General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Marge
Age: Indeterminate, 30's
Species: Human
Home Area: Arni

Marge is the loving mother of Serge and wife of Wazuki. Her origins unclear and the details of her life similarly fogged, she was probably born in the village and married Wazuki in her twenties. She gave birth to Serge in 1003 A.D., and practiced being a good mother since; she showed much affection for her son, tempered by discipline and encouraging words. Tragedy struck her life when Serge was bitten by a panther demon in 1006 A.D.; when Wazuki returned after healing the boy, he became different as FATE had subjugated his mind. FATE eventually recalled Wazuki back permanently, and he became Lynx; Marge continued to live as a single mother, caring for Serge and ensuring his relationship with Leena went well. She received a shock when what appeared to be Lynx came to her house, but she soon truly believed that her son Serge was inside the being. She then told him to follow his heart, and wished him well on his journey.

Name Origin[edit]

Marge, if it comes from Margaret, means 'pearl', and she was the patron saint of expectant mothers.



Marge portrait

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