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Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Unknown
Age: Indeterminate, young woman
Species: Human
Home Area: Arni

An aspiring poet works in Belcha's diner, and hopes to one day become famous and travel the Zenan mainland. Upon meeting Serge, she recited her favorite poem and considered him jokingly the president of her fanclub. After he returned from Another World and informed her of her counterpart, who gave up writing poems, she gave Serge her Book of Poems with instructions to deliver it to the other girl. She was almost fired from Belcha's diner for complaining; her counterpart in Another World nearly met a similar fate.


   Insanity leads to chaos,
   Then to solitude...
   The fruitless effort of adding
   Meaning to what is meaningless
   A lone, crimson tear
   Falls to the sea...
   The echo of the remaining star
   Cries out in the infinite vacuum
   The least I can do
   Is send my distant prayers
   Over the wind of time,
   Setting sail on dreams...

The poem seems to be about Lavos. The first four lines are perhaps about Lavos's search for meaning in life, but can otherwise be regarded as thematic filler. The lone, crimson tear falling to the sea is the red star of Lavos falling to earth, or the red star falling to defeat after Chrono Trigger. The echo of the remaining star crying out in the vacuum is the Time Devourer, crying out in the Darkness Beyond Time (the echo of Lavos's remains). The prayers and setting sail on dreams echoes the mission of Chrono Cross—as promotional items said, "The planet's dream is not yet over..."

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