Acacia Dragoons

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Chrono Cross[edit]

Members: Dario, Garai, Glenn, Karsh, Luccia, Marcy, Orcha, Radius, Shaker Brothers, Viper, Zoah

The Acacia Dragoons are a military and governmental organization created by the Viper Clan. Their origins unclear, they were probably created after the Viper Clan established itself in El Nido; there, they constructed Viper Manor, and administrated the islands and the city of Termina. The bulk of the organization's military might lay in privates and sergeants who also performed guard duties. Above these soldiers were the four Devas, elite warriors who led the others and tore up the battlefield. Above all the military were two regulators; one held the position of Grandmaster, the strongest fighter in the entire force. This person wielded the holy sword Einlanzer, taken from the Dragonians, and led the others in combat. When the titleholder became too old or weak, or desired to resign from the position, the Einlanzer was passed to the next in line for being the mightiest fighter. The second administrative position belonged to the Lord of the Acacia Dragoons, who performed civil duties and made strategic decisions concerning the military. Using Viper Manor as a base of operations, they oversaw the affairs of El Nido for one hundred years beginning 920 A.D.; the organization was lauded and loved by the people of Termina, though others resented the new influence and the resulting extinction of the Dragonians.

The modern history of the Dragoons began around 1005 A.D. In or around that year, the heir to the Viper Clan, General Viper, received an appointment on the mainland with Garai, Radius, and Zappa, the 13th Grandmaster and two Devas, in tow. The nature of their involvement in the affairs of Zenan is unknown, but it is possible that the Dragoons fought alongside or against Porre and had a hand in the Fall of Guardia. Viper impressed his superiors so much that he was made a General (the identity of his superiors is unknown; possible, another Viper was in command of administration at this time). While still presumably on the mainland, Garai and Radius located the demonic Masamune; it corrupted Radius temporarily, and he stabbed Garai in the back. When the Dragoons returned to El Nido, Garai was buried at the Isle of the Damned, and the sons of the current Dragoons began to train to match their fathers careers. The new generation included Dario and Glenn, sons of Garai, and Karsh, son of Zappa. Viper soon became the administrative leader of the Dragoons, and a statue of him was erected in Termina. The Dragoons enjoyed peace until 1011 A.D., when on the mainland, a falling out occurred between Viper and Fargo, with the latter fleeing for his life. In the resulting chaos, Fargo's wife Zelbess was killed, and his daughter Marcy was left behind, eventually adopted by the Acacia Dragoons as a Deva. From this point, the history of the Dragoons varied across dimensions. In Home World, Radius retired in 1017 A.D., while Lynx conspired with Viper concerning the Frozen Flame. He convinced Viper to lead an expedition to the Dead Sea; the Dragoons entered and searched for the Flame. Before reaching Nadia's Bell, however, they were frozen and phased out of normal time. Viper Manor later fell to ruin, though in 1020 A.D., Dario was revived and created an orphanage, pledging to reform the organization.

In Another World, the Dragoons trained the new generation and stayed abreast of news from the mainland. Dario and Karsh developed a competitive rivalry, often competing in the Tournament of Swords. General Viper's daughter, Riddel, developed a liking for Dario; the two later engaged in 1017 A.D., much to Karsh's disappointment. Dario also received the Einlanzer, becoming the 14th Grandmaster of the Dragoons. Soon after, an expedition to the Isle of the Damned was ordered; Karsh and Dario led with the Shaker Brothers behind them. There, they were shocked to find the Masamune; Dario picked it up and was corrupted. He lashed out at Karsh, who managed to strike and kill him before any harm came. This created a vacancy in the Devas that would go unfilled for three years. After the incident, Karsh, Zoah, and Marcy became the new Devas, as Viper continued to fulfill his role as officiator. Lynx had erstwhile spoke to the General concerning the Frozen Flame and Porre; in 1020 A.D., he convinced Lord Viper that Porre was planning to make an attack on El Nido. Meanwhile, Serge and Kid infiltrated Viper Manor, causing a stir and eventually becoming cornered on the upper floors. Viper and Lynx approached them, and Viper's daughter Riddel was tepmorarily taken hostage. Eventually, Lynx wounded Kid; Serge and the other party member jumped over the balcony to escape with her. Subsequently, Viper commanded the Dragoons to vacate the manor and take up a defensive position at Fort Dragonia. This was merely Lynx's plan to lure Serge so that he could switch bodies with the boy.

Once Viper outlived his usefulness at Fort Dragonia, Lynx stabbed him in the back and switched bodies. Karsh and the others soon found him, and nursed him back to health. Porre successfully invaded in the ensuing chaos; the Dragoons went into hiding and scattered. Karsh and Zoah eventually met up with Serge; they rescued Riddel, who was held at Viper Manor for interrogation. The Devas and Viper then reunited at Hermit's Hideaway. When Lynx attacked it, they evacuated to the S.S. Invincible. Thereafter, they provided their services to Serge in the battle against the Time Devourer.

In the ending General Kid, Kid used the Frozen Flame to take over the Dragoons and lead them to victory over all other nations, creating the Acacia Empire as a result.

Missing Piece and Chrono Cross Ultimania further state that the Acacia Dragoons were allied with Porre and presumably played a role. The "first time around" (before the Time Crash occurs, but after Chrono Trigger), the Acacia Dragoons presumably would've stayed on the Zenan mainland (as they did in the continuity of Radical Dreamers), and still would have been fighting for Porre.

Radical Dreamers[edit]

Members: Gorba, Merkid, Radius Figure, Viper

In Radical Dreamers, the Acacia Dragoons guarded Viper Manor until its upheaval by Lynx. They consisted of a general armed guard and a few Devas, which included Gorba, Merkid, and unnamed old man who bears a resemblance to Radius, and General Viper. The former two members are only named in passing; their histories are total mysteries. The Radius figure betrayed Viper to effect Lynx's coup, and Viper met his end in this manner after being robbed of the Frozen Flame. The other Acacia Dragoons were presumably killed, though some may have escaped (perhaps to the enigmatic Staik Lake).

Name Origins[edit]

This organization is named after the Acacia tree, as evidenced in Radical Dreamers:

A beautifully decorated gold ring sits in the palm of her hand! It's adorned with a slender set of leaves, like those of a fern, decorated with five small rubies around it.
"The Acacian coat of arms," Magil says.

The symbol was changed to a dragon in Chrono Cross, but the name origin remains.

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