General Information[edit]

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Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Miguel
Age: Indeterminate, 30's
Species: Human
Home Area: Arni

Miguel is the ill-fated father of Leena and friend of Wazuki. His origin unclear, he married and settled in Arni, fathering Leena and serving as a good friend to Serge's family. When Serge was bitten by a panther demon in 1006 A.D., Miguel accompanied Wazuki on their quest for the medicine of Marbule. After they were blown off course, Miguel expressed serious reservations about entering Chronopolis. Wazuki insisted, and Miguel followed to the Frozen Flame. Though Wazuki and Serge escaped the resulting chaos as Chronopolis's defense systems reactivated with the passing of Schala's magnetic storm, Miguel was not so lucky, and was held prisoner for four years. When the dimensions split, the Home World version of him was made to guard the Dead Sea; FATE simply killed the version of him in Another World (according to Chrono Cross Ultimania; not elaborated upon in-game). Miguel waited ten years in the frozen world. He was relieved at last when Serge arrived to take the Flame; Miguel, as its guardian, was forced to fight him, but was able to evoke Serge's sincerest will to solve the riddle of his life. As he lay defeated, he encouraged Serge on his journey, and was soon consumed by the destruction of the Dead Sea by FATE.

Theory and Analysis[edit]

Name Origin[edit]

Miguel > Michael: from the Hebrew 'miyka'el', which means 'who is like God', like Michael the archangel.

Miguel's relationship to FATE (aka, the Goddess) could be interpreted as him being an archangel as well. Some interpretations even have Michael being the one who guarded the Tree of Life after the fall (effectively, making Michael the "watchman" of a fallen Eden). Michael was also associated with healing, and Miguel was guarding the Frozen Flame (which healed Serge). In some places Michael is also the patron of Mariners. And, of course, Michael is the angel that is often depicted as standing over a defeated dragon (which represents satan). I hope I shouldn't need to explain the significance of a defeated dragon in Chrono Cross terms. Michael was also a psychopomp, and the Dead Sea could thus also be related. When individuals are faced with death, Michael supposedly comes and helps them redeem themselves (the battle with Miguel being part of Serge's motivation to find out what is going on and ultimately save the world). And Michael was the one to tell Daniel what was to happen in the future (of Israel). Miguel was the one to tell Serge and the others about the future (in the form of the Dead Sea).



Miguel portrait


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