General Information[edit]

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Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Orlha
Occupation: Gladiatrix Barkeep
Origin: Guldove
Age: 23
Species: Human
Home Time: 1020 A.D.
Home Area: Viper Manor
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 119 lbs.
Build: Muscular
Hand: Left-handed
Weapon Type: Glove
Innate Element: Blue

Tech Learning:

  • Multipunch - Already learned
  • PunchDrunk - Already learned
  • SisterHoods - Take Orlha to see her sister at Doc's clinic in Home World.

Character Stats:

Star HP STR DEF HIT(1/2/3) EVD MAG MDEF Status
0 45 5 5 90 50 20 11 7 7 11 11
99 790 92 80 95 25 43 41

Orlha is the fighting barkeeper of Guldove, a strong woman skilled in the art of combat. She originally lived with her family in El Nido, including her sister Tia, but her parents believed the superstition that twins are a sign of tragedy, and her mother left with her sister, leaving Orlha to grow up with her father. Orlha learned to fight as she grew up, eventually gaining reputation as a strong combatant. She then took over the bar in Guldove, serving drinks while wondering about her sister. She felt her sister was alive, though perhaps part of another world. She kept a Sapphire Brooch on her, a reminder of the day of the tragedy, in which it split in two (one half going to her sister). She continued to live optimistically despite her loss; when Doc came to her bar while Kid reeled from poison, she urged him to forget the past and press on.

Later, when Porre invaded El Nido, she fought them out of Guldove with her bare hands, only succumbing to Serge's party after they arrived. Orlha then gave Serge, who had the body of Lynx, her brooch, so that after Serge regained his body she would know it is him. Once Serge achieved this end, Orlha accompanied him on his quest, eventually going to Doc's Clinic in Home World. There, she found Tia; mentioning that she was meeting her sister for the first time, she shared a teary moment as Tia faded from life. Tia told Orlha that she had just awoken from a long dream; in her dying breath, she gave her the other half of the brooch, and it became a complete Blue Brooch. As Orlha departed, Tia appeared to her as a spirit, and claimed she would always be with Orlha; Orlha then learned her final technique, SisterHoods.

Chrono Cross HD Remaster Twitter bio: Orlha - "A female fighter searches for her estranged sister" (Thanks to trig for the correction) A woman who runs a tavern in Guldove. Her parents taught her martial arts when she was a child, and she has been training her body ever since. Her daily attire focuses on ease of movement. She has a twin sister named Tia, but she and her mother left for the continent when she was very young and have never been heard from again. She keeps a family heirloom, a blue stone brooch, which she and her sister split in half, as a source of comfort, and hopes to be reunited with her sister one day.

Home World[edit]

Orlha's counterpart in Home World is unaccounted for. It's probable that Orlha and Tia's separation spread out to different paths after the split of the dimensions, and Orlha is no longer in El Nido.

Another theory holds that her counterpart may very well be Tia. Even though Orlha mentioned up growing up with her family, she also exclaimed that her meeting Tia in 1020 A.D. was the first time the two had ever come together. Additionally, there is no Tia of Another World, and no Orlha of Home World. This suggests that perhaps some strange phenomenon occurred in 1010 A.D. when the dimensions were split. Perhaps Tia was duplicated from Orlha, but retained her own identity.

   You will soon find your
   missing counterpart...
   I know Tia is alive!
   The Flame tells me so!
   But why are you telling
   me this...?
   What is it you are after?
   I don't understand!
   So this is the final gate,
   which leads to the
   darkness of time...
   The end is near.
   No one can stop my raging
   fists of joy and sorrow!
   I guess this is good-bye
   then, Serge....
   I'm glad I met you.
   Even though our worlds
   are different, I will
   never forget you...
   Thank you, Serge..

Name Origin[edit]

Orlha(オルハ, oruha, kanji: "織葉") means "leaf weaving" in Japanese. Oruha is probably a character from the Japanese comic "CLOVER", who is a bar lady and singer.

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