General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Zippa
Age: Indeterminate, middle-aged
Species: Human
Home Area: Termina

Zippa is the faithful wife of Zappa, and helps him officiate his smithy. The details of her early life unknown, she probably met Zappa on Zenan mainland and fell in love. The two subsequently searched for the Rainbow Shell before settling down in El Nido to raise Karsh and operate a smithy. Zippa, like her husband, retained an iron and practical spirit in both dimensions, even when Karsh failed to come back from the Dead Sea in Home World. In Another World, she noted to Karsh upon a visit that she had safely stored away his coloring books.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Zippa doesn't get a name in Japanese version. She's know as "Zappa's Woman Manager" literally, which actually means "Zappa's Wife".



Zippa portrait

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