Book of Poems

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Untitled. Looks like a cheap, hand-made book with a simple decoration of grassy patterns.

The Book of Poems was authored by the poet of Arni, who spent her days in 1020 A.D. working in Arni (Belcha's Kitchen, specifically) and dreaming of becoming a famous poet and traveling across Zenan. When Serge visited her before crossing the dimensions, she expressed much joy in his listening to her poem. After he returned from Another World, where he had met the version of the girl who had not followed her poetic dream, he told the original about her other self. The girl was tickled by Serge's seemingly romantic jab, and jokingly gave him the book with the instructions of delivering it to her other self.


   Insanity leads to chaos,
   Then to solitude...
   The fruitless effort of adding
   Meaning to what is meaningless
   A lone, crimson tear
   Falls to the sea...
   The echo of the remaining star
   Cries out in the infinite vacuum
   The least I can do
   Is send my distant prayers
   Over the wind of time,
   Setting sail on dreams...



Book of Poems

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