Toma XIV

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Toma Levine XIV
Age: Indeterminate, young man
Species: Human
Home Area: Zenan Mainland

Toma XIV is the descendant of the legendary explorer Toma, and like his father, attempted to penetrate deep mysteries in El Nido. He was also similar to his father in that he had a hard time securing funding for his expeditions; when Serge first woke up on the day he crossed the dimensions, he found Toma and his assistant Ash gardening for chief Radius. Toma soon voyaged to Marbule, where he researched the strange, nightmarish monsters populating the island. He became well-versed in El Nido's lore, and planned to visit the Dead Sea one day. He retreated off the island when the Song of Marbule was played, though he came back to help rebuild, eventually finding and marrying a mermaid Demi-human. He noted that he might settle down in the future and hang up his adventurer's cap for good.

From: Characters (Chrono Cross)