Shaker Brothers


General Information[edit]

For boss information, see Shaker Brothers (Monsters).

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Names: Peppor, Solt
Age: Indeterminate
Species: Human
Home Area: Viper Manor

Peppor and Solt form the comical shaker brothers, the buffoons of the Acacia Dragoons who pursued Serge often and usually bungle their own efforts. Their origin unclear, they became quirky men early on; Solt preferrably preferred to compound his sentences with superfluously superfluous adverbs, while Peppor preferred to replace his verbs with shake. Solt was also tall and lanky, while Peppor short and stout. The two found friendship in the Dragoons, and accompanied the Devas on expeditions. They were present at the Isle of the Damned in Another World when Karsh killed Dario due to the latter's corruption by the demonic Masamune; they suspected Karsh did it out of spite for Dario's engagement with Riddel. Later, they backed up Karsh in 1020 A.D. on the trip down to Cape Howl to apprehend Serge; they were soon defeated and fled back to the manor with the angry Deva. During their battles, they often tried to use expensive and powerful Elements only to fail somehow (for instance, they tried to use a summon when the field effect was not completely yellow). Depending on game events from that point, they could have faced Serge and Pierre at the gate of Viper Manor or Nikki and Serge in Shadow Forest. If the former, they brought along a beast of a man named Ketchop with them. Ketchop ended up flinging the two around as his weapons. After the infiltration of the manor, they took up a defensive position at Mount Pyre, and attempted to defeat Serge there; however, Solt accidentally trapped Peppor's Freefall, causing Peppor to ragingly attack Solt.

Once Porre invaded El Nido, the Shaker Brothers retreated to the Forbidden Island. They also aimed to expose Karsh's supposed treason in killing Dario; they snuck into Viper Manor and stole the Memento Pendant, leaving a note stating that Karsh would come to the Isle of the Damned. There, they waitied for Serge and Karsh; when the others came, they accused Karsh of killing Dario, and attempted to punish Karsh for the crime. Serge and Karsh overcame the Shaker Brothers, who then relented and accepted Karsh's innocence. They gave back the Memento Pendant and retreated to the Forbidden Island. This concludes their history in Another World; in Home World, they somehow survived the doomed expedition to the Dead Sea, though they had chronic amnesia as a result. They came into the service of Sneff on the S.S. Zelbess, given the names Lank and Stout. There, they performed an abysmal comedy act. A short visit by Karsh nearly jogged their memory, but they remained in the dark about his identity or their own histories.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Name: シュガール, ソルトン
Translation: Shugarl, Salton

  • They are play on Sugar and Salt.

Name Origin[edit]

There is precedent for this kind of thing:

  • Sugaar, a Basque thunder god

The link is unlikely, but it is humorous to find another apparently Yellow-innate character named after a sprinkling or condiment floating around out there.





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