Dwarf Chieftain

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Dwarf Chieftain
Age: Indeterminate
Species: Dwarf
Home Area: Hydra Marshes

The Dwarf Chieftain commands the dwarves and is respected as their leader. He principally decides their actions and battles, and probably oversees construction as well. When Serge attempted to kill the Hydra for Hydra Humour, the Dwarf Chieftain reached it first and ushered it to unleash its fury on the boy; eventually, it lay defeated, and the Dwarf Chieftain fled. He gathered up the other dwarves, who sailed to Water Dragon Isle and ransacked the village. When Serge arrived there as well, the Chieftain ridiculed him and battled him several times, eventually resorting to the Hi-Ho Tank in a last ditch attempt to hold them off. He lost again; while cursing the humans, Razzly let him know that a baby Hydra still existed in the marshes. The Chieftain noted that he would take his men back to the marshes to care for the baby and atone for the sins they committed on the island.

Alternatively, if Razzly was not recruited into the party or was not at the Hydra battle, the Dwarf Chieftain died after the final battle with Serge.

Another World[edit]

In Another World, the Chieftain is long gone, as the Hydra Marshes were long ago deprived of their last Hydra. The Chieftain may be the Dwarf in Guldove who gives Serge the Green Tinkler. In all probability, he perished while defending the Hydra years earlier.



Dwarf Chieftan portrait

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