Unused Characters

General Information[edit]

Masato Kato explained in an interview that more than sixty characters would planned for the game. Some of the unused character designs made their way to Missing Piece. See Chrono Cross Demo for more unused characters.

Thanks to tyler, their descriptions and names have been translated. They are...

  • Mechanical Doll

By combining various parts you could probably control the style and settings of her attacks. It’s a shame she was turned down.

  • Baker’s Daughter

Looks like a character that attacks with the bread she holds. The top picture looks like a child, while the one on the left is more developed.

  • Grappler

Appears to be a Chinese monk that uses his hands. Thinking about the salesclerk on page 118, maybe they originally planned a Chinese style town.

  • Ninja

Like the RPGs of yesterday, there was always a ninja. This also could have been a variation of Grobyc.

  • Journey to the West Character

What? There was a plan in Chrono Cross to have a Journey to the West character? Maybe she was some sort of heroic female preist, or a character wearing all seeing goggles…or whatever Square’s interpretation was.

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