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General Information[edit]

The Chrono Cross concept art was completed by Nobuteru Yuuki, who chose a style more mature than his predecessor's, Akira Toriyama, to better suit the feel of the game. The art spread through player's guides and publications, though unlike Chrono Trigger's art, which had no official collection book, Yuuki's work appeared in the tome Missing Piece. It contained many sketches, including unused and beta versions of characters, location sketches, and other miscellany. Sadly, garish Japanese characters often appear over the official art, limiting one's ability to take the art from that book. Ultimania also features official art, unobscured by text boxes or writing; however, the art is slightly smaller in comparison to Missing Piece's.

Art is listed by character, then scene. Below these two sections appear scans of Missing Piece done by SilentMartyr; they allow a closer look at the official art and all the other interesting sketchwork in the book.


Chrono Cross Demo Art[edit]



E3 2000 Art Assets[edit]

This disc has been recovered and dumped, and is roughly 539 MB. It contains some art for:

  • Chrono Cross
  • Final Fantasy 9
  • Legend of Mana
  • Parasite Eve 2
  • The Bouncer
  • Threads of Fate
  • Type-S
  • Vagrant Story

To access the files in their original format:

Location Art[edit]

You can find location art on respective location entries in Locations (Chrono Cross), or you can download it all here:

Missing Piece Character Scans[edit]

Missing Piece Character Sketches[edit]

Missing Piece CG Shots[edit]

Missing Piece Location Sketches[edit]

Pre-Cross & Post-Cross[edit]

This gallery features a few pages from ANVIL III - The Man in the High Castle.

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