General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: NeoFio
Occupation: A 'Flower Child'
Origin: Viper Manor
Age: 5
Species: Homosap - Half-human, half-plant
Home Time: 1020 A.D.
Home Area: Hermit's Hideaway
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 44 lbs.
Build: Undefinable
Hand: Omnidextrous
Weapon Type: Glove
Innate Element: Green

Tech Learning:

  • PopPopPop - 3 Stars
  • SlurpSlurp - 15 Stars
  • BamBamBam - Talk to the Octo chasing the butterfly in Sky Dragon Isle (Home) a few times. Go up the stairs and return, then talk to him until he spits out the butterfly.
  • TossedSalad - BamBamBam, VegOut (Turnip)

Character Stats:

Star HP STR DEF HIT(1/2/3) EVD MAG MDEF Status
0 35 3 3 90 50 20 8 4 4 10 11
99 720 84 70 95 40 48 38

NeoFio is the spritely, sometimes moody creation of Luccia. Planted in 1015 A.D., NeoFio grew for five years before receiving life thanks to the Life Sparkle, retrieved from the Hydra Marshes by Serge. Upon awakening, NeoFio immediately displayed intelligence and grasp of the language, thanking Luccia for creating her and deciding to journey with Serge. After Porre seized control of the Manor, NeoFio waited around Hermit's Hideaway when not with Serge directly. She also made good friends with Turnip, who shared her condition of being a living plant.

Chrono Cross HD Remaster Twitter bio: NeoFio - "Flower child produced by Luccia's hands" A new species of humanoid plant created by Luccia, who improved upon the bipedal plant "Fio". Perhaps as a result of Luccia's research, it is able to talk with people and use the elements. In battle, it attacks enemies by slamming its rose-like hands against them like a whip or by sending seeds flying. Since she has just gained consciousness, she is very curious about the outside world. Her tone of voice is young, and her words and actions are innocent.

Home World[edit]

NeoFio was presumably killed before birth when Viper Manor was brought down before 1020 A.D.

   Whether your birth was
   by god's hand or random
   chance is unknowable...
   In either case, treasure
   your life.
   There is no meaning to my
   Other life-phorms are born
   naturally, then raised to
   adulthood, give birth to
   ophspring, then die...
   Perhaps I am like that,
   in a way...
   I phink this must
   be the phinal gate to
   the darkness of time...
   The time has phinally come.
   We must phight phor
   the next generation!
   Bye-bye, Serge..
   Take good care!
   Iph you come across
   a phlower somewhere,
   remember me!

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Translation: Improved Type Fio

Name Origin[edit]

Fio is probably derived from the Italian word "fiore" which means flower.





NeoFio NeoFio portrait

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