serge, Leena, Poshul, Kiki and her family, Lolo and a few other boys, an aspiring poet, and many others.

In Home World, Serge lived happily with his mother and Belcha was home to run his restaurant; the aspiring poet girl also stuck with her dreams and perfected her craft each day. However, in Another World, Serge's death caused Marge to die soon after, and Belcha departed to search for ingredients, leaving his wife in charge. The poet girl lost her desire to achieve stardom and instead dully slaved away as a waitress. Gonji served as chief rather than Radius, and Kiki's Dad became an occultist rather than a fisherman; the town overall had an emptier feel. Serge first came to the Another World version after crossing the dimensions; there, he spoke to Leena, who did not believe he was truly the boy who drowned ten years ago. She accompanied him later after a change of heart; Mojo also joined the party and left Kiki's Dad. Serge then departed to Termina, returning after he had switched bodies with Lynx at Fort Dragonia. By this time, the Arni villagers, under the misguided leadership of Gonji, took refuge in the Chief's Hut for fear of Lynx terrorizing the village. Only the aspiring poet did not flee, allowing Serge to show her the Book of Poems given to him by his dimensional counterpart. Arni in Home World also received a scare from Lynx when Serge arrived after undergoing the body-switching ritual. He spoke to his mother, Marge, but chief Radius assumed him to be Lynx and attacked him outside the hut. Radius soon came to his senses, and Arni remained peaceful until the end of Serge's quest.

When you start the game, there are 5 tablets in Serge's room. If you select the second option in this dialogue with Marge:

Weren't you supposed to meet Leena this morning? Hurry along now and go apologize to her. Don't expect me to stick up for you if Leena ever decides to blow you off. You wouldn't want that, right?
*She'd never do that!
*That would be bad...

...the tablets disappear! Thanks to Kodokami for finding this small detail.

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