Fall of Guardia


General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

The Fall of Guardia marks the invasion of the Kingdom of Guardia by Porre in 1005 A.D. and the theft of the Masamune. After Chrono Trigger, Dalton fell into the Dimensional Vortex, then plotted to destroy Guardia as revenge upon Crono for denying him the power to rule over antiquity. Dalton entered the present age and raised a modernized army. In 1005 A.D., Porre successfully attacked Guardia set the castle ablaze. Truce was razed to the ground, and many civilians died in the fierce fighting. Before long, only one sword-wielding defender remained in the immediate area; he was struck down by Dalton, who stole the Masamune, and Porre either left Guardia to burn or occupied the remaining dwellings.

The Fall is also seen in a cutscene in the PSX version of the game; this is, in fact, its only appearance tied to Chrono Trigger. It is hinted that the Kingdom of Guardia rebounded somewhat from its annihilation; please see this article for evidence. Dalton's involvement came to light thanks to Chrono Trigger DS. Missing Piece and Chrono Cross Ultimania further state that the Acacia Dragoons were allied with Porre and presumably played a role. The "first time around" (before the Time Crash occurs, but after Chrono Trigger), the Acacia Dragoons presumably would've stayed on the Zenan mainland (as they did in the continuity of Radical Dreamers), and still would have been fighting for Porre.

Theory and Analysis[edit]

Little is known about what transpired during the attack, as the event was not explained in-depth in Chrono Cross. To complicate things, Crono and Marle were set to become king and queen, and Crono would have surely defended his kingdom. This raises a myriad of questions; when asked concerning the fall, Chrono series creator Masato Kato stated that it was a "story for another time" -- that they were originally going to explain it within Chrono Cross, but excised it as it did not have an immediate influence on Serge's adventure. Many discussions have taken place to explore The Rise of Porre, the possible deaths of Crono and Marle, and the extratemporal influence that assisted Porre in destroying the nation.


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