Sun Keep

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

DS Name: Sun Temple
Era: 65000000 B.C., 12000 B.C., 600 A.D., 1000 A.D., 2300 A.D.
Music: Manoria Cathedral
Items: Sun Stone

The Sun Keep is an enigmatic structure existing in all eras and flooded with permanent sunlight. It is the original home of the Sun Stone, which matured there and was eventually taken and used by the people of Zeal to power the magical kingdom. Even as the shapes and placement of continents changed across the epochs, the Sun Keep remained stationary in the northeastern hemisphere of the planet. It is unknown who constructed the keep, or whether it is a natural formation; additionally, it is a mystery concerning how the Moon Stone came to exist there. It was utilized once more by Crono, who placed the Moon Stone (the original Sun Stone, depleted by Zeal) in the Keep and matured it once more.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Kanji: 光のほこら
Translation: Shrine of Light

Theory and Analysis[edit]



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