1010 A.D.

Keystone T-2[edit]

-Wazuki attempts to kill Serge, totally losing it in the process and becoming
-The dimensions split depending on the outcome (see Home, Another timelines).

Home Timeline[edit]

-Serge is saved by Kid, traveling back in time from 1020 A.D. in Another
-Due to Serge's survival, the future averted by Crono in which Lavos destroys
the world comes back into existence, causing Chronopolis to cease to exist.
The Home Dimension's Records of Fate cannot transmit data as a result.
*FATE instates Miguel as the guardian of the Dead Sea, presumably because the
Frozen Flame of that world still lies there.
*Without FATE to instruct him, Kiki's father becomes a fisherman.
*Mel is born.

Another Timeline[edit]

-Serge is killed by Wazuki.
*Mel is born. 
*Kiki's father becomes an occultist, and places Mojo on a shrine in his room.
*Marge passes away. 

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